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    whats with all the wildstar hype

    whats with it ive read many things about the game and all it seems like is that the creators came on here read what wow people "supposedly" wanted like 40 man raids they were horrible and that's why blizzard changed the raid sizes to 10 and 25 and....player housing omfg i get a house well how fast you think that will burn out and the pvp may or may not be as good as they think because who wants to aim at a certian direction and hope the person doesn't dodge you...it all seems more cosmetic to me for what wildstar has and its going to be the same thing every other mmo trys and fails to do is to dethrone wow itl never happen

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    Everything about it seems bland and boring to me. The combat looks especially awful, and the 40 man raids are going to be a catastrophic failure. Who knows, maybe they're aiming for a tiny niche market?

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    Since this isn't related to World of Warcraft, and we don't allow game vs game threads here, I'm closing this.

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