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    Enhancement shaman help on Garrosh 10man heroic

    Hey, I've just started progress on Garrosh heroic and I was wondering if anyone had some tips and tricks for how to perform the best

    What talents and glyphs do u use?
    How do u push the most dps on the jade intermission?

    These are two questions I would appreciate if anyone could make some comments on.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey! I raid on 25, so I don't know how it pans out in 10man, but I'll do my best. (P.S.: I assume you have AoC heroic upgraded)

    For actual talents/glyphs, I'd suggest going for the sprint glyph as you may need it on some occasions, namely phase 3 and phase 4. For talents, it's really what you want, go for totem projection for the jade phase so you can project your cap totem, and go for Primal Elementalist as phase 1 damage is pretty fucking good with it. Some people suggested going for Unleashed Fury+EotE, but from initial testing (back in december) PE is better, imo.

    For the jade intermission, depending on where you are, try to "pre-load" your sprints/nitro boost as Garrosh sucks you in. You have ~1.5 sec of cast time when you are in the air. Use that time for rocket boots and sprint, so you'll get to your mob very fast and roar will go on you rather than not

    Also, your earth elemental should follow you from down phase, try to use it after your FET so it'll be up for those mobs. I also save my 2nd (or 3rd?) wolves for that phase. Usually it goes something like this: pre-load rocket boots - get in the phase - sprint, cap totem - getting there - totemic projection - stunning - UE while running, FS, LL, wolves, FN, normal rotation. Depending on your timing, Ascendance should come up around that time if you have a slow group. If you have a fast group, it may only be up for after you finish the adds. Either way, try to save it for garrosh damage rather than add damage.

    Hope this helped! If you have more questions, feel free to ask.
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    Depends more on your tactic. If you're skipping 2nd intermission I advise not going PE because you will want to dump the biggest amount of damage possible as soon as Garrosh is attackable at the end of 1st intermission (basically Fire Ele despawns when you come out).

    If that's the case, UF+AS for maximum uptime damage and a semi-early lust can help you skip this, but you will need high single target from everybody in the raid, including the tanks. (1 healer btw)

    However if you don't have such high dps and are doing all phases, both PE and UF builds are fine. The above post is a good summary of 1st intermission but I would try as much as possible to not use Ascendance on adds since it is noticeable damage on the boss.

    Oh and don't use wolves before you enter intermission or the mobs cast bars will desync and wipe chance is high, if possible get assigned to a back group so you don't have to glyph Capacitor (you need aim skills here) and make sure you are facing all 3 mobs so the cloak proc can hit all of them (about 2-3m damage total).

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