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    I have 2 different Ideas that could make affliction more fun !

    I have 2 different Ideas for affliction, one of them is very simple and the other one is more complex.

    The first one:

    A passive Enemy Debuff called Deteriorating Soul , The Soul of the enemy slowly deteriorates over time grants a Soul Shard Upon reach 50 stacks and Multistrike chance ( or X% Stat, Maybe Crit ) against the target will be increased by 25% for 5 seconds. After the 5 seconds stacking starts again from 0. Every tick of Corruption, Agony, and Unstable affliction will Grant one stack of the debuff. ( partial ticks will not produce stacks ).

    This will allow us to have a steady flow of Soul Shards through the entire fight and it will also give us another spec mechanic to monitor. It also fits the theme because the target is slowly dying from our DOTs it must have some other side affects too.

    My 2nd Idea:

    Increased Corruption: Passive Enemy De buff that has different effects at different stacks, The stacks are applied similarly through dot ticks:

    25 Stacks: ( Weakened Soul ) Damage Taken Increased by 10% and Movement Speed Reduced by 15%

    50 Stacks: ( Unleashed Corruption ) Enemy's Corruption has reached significant levels where it has started to radiate onto nearby targets, all nearby targets within 10 yards will take damage equal to 30% of UA, Agony and Corruption tick damage. ( this will help affliction AOE )

    75 Stacks: ( Inner Conflict ) Enemy's Soul reached the state of madness where it has started to damage itself, a very strong Dot that does x% spell power damage for the next 12 seconds until the Enemy's Soul regains its sanity and its stacks reduced to 0. Inner conflict will give us a very fun and nice window to spam our haunt.

    Sorry for the bad names, I didn't have much time to think of something good, I hope you enjoy these Ideas because I would like to have one of these mechanics. I think Chogal had a mechanic where we would get a different debuff every 25 stacks so it isn't impossible to implement this mechanic, for multidot issues I think an ICD can be implemented.
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    Yeah I suck with names too... sorry haven't played affliction since Cata so that's all I have to contribute. Nice ideas though as a stranger looking in.

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    I liked your avatar better as gintoki =P


    The first one is nice and could be implemented without too many side effects, but the second one adds too much complication/depht to be considered by Devs, IMO. But the concept of slowly damaging his soul in stacks is pretty cool.

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    I don´t know if passive effects would really make Affli more fun to play, also: this stacking would end in a nerf of DoTs base damage and would just kill Multidotting a bit more

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    not bad . g
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    Cool ideas.

    Sadly don't think the second is feasible, and judging by blizzard's design philosophy for Warlords, I think if shard generation was too low, they'd just buff nightfall instead of adding an extra layer of complexity.
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    Only thing Affliction needs to be more fun is Soul Swap to be removed :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zinnin View Post
    Only thing Affliction needs to be more fun is Soul Swap to be removed :P
    This. Bring back the actual doting.
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    Nah soul swap is good.

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    To me personally that doesn't really increase the fun, just more maintenance of meaningless debuffs. I agree the second one is not really feasible, especially if I am reading the stacks numbers correctly (75?). Having damage balanced around very long, slow buildups, especially ones that don't really require you to do anything but be patient, doesn't seem like an interesting mechanic or one that would fit well into fights with immunity phases or adds etc.

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