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    Take your time. To get into Wow, it takes alot of time. Despite the game being watered down alot, it still has a long learning curve. You'll get bored quickly if you rush through some parts.
    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danguar01 View Post
    Hey guys,

    I know I'm years too late but I have finally got round to trying World of Warcraft...and I have fell in love. I am currently a Lvl 13 Female Druid Worgen HOWEVER! I desperately need advice on how to advance through the game effectively while having fun as I do it!

    Any advice/tips would be deeply helpful!

    Kind Regards,
    Welcome! Do all quests in an area that are yellow color difficulty in your quest log,Then move on to the next area and do the same. They provide better experience. Get rid of any quests that turn green. Not worth your time. Run dungeons from time to time to get better gear. Questing levels you quickly.
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