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    LOL no. 90% gear 10% skill. It's hardly even debatable. You don't need skill for most fights, you just need to have an idea of how classes work. Actually, it's about 65% gear, 25% class, and 10% skill.

    As for OP, hunters are OP. He probably had resil and the people attacking him didn't. Pair that with low cooldown disengages and back to back deterrance and you see why everyones a hunter.
    resilience means f*k all since ppl in soo hc gear with a little knowhow have more or less same resi rape pridefull geared ppl in wpvp, now with upgrades to pve gear inc it will be even worse for ppl in pvp gear
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    Apparently you 2 havnt fought people in PvP gear with mediocore PvE gear then. Mortal strikes for less than 10k are OP right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon138 View Post
    Apparently you 2 havnt fought people in PvP gear with mediocore PvE gear then. Mortal strikes for less than 10k are OP right?
    PVP gear doesn't have resilience on it, resilience is baseline for all chars in all gear. Which is why PVE geared players completely trash PVP geared players in open world PVP. The only advantage to PVP gear is the PVP power, which is a damage stat and not a survival stat.

    It works in BGs/Arenas because there is an ilvl cap, thus making PVP gear better because of bonus additional PVP power. If you're in ironforge smashing noobs it is better to be in heroic raiding gear than PVP gear, much better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VeganHunter View Post
    OK, I do not PvP. In 9 years I might have spent 20 hours doing PvP. ( actually, I did fight at Hillsbrad when PvP was much cooler )

    Yesterday I was in Ironforge and in came a Tauren hunter. He walked right into the AH and killed all the vendors. People came from everywhere to attempt to kill this guy. There must have been 20 people trying to kill him. Sure, most of them were not 90's, but at least 4 of them were, and maybe a lot more than 4.

    This hunter NEVER dropped below about 95% health. I was impressed, so I relayed that to my guild members, and there was one guy on who I know does PvP, but his main focus is PvE. I bet he is an 80 / 20 split.

    He was NOT impressed. His reply was "With PvP, it's ALL in the gear." I could not do anything but agree since I don't know any better.

    So, I ask, is it really all in the gear?
    This was almost certainly somebody using an exploit to acquire temporary immunity or virtual immunity. There is no gear that will enable
    a hunter to survive that long in the situation you describe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wow View Post
    Battle fatigue works everywhere a player can dmg you in pvp. The only time it will not work is when you are in the same party.
    Yep this. I have had times when soloing the celestials, someone from the opposite faction starts dpsing it too puts down an aoe, gets me into pvp combat and makes the fight 20times harder

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    Well since everyone's throwing out their made-up numbers, I guess I'll join in with my opinion.

    50% gear
    30% skill
    20% class

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    Saw a warrior in a random BG the other day that was complaining about the gear disparity.

    I watched him charge a shaman and start bladestorm without bothering to put up hamstring, colossus smash or piercing howl (which he didn't have; went with staggering shout lol). Shaman just walked away without taking any damage.

    Sums up my feelings on this particular matter.

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    Well I don't know how a hunter couldnt die with 4 90s or whatever on him, as well as guards (no?). I mean, its not like it was a guardian druid.

    Many things decide who win, and I daresay gear is one of them. If I with my warlock in her boosted 90 gear is going to kill a full Prideful geared warrior (who's afk, because otherwise I'd be dead), I would be there for quite some time. With my other rogue in slightly more pvp gear, I'm capable of capping bases, dropping smoke bombs, cc, whatever, but to kill someone? Eh.. Not likely. Despite my skills, theres no way of killing someone who's fully prideful in a 1v1 situation.

    May be I could give them a run for their money in Griveous gear, so I wouldnt say its all in the gear, but it does play a huge role.

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    As a full 550 player I would say that yes, it makes a TON of difference. Saying it is ALL about gear is over the top, but there is no way a good player in full 522 can compete against a decent player in full 550.

    When I go to timeless I replace my helm and cloak by a legendary gem warforged 2/2 normal SoO helmet and the legendary cloak, which is pretty much the best set you can get as of now (unless full heroic is taken into consideration). I can easily farm coins in this setup, all I have to do is avoid very high geared locks and hunters, since they counter me too well.

    All in all I think: gear > class > skill.

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