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    Thinking about returning

    Hello there everyone!

    I'm thinking about returning to WoW now when WoD will be released. I stopped playing when patch 5.3 was released, mainly because I didn't like the fact that they made the difference smaller between players that just started pvp and players that had been playing for a long time. They did some strange scaling stuff with that whole patch and as I loved playing a burst rogue I really disliked the fact that my burst was taken away from me.

    I'm wondering how the PvP-scene went on after that? Did I just overreact about the whole thing, does it feel like the game is at a good place? I really want it to feel rewarding after having played PvP for a long time with good gear as a nice bonus alongside tactics. How will things change for WoD?

    I'm sorry if there's a lot of questions, I hope people on these boards can enlighten me on this subject. Thanks a lot for your time!

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    The difference between 522 and 550 gear is pretty decent IMO. The gear scaling is off the charts this patch. If you're coming back for WoD you have nothing to worry about because the game will feel completely different. WoD isn't in Beta yet so it's hard to get a read on how the changes will play out.

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