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    Heroic Siegecrafter 10m OC Magnets / Normal Laser

    So, we're doing the fairly popular no-missiles strategy. Have a really good comp for getting the mines down, so they're being taken care of fairly well.

    The third wave we hit is overcharged magnet and normal laser, and we always seem to lose someone here, so I'd like to get some tips. Here's what we're doing now:
    - Tanks pull the boss to the side so tanks and our one melee are not getting hit by sawblades.
    - The rest of the raid also runs to the side, maybe 20-25y from the boss so the group isn't getting hit by the sawblades
    - The first laser target kites it straight back along the very edge of the platform so as to avoid the sawblades (they don't reach the very edge I don't think)
    - After the first laser goes out, the raid group moves up a few feet so as not to stand in fire
    - The second laser target kites it back along the edge of the previous laser
    *** This is usually the person who dies, as they tend to range the healers trying to run from the laser while also having to avoid the pulsing sawblades
    - The rest of the raid steps up again to get out of fire, waits for the magnets to stop, then moves back into position for the next wave
    - We also try to pop a raid CD here (Devo, Barrier, Healing Tide if our shaman is healing).

    Like I said, we always end up losing at least one person, usually the 2nd laser kiter who gets hit by a sawblade along with the raid damage from the magents. Is it just a matter of avoiding those pulsing sawblades better? The magnet makes it tough to move at times I know, but maybe that's the answer.

    It feels like if we make it through this one OK, the next 3 or 4 waves are pretty simple, so I wanted to get any tips from you all for how you deal with it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    We felt that the magnet/laser phase was the hardest part of the fight and the only real roadblock for us. The sawblades are incredibly easy to dodge, there's a significant amount of room between them when they're pulsing in and out.

    Hand of protection also makes you immune to magnet and sawblade damage, so if you have a Paladin could try and have them throw one on whoever gets the kite that gives you guys problems.

    Just have everyone else go full survivability mode and its the only real healing intensive part of the fight. I believe the next two magnet phases have no fire so they aren't nearly as hard to heal, so you could try using all or most of your raid and personal CDs on this part to ensure you get through it alive. We use Barrier, an Ele healing tide, and 2 devotion auras and most of our personals on this phase. We just use tranq for the next and all 3 minute CDs are up for the 3rd.

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    Have people use personals here. There is really only one back and forth passing of the far side saw blade before the previous belts empowered fire is gone and you can safely stack on the far side where blades wont hit. The further away from the boss you are, the easier it is to dodge saw blades. The first Normal laser target may benefit from an external, since your healers will be doing a bit of triage for the spike dmg from saw blades.

    As mentioned, I am fairly sure our pally pop bubble so he can stand n plant and not worry so much about himself. If you have a lock they can setup their portal on the far edge so they can port over the empowered fire to the edge and ignore overcharged magnet completely and just nuke.

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    During progress we had the lasered person call out for a bop, just in case. It is however rather easy to not die if you pay attention, the sawblades follow a set path and are easy to dodge. Putting some hots on the guy who is lasered would be rather helpful too.

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    Thanks for the helpful posts everyone. We were able to get past this phase pretty easily our last raid night. Got him down to 30%, so hopefully a kill next time.

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