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    Is This A Safe Assumption?

    I am an alliance player, and always have been, never played the horde so this is why I am asking this.
    Is it safe to assume that alliance generally consists of younger, more immature individuals while the horde generally consists of older, more mature individuals?
    This just seems to be the way i see things, especially in BG's and what not, the alliance are a bunch of hot headed children who think they know it all, and the horde seem to be working together.

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    This is not a safe assumption.

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    Yes, that is the safest assumption ever

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    This is a joke....right?

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    Don't assume, it typically makes you seem like an ass.
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    Nah. If it was ever true, it isn't anymore; the factions bleed into each other too easily nowadays. A ton of people play both sides.

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    It is not safe to assume that. Though, is it safe to assume you're a child to ask such a question? Probably.

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    Hotheaded is not a characteristic of immaturity or youth.

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    Not only is it not a safe assumption, it's not going to go over well here. Since there is no reason to have a thread like this, I'm closing it.

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