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    Rated BG quick question

    This may have been asked, but i haven't found exact information on it yet. But, for the new expansion, will you be able to que solo for rated BGs? It seems the only way to get in to one now is to find others to create a team. I want to get started in rated, but because i dont have a high rating, i'm usually turned down.

    Is there any type of mechanic that will allow people to que much like an LFR, but for rated battlegrounds?

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    I haven't heard of such thing coming in the new expansion, and I hope they don't introduce such a thing. Rated should be left alone for organized battlegrounds. With that being said, there are currently avenues available with little effort to get you started in RBGs.

    Step 1: Download the oQueue addon
    Step 2: Go to the Rated Battlegrounds Tab
    Step 3: Check the "qualified" box, which will automatically sort which potential groups you are obviously qualified for.
    Step 4: Look for "YOLO RBGs" - these are pretty much the same as LFR. Within these groups you will find most people like yourself who are just getting into RBGs and that have no rating, or are looking for that additional 400 conquest points each week.

    Some of these groups will be have great leaders, and some outright dipshits who don't know a thing about RBGs but you have to start somewhere and unless you have some friends from doing arena that will help you out this is pretty much you only feasible avenue at getting experience. From my experience most of the real organized groups don't start to 1500 approximate rating, you should easily be able to achieve that with yolo groups just make sure you have full greiv and you shouldn't have a problem. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to read up on a few RBG strats prior to doing so.

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