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    2vs2 - H Priest & MM Hunter need advice!

    Good evening!

    My friend and I are playing some 2on2 just for fun. We're playing as Holy Priest and Marksman Hunter. I guess the comp isn't that usual let alone very strong. But we're gearing up and eventually getting better.

    Nontheless we're having some huge troubles on some comps and especially some classes. As we would like to get our rating a little bit higher then currently I'd like get some advice here.

    1) Healing monks + druid/mage/warrior: tons of CC, the disarm me, stun me, sap me while losing only little mana that they regenerate easily with mana tea. I'm a little helpless against these healers and quite unsure how to handle them (usually we end up CC'ing the healer and focusing the DPS)

    2) Warrior + Healer: Huge troubles to get them CC'd. My healer tries to get away from them but has huge troubles to do so. Also they just deal tons of damage.

    3) Druid (mostly feral): the offhealing seems to be insane. Especially on balance druids, they can easily outheal my damage so even if they play double DPS, they still have a healer..

    Lastly I have more and more troubles to CC with freezing trap (I know this is hunter related but maybe there are some hunter folks here!). Usually I Scatter>Freezing Trap. In lower ratings that went fine. Now they trinket my Scatter, or just run out of the Trap, the DPS'd target with dots triggers the trap, a warrior intercepts and spell reflects the trap. If this is not the case, they just trinket the Trap or get dispelled. If the priest mindcontrols an enemy onto a trap and releases, they just walk out of the trap. It's so annoying and I'm confused if I'm doing terrible mistakes here, but it seems to be a terribly weak CC compared to others.

    I hope you can help us improve!

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    Scatter Trap fear Chastise Mindcontrol ? What else did I miss?

    I cant really help and dont see a delete option for my comment. Maybe try trapping out of Chastise as they expect the trap out of scatter.
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    Root with the disengage talent to make sure nobody can move to eat your trap. Jump before cancelling mind control to make sure the player can't walk out of the trap in time. Make sure to fear every time it's up.

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    You're playing a really strong comp.
    Priest shouldn't die to a warrior alone. Maybe give him Roar of Sacrifice if you see that he's in trouble?
    scatter/pet stun --> trap --> fear --> mc if teammate is fine

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    You should never lose to any melee healer if equal gear as that comp actually. Especially if they go on you, priest has to get good at putting feathers in your path, melee uptime outside of there dispels or things like intervene should be extremely low. And yeah, the disengage root talent.
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    I don't play this comp but have played against it countless times since it is a common and very strong comp. I am seeing alot of things that confuse me however.

    1) I can't help you much as healer monks are a nightmare for melee and hunters due to the lockdown they can drop on melee/hunters with ranged stuns and disarms. CC him before he can cc you.

    2) Your priest should have no issues with a warrior on him at full gear until deep dampening, especially with well timed master's calls and roar of sacrifice during reck/banner. If he is he needs to gear up or re-look at his healing rotation and how he deals with stuff. Additionally, you make it sound like you are ccing the warrior and going after the healer; I dont think a hunter/healer comp should ever go for a healer since they can hard-cc them continually. With a warrior on your healer you should be putting the enemy healer out of the game with cc and keeping his warrior in trouble.

    3) Ferals and boomkins are really overpowered in 2s. I don't see many ways to beat them if they play their cards right in all honesty. You can cc them and go for their teammate but its tough to do sometimes as they are unkitable and hit pretty damn hard. Playing against a boom/dps is rough but treating the boom as a healer and cc'ing him as much as possible is a good start.

    As for the other stuff, what you're saying is a little confusing. People trinketing your scatter? Thats like the best thing ever. Full wyvern, or full priest fear, or root-trap. They are leaving themselves so vulnerable doing that. Run with the dot removing glyph for scatter/trap if you aren't already. The priest needs to make full use of MC; a decent priest is a problem but a great priest who knows how and when to MC is an absolute beast.
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