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    Wow and subscribers from another perspective.

    Hello guys.
    With the new annouchment about wow 200k loss I was wondering:
    I was the only one from my school who played wow after wotlk,the other guys stopped.The internet cafes in my area before 5-6 years were full of people who played wow/la2 and now they are like a desert.My friend list is the 1/6 since cata and my guild disbanded cause we didnt have enough people.When I am in Stormwind I see the same and the same people (from my realm) and in the low population realms you can count the players without passing the number 15 (from all levels).
    So how can we be 7.2 million?Trully guys,is blizz counting the inactive accounts who havent cancelled yet?
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    You do know not all 7.2 million people play at the same time nor play in the same server/region right?

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    Sub numbers are just that. Has nothing to do with activity. I've been on many servers and it absolutely feels like only maybe 5million play. But it could also just be the people who play now just play less but even a few hours of play is worth the $15 to them.

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    Please discuss the current subscriber levels here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...cussion-Thread

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