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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalur View Post
    95% sounds unrealistic, there are too many periods where it's not worth it to keep up Harmony or where you can put out damage instead.
    1. From P1 end (when Garrosh moves to the middle) to the first Annihilate, 0 damage is coming in and I completely focus on dps.
    2. During the second transition we /afk anyway, no reason to keep up Harmory.
    3. From P3 start to next Emp WC, I completely focus on doing dps (with Pot+HotW unter BL).

    Looking at wipe #18 (89% Harmony uptime), this looks like a non-issue for Rowin. Could have restored Harmony 2 seconds earlier during 1st transition, other than that it only falls off once for a very short time. On the longest wipe #10 he even has 95% uptime (until death). Lifebloom uptime could be slightly better though.
    Being part of the bait team, the tank is usually out of my range, I'll work to switching LB to someone closer *even myself till I can get back in range. We dont skip the TOES intermission, this is the first week we've made it that far... too bad everyone didnt survive. Im sure this coming week we will make it to P4 (and maybe a kill if the wow gods are willing.)

    I look forward to tomorrow to start implementing more of these corrections and really do thank you all

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    Basically (and it has been said about 20 times already) you need to have a plan going in on what healing you are going to need to do. I have not done this fight on heroic yet, but I have done this on normal multiple times, and my healing numbers always reflect whether I am being surprised by the damage, or if I knew it was coming and had something lined up for it.

    This is how the damage looks like - you need to learn to see these damage patterns and be able to react to them:

    This is what the fight looks like with your use of CD's overlayed on the damage taken graph - I only showed Tranq, NV and WM:Bloom

    I linked you the WarcraftLogs of what you need to be looking for - again I haven't yet done this fight on heroic, do if something sounds off to you, let me know.

    Here is what I see:

    1:06:40 -
    The first major damage event is from Desecrated. I assume you are either stacking in it and burning it, or people are slow to move and it does significantly more damage in heroic. Either way, this is your first major damage event. - I assume you used NV on the pull as it was up for the 3rd iron star.

    1:07:10 - Your next major damage event comes from the first Iron Star Explosion. - NV is still rolling during this one

    1:07:50 - The third major damage event comes from the 2nd Iron Star Explosion - you had both NV and tranq up for this, but NV was LARGELY wasted during the transition phase.

    1:08:55 - The 4th major damage event comes from Annihilate (I am assuming that's the first realm phase) - you had nothing up for the entire 30 seconds your raid was taking its maximum amount of damage.

    1:09:40 - The 5th major damage event comes from Desecrate. Again you had nothing here.

    1:09:50 - The 6th major damage event comes from Whirling. You used NV after Whirling was done so it largely went to overhealing.

    1:10:40 - The 7th major damage event comes from Whirling. You had nothing.

    1:11:30 - The 8th major damage event comes from both Whirling and Desecrate - this one wiped your raid. You had nothing.

    Now first, let me address something you said earlier.

    Im part of the bait group for the weapon and the person leading the bait team want to "try something new" so none of us knew where we were going on that pull... I would say my lack of casting is due in part to my trying to find where the hell he went as he gave no indication to anyone other than "follow me." So yes, I was totally unprepared for that WC.
    As you can tell from the logs as well as the list of damage going out, the boss casts abilities on a schedule. The only thing that effects this schedule is whether or not you push the boss to the next phase faster (or slower) - in which case the fight gets easier (or harder). The point of this is to show you that you can plan this entire fight out ahead of time, so that when something is about to happen and you are looking for the gnome screaming "follow me" you still know what to cast and you are prepared for it - that might not help save the raid, but at least you know you did all you could and you will be able to tell that gnome's family when you finally do find his body that you did all you could to save them. One thing that might help is enabling chat bubbles - this way when the gnome says "follow me" you have an indication where his little gnome ass is. Bottom line, you need to be prepared and know what damage is coming next to be effective on this fight, regardless of what else is going on in the raid.

    What I love about this fight is that everything lines up with our cool downs almost perfectly because the major damaging events happen about a minute apart. Which means if you use a 3 min CD for the first damage, it will usually be up in time for the 4th (or 5th in this case). You are overhealing because you are using sustained CD's like NV for spike damage that's followed by a lul in damage taken (first transition), and you only used tranquility once, or you are using your CD's after the damage goes out and is likely already healed by the other 3 healers.

    Here is how I would plan my CD rotation for this fight:
    For the first desecrate - I would plan on using both NV and tranq for this. NV on pull or when the weapon first drops, get some rejuv's and WG's up, then tranq after the 2nd tick of damage (I assume the priest will likely spirit shell here, which is why I suggest waiting a tick or 2 before tranqing). Using NV here allows you to get an empowered tranq off, and it will also mean that NV is still ticking once the first star hits for about 3 seconds allowing you to get off a bloom or genesis. If the plan is to stack in the first desecrate - since it happens ~10s into the fight, prepotting will also help that tranq.

    For the Iron stars, bloom, genesis (just before the star hits if NV is still up), and SoTF+WG.

    For the annihilate phase, I would suggest using NV once you get to Garrosh - this is the most damage your raid saw in the attempt you linked. You should have SOMETHING rolling - a 30 second duration CD that amplifies your healing seems perfect here.

    For Whirl, you have 2 CD's, NV and Tranq. Use whichever is off CD. If neither will be up, let your other healers know, and make sure you handle that Whirling like I suggested you handle the Iron Stars - Bloom, genesis (if NV is still up), and SoTF+WG - do not put off using NV past the 2nd whirl before the 2nd transition as you will need it for annihilate again.

    I don't know much more about this fight on heroic besides what I have seen in the videos, but improving your numbers here is going to come down to planning out the use of your CD's to deal with the damage being dished out and knowing when to have those CD's ready to use. Good luck and I hope you get it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I forgot to mention earlier - when you are planning your CD's to handle whirling - each whirling happens about 40-45 seconds apart. This means if you have NV - you can use it for every other whirling, and your 3 minute CD's can be used every 3rd whirling (tranq the 2nd whirling after the first realm and it will be up in time for the second whirling after the 2nd realm).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whydrood View Post
    Basically (and it has been said about 20 times already) you need to have a plan going in on what healing you are going to need to do. I have not done this fight on heroic yet, but I have done this on normal multiple times, and my healing numbers always reflect whether I am being surprised by the damage, or if I knew it was coming and had something lined up for it.
    I cant begin to thank you for all that that was awesome! The more I get used to the fight as we progress, the more comfortable I am with where I can snipe some heals from those other healers (grumble grumble discpriest grumble grumble) Our major cd's are assigned, so they switched mine around tonight for it to be 1st iron star then on 3rd whirling. I'll NV when the first set of adds come in as we drop that first desecrate on the group. the first WC annoys me cause we're so far out that my shroom wont bloom. I've been really watching the timers and trying to line things up better because, yes, it's all timed and I should be able to get more numbers out.

    Im a work in progress, still... somewhere I lost confidence in myself and stress the numbers, which I know I shouldnt, but that's all people see without understanding how druids work and how we're never gonna be as good as dpriest and least not this xpac. We'll see about the next.

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