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    To be honest, it's a vicious cycle that blizzard has in place. Towards the end of any Xpac, almost all of their energy and concern regard the Next Xpac. While this may sound ok, it really is not.

    Patch 5.4 was released in September 10, 2013, and WOD is not expected until this september or later (Beta is not even open yet), that is a whole year of no balance changes or Major patches (disregarding the extra season and hot fixes).

    When you consider it to be a whole year of no changes, suddenly a rush to for WOD to come may not be so worthwhile if it means no content for a year.

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    The game has no problems in pve, cause the raids worked like a charm and the only problem ever is creating more raid content.

    But since this is the pvp forum, i have to say the game in its current state isn't worth to play. Just look at the number of actual pvp changes in WoD. I really do not speak about balance thats the least thing i ever care about as i am on the char limit can play all specs of all classes and adjust if needed.(and did in arenas)

    WoD will simply add a real finder interface for pvp people, random arena battles with solo invites and most importly cut down these annyoing ccs out there. Cause thats the utter core of the problem its not fun to have cc spam only no matter what spec of a class you play. I really like to use CC - but let it be meaningful again not just a mindless spam fest.

    A good pvp game lives from its diversity and replayability and minor changes won't fix that problem, in addition there is no reasion to play a game without any healthy break. I welcome it.
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