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    That moon has a face... Looks like o_o ...

    Draenor you scarey.

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    Wildstar is REALLY fun, UI takes a bit to get used to but combat is awesome and it is similar and different enough from wow to really fill that craving. I played wow for 7 years and after MoP I just couldn't stay into it, so far WildStar has hooked me. The War-Plots feature, if they end up doing it right, will keep me entertained for some time.

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    Yea Wildstar is pretty fun.

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    Minor nitpick about the skies in WoD. The relationship between the two moons never changes. I know the skies are static and always have been, but moons don't do that

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    Quote Originally Posted by grexly75 View Post
    Well signed up for a WS beta will now get to see how good / bad / whatever it is.. Hopefully it is decent and not overblown by the hype parade..
    The good stuff regarding Wildstar isn't the questing content, it's the dungeons/adventures/etc that you see later in the game. So I recommend watching a few vids of later-game content before judging it entirely off of your questing experience, because the questing is pretty mediocre.

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    Seems Haste will suck for us Survival Hunters if DoTs don't scale with Haste like with any other Caster.

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    I would like Blizzard to update Azeroth's sky already!

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    Glad to see some attention to other MMO's on the frontpage, instead of kissing Blizzards ass all the time

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    SO happy to see WildStar news! That trailer is epic! Now if only we could get a forum for WildStar like other games!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrApple View Post
    Wildstar was fun. It took a little time getting into the ui/keybinds/settings overall but was easily figured out.
    Really cool combat system and the worlds are very intriguing and well developed

    Im going to play the sht out of Wildstar until Warlords of Draenor goes live.

    Currently Wildstar Open Beta > Mists of Pandaria end of expansion.

    Thats my opinion and if you disagree please refrain from "omg fkn kid dont like wow hurrdurr".
    It's definitely a hell of a lot more fun than this stale Siege shit we're going to end up with for another six months.

    Also yay my three week old tweets made it on the tracker. Seriously if you can't even get within a week why do you even bother posting them?

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    I think I know why the moons are all the same. Isn't it that the moons are at a Geosynchronous orbit, meaning that it stays exactly at one point in the sky traveling the same speed as the planet spins, above Shadowmoon, hence the eternal night? This would explain why the moons appear in exactly the same orbit around all of the skies.

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    Omgosh...those skies are so pretty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redwyrm View Post
    Minor nitpick about the skies in WoD. The relationship between the two moons never changes. I know the skies are static and always have been, but moons don't do that
    The relationship between the moon and the location of the zone does.

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    Some of these skies would actually make a great background for my deskop

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Some of these skies would actually make a great background for my deskop
    Yes, indeed. Already using one on my cell phone
    Skies look great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faithsin View Post
    Loving these skies. Wish we could fly in them!
    Yeah no kidding. What next, "Here's a video of what flying around in our new pretty zones would look like... if we allowed you to fly!".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porra View Post
    Same moons over and over again
    lol this comment.

    I too can't believe that they're using the same moon in all the skies above the same continent. Like seriously, Luna is only seen from America, right? Asia has it's own moon... right?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Speaking of that moon, i wonder if there's gonna be some lore or focus on it, it does have some pretty nice scars.(Kiljaedens demon moon base!)

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    Ze skiez, zeh ah so beautiful.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yvaelle View Post
    You can't fight porn on the internet, you may as well declare war on something overwhelming like water on Earth's surface - or something ephemeral like "terror" (lol sorry, had to do it) - or something both overwhelming and ephemeral... like porn on the internet.

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    in the waiting room to get tickets. come on Blizzcon Tickets, I really want to go this year

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    motherfucking scalpers.

    Guess I'm not going this year :|

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    Wildstar's an amazing MMO, as the combat system is the most engaging I've ever experienced. If we were to compare difficulties in their respective genres, going from WoW to Wildstar is like going from Skyrim to Dark Souls, only it feels good and has many comical moments along the way. Nevertheless, players should NOT expect to find this game that fun and engaging until at least 10 (depending on your starting area). I didn't start dying often until 14 when I went to my second zone and found everything ranging between 15-17, and they could all two-hit me easily. Upon 15 you get your first adventure which is well and good, but the fun REALLY kicks in at 20 when you get your first dungeon and even quests have to be planned out if you have any hope of not dying to the same thing three to four times. With all that said:

    Wildstar is not for the "this is too hard, give me my levels and gear" crowd. I would not ask much of the WoW audience to take part in the more difficult areas of the game. If you go in expecting to not die leveling up, you're in for a very bad time with this game. If you want engaging game-play and an entirely different experience starting at around 15-20 while maintaining the feeling of "I earned this through trial and error," this game is second to none. I'd highly suggest bringing a friend or four, since a lot of this game's nowhere near solo friendly.

    Oh, yeah, and the housing's pretty goddamn amazing. It's like the Sims, only it's far more customizable and doesn't suck after an hour. It also has a gigantic place in the game if you're to maximize your raid's output or leveling experience.
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