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    Quote Originally Posted by saintsixx View Post
    Okay so, I have a question and I haven't found any answers at all no matter what I google.

    I recruited a guy from the official WoW forums, and we've been RaF'ing for a few days now. I recently found out he uses a bot for the dungeon running - not all the time, but when he's going to be AFK for a bit. I also know that he creates new accounts that get banned because he ends up using them to gold sell.

    I KNOW it's not morally right or anything not to report him, but I'm extremely broke at the moment (baby on the way, partner has been off sick, rent arrears etc.) - and with all the stress, WoW is the only thing that keeps me sane (my lovely parents have given me my subscription fee for the month during the hard times because they know it helps me) - so it's very helpful to get the free month RaF from him. I'd rather NOT be judged on what actions I'm not taking, but there's my back story anyway.

    I was wondering, because he openly talks about it in party chat, to which I just reply a "lol" or don't even acknowledge it, will Blizzard possibly ban me as well for being an accomplice or something? Even if it's just for my benefit of harmlessly RaF'ing without any sole intent to help him after reaching 85? My account means a lot to me and I've had it for around 6 years or so, I'd rather not get it banned.

    Anyway, thanks for reading, I know it's long - but thanks for your time

    EDIT - People don't seem to be getting the point. I wanted to know whether I, personally, am at risk of getting banned for being associated - NOT whether I should report him or not
    Blizz can see all in game chat. You don't have to report anything if he's freely admitted it.
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    Report him. If he is a guy you hardly knows report him. Report his botting ass and it will it no way effect you.

    that being said, i knew some of my long times friends who did bot, them i did not report because well, it is not worth lossign a good IRL friend over(but do not worry they where all perma banned) but report him.

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