View Poll Results: What do you think is the most cowardly class?

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  • Warrior

    6 1.43%
  • Shaman

    1 0.24%
  • Paladin

    17 4.04%
  • Mage

    23 5.46%
  • Hunter

    42 9.98%
  • Warlock

    7 1.66%
  • Rogue

    271 64.37%
  • Monk

    14 3.33%
  • Priest

    9 2.14%
  • Druid

    24 5.70%
  • Death Knight

    7 1.66%
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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    All clases have a way to escape combat though, so i don't know why people are bringing that up?
    Shaman. I mean even our only CC let's the enemy follow us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzen View Post
    Shaman. I mean even our only CC let's the enemy follow us!
    Hex + any of the following

    Frost Shock Freeze Talent, + Ghost Wolf
    Thunderstorm + Ghost Wolf
    Earthgrab Totem + Ghost Wolf
    Windwalk Totem + Ghost Wolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuLogic View Post
    Rogue they vanish when they take too much damage and take pride in killing when the enemy is most vulnerable.
    To this day, the only class that seems to jump me for a gank, when I'm at 20% health and covered in mobs, and dances or laughs after. Course, in a fair fight, double vanish, dodge, then run for their lives.

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    ranged classes that can kite melee amirite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pootispencer View Post
    who were instantly promoted to 2.5k rating after creating said characters.
    Wow four classes who are instantly OP. lol.

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    I think this says it all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bootybear View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Valancer View Post
    I play as a holy priest and when I ran hfc lfr I noticed after the first boss my heal spell wasn't casting. So I looked at it and it shows that it has a 34.4 min cast time
    Do you have the class trinket? If so, the cast time is correct. /s

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    I think Rogue is the jump to option, but I would say feral druid more than anything. They can just kite you with bleeds ticking and if they're going to die they either go bear or run away with close to 100% success.

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