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    Mik Scrolling Battle Text question.

    I'm just curious if anyone knows if there is a way to change what buffs/debuffs do and do not show up in the notification window. As an arcane mage it is very annoying to have it show +/- arcane charge, +/- Arcane Missile, +/- Profound Magic almost every time I cast somthing, it would be nice if I could edit it to not show things that are just not necessary to someone who has played arcane as long as I have.

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    Type /msbt -> go to "Events" -> choose "Notification" in the dropdown menu -> remove mark at the stuff you dont want to see

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    Is there a way to filter out what buffs/debuffs? I'd like to have buffs on for trinket procs but not for things like the buff I get from my 2-piece bonus as arcane or blazing speed, since I don't really need to know I got those seeing as I pressed the button to use them in the first place.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found out. If anyone cares to know It was going under Spam Control->Skill Supression->putting in the name of the buffs/debuffs I didn't want to see.
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