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    LFR players asking to make LFR harder and not easier...

    They have had to nerf it over and over even though you get a 5% fail buff for each wipe and there are people actually getting upset at blizzard for just simply making it "easier" in WoD. So you LFR peeps know...it already is super easy and there are STILL groups that fail. The only thing that has ever been difficult about LFR was getting 24 other people with the basic concept of "dont stand in that". Seeing a Garrosh group with 10 stacks and still wiping shows that the LAST thing blizzard needs to do is make LFR "harder".

    If you have the time to wait an entire hour to get in and make an attempt to clear 1 wing then you have the time to step into a flex and clear it 1 wing at a time aswell. The difference is you can't go afk in flex and you have to have a general understanding of your character and raiding. So for those of you complaining about being kicked from Flex groups its because you are a lvl 90 in 536+ gear and dpsing like you are a lvl 85 in DS gear. You can actually get into a flex run and run the first 3 wings with LFR gear with no problem (providing you have a basic understanding of your character and know not to stand in the fire because it will NOT boost your DPS).

    If your excuse is "well they put in stupid requirements like 560+". I started SoO by just doing LFR and Flex runs which got me into some pug normals which then got me into a guild that was doing heroics...its a stepping stone. No one is expecting you to hop from LFR to Heroics...but if you put in SOME time on your own schedule (like I did) you will find that you can easily gear up to atleast flex loot level. Login....create your OWN flex group to avoid the high gear requirements (which are generally someone with low ilvl gear themselves that are just looking for a quick carry) and gear up doing the first few wings mixed with some ordos and Celestials....then you can hop into normal with no problem (if you decide to move up again) since flex is the exact same thing but 20-25% easier.

    Then you can actually get into a group that can atleast do the first few heroics bosses (the first 8 really are super easy even on heroic). LFR should NOT be how you experience your raiding and it wasn't intended to actually be that way. It was even said by the devs themselves that LFR was meant to be a "tourist mode" or a gateway into raiding which is what they are doing in WoD. Remember....you can actually create your own flex group and start killing bosses in that wing loooong before your hour long que for LFR pops.

    edit: I put in it paragraph form since people seem to want to point it out and just ignore everything I said. Here for all you grammar Nazi's.
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    I appreciate the point you're trying to get through, but it literally hurt reading that mess.

    Here's a link I recommend you to read to make your OP more readable:

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    1. Your paragraph is ridiculously difficult to read thanks to lack of proper paraphrasing and punctuation.

    2. LFR players who want a harder challenge ought to move up to flex or normal.

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    i could swear i have already seen several posts here and on official forum asking for a LFR nerf.

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