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  • I am content with the current enrage method

    82 55.41%
  • I wish Blizzard would add some variety to enrages

    48 32.43%
  • I wish Blizzard would completely remove any type of enrage

    13 8.78%
  • No Opinion

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  • Other, please explain

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    Less enrages like Norushen where it instant kills you. More Enrages like on Garrosh P3 where if you take too long your group will slowly fail, but you can still down him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeruge View Post
    If Malkorok really wanted to defend the Warchief, wouldn't he do that straight away instead of waiting 6 minutes?
    I think of those 1000% damage increase type of enrages as the boss getting really angry and annoyed the longer the fight gets and so after a certain amount of time, the boss just loses it and goes ape on everyone.

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    It teaches a 25-Man Raid Group to better more efficient in every class role.
    Without Enrage Timers, you could have poor DPS being healed excessively.

    Enrage Timers are needed like attunements.

    The excuse that a guild doesn't have the gear to down a boss is the disguised way of saying a group lacks skills in their class,
    which is the reason 10-Mans were created.

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    I actually like 6-min instakill enrages. It shouldn't be used too often but some bosses need to be extremely brutal dps checks.
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    I don't see what all the whining is about. Things some of you are saying like "I despise 1-shot enrages" and such are just silly. WoW has to be a game first and hard enrages are necessary to make some fights have a proper time limit. Get over your immersion when it comes to the small stuff.

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    You guys want better enrages or a new raid tier?

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    Quote Originally Posted by klogaroth View Post
    I could see this sort of idea maybe working on a mythic only boss, except with the players getting their gear scaled rather than the boss changing because it's a bit simpler and the tech already exists.
    The tech exists both ways, yet forcing an entire raid to gear around a single fight that changes your stats is a much bigger inconvenience to the playerbase as a whole. It's why Battle Fatigue and PvP Resilience feel so bad after killing a PvE mob.

    It's a little less of a problem when it comes to Challenge Modes or the Proving Grounds, as those are completely optional and don't offer character power progression. If you're doing them, you're choosing to do it. A boss in a raid that would either force players to play around those stat weights for an entire raid or waste time and gold to switch before and after is just a massive, unnatural roadblock.
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    Hard enrage timers are mostly exclusive to beginning and mid-instance fights. At the start of an instance, those fight ensure you have enough gear (see Norushen, Gara'jal). Mid-instance, those fights ensure you can use your gear while handling mechanics (see Juggernaut, Malkorok, Garalon). End-instance fights have long enrage timers; you will only hit them if you don't play the fight correct (12 minute @ Klaxxi can only be hit when multiple players die during the fight, 16 minute @ Garrosh should never be reached).

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