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    Talking Warriors are so much fun

    Yesterday I did a Random BG, ended up being WSG. Both teams were about equally geared and me having 3 prideful items, we started off as normal having a fight in the mid while 1-2 players of each team going for the flag, we wiped the enemy team and we pushed up to their GY. We wiped them again and at this time my whole team moved to the enemy EFC and I picked up Berserker Buff. 6 players spawned at their GY and I charged, popped CD's and Bloodstormed 4 players to death with 2 remaining at 30-40% HP. Got 80-90k crits back to back. 15 seconds later they spawned, I tried to get away but they all chased me half way across the map and ended up killing me. I had such a laugh and it was the most fun I've ever had on any class in a random BG.

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    Thanks for sharing :P I personally think warriors are the most dull clueless class there is.

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    I play unholy DK as well, and as much as I love my DK, the warrior is growing on me

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    The most fun part of being a Warrior is Heroic Leap and Charge IMO. Bladestorm is pretty cool though.

    And yeah they do stupid damage in PVP so if the enemy team is in a bad spot a Warrior can farm them to oblivion.
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    I can imagine a mirror thread titled: "Warriors are so damn op" from the perspective of those getting farmed at the graveyard.
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    Thanks for sharing :P I personally think warriors are the most dull clueless class there is.
    Ah yes, there's always one.
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