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    Would revamped content be a solution to the dearth of content?

    When we got the Challenge modes at the start of MoP, I somewhat expected that after the second raid tier we'd get a new set of CMs and heroic 5mans through new dungeons. That ofc did not happen.

    Even with the message loud and clear about more 5mans Blizzard is not delivering anything like what they used to in earlier xpacs and they are making no promises about more 5mans in later WoD patches.

    In the past I have suggested that a good solution would have been to have no LFR at all and just add the raid as several 5mans (a couple months after the raid was released and with different gear ofc) but LFR is no a main feature of the game and not likely to ever go away.

    So I ask, would it be OK if blizzard picked 6-8 dungeons from vanilla (and even TBC and Wrath) and redesigned them as heroics as a separate tier each xpac? They already do a few dungeons per xpac, why not more? The biggest drain on resources for dungeons is I assume the new art assets but by reusing old ones we would be able to get some content and much more frequently.

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    If they simply re-use everything and bring them back as "new" heroics at max level then how is that really new content? I haven't minded that they are slowly bringing back older dungeons as heroics since it does create some nostalgia and re-introduce people to content that they probably never ran or went through once while leveling. But to do it on a bigger scale would be overkill, and if they are just re-using everything then its not going to be much in the way of new content. If they are going to put in the time to re-create art, re-design, etc then I'd rather they focus those resources elsewhere, and keep with the pace of re-doing older dungeons as heroics slowly and every now and then.

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