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    LOL They could try and release alpha on Wildstar's release but it won't save shit.

    The game's been on it's way out for a while, no shots across the bow or cock blocking other titles are going to help it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doxshund View Post
    So much truth it hurts, what's even sad is people are actually against what he's saying. It's like people can't take off their rose tinted glasses when it comes down to saying Blizzard fubards their fanbase when it's right in their faces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enan1981 View Post
    LoL I know right? Ive been playing this game long enough to slowly realize theyve been doing this. We know what stunt theyre trying to pull. What I find funny is, some people are acting oblivious like it is not happening and its just pure coincidence. Ha ha! Thats what im chuckling my arse over here lol. Ive mentioned it in other posts in the past. Im not saying theyll make a big dent into their sub numbers, but damn, for them to coincide things that shouldve been out by now and make excuses like its not ready yet were smoothing things out, then BAM new MMO release, more alpha news and the beta testing date! More screenshots! /facepalm Its just getting pathetic.
    The fact that you honestly believe that alpha notes and a BETA release would impact the decision making process of people in what games they should play is more facepalm than than anything blizz are doing right now. News flash: info and the beta for wildstar have been out for AGES. People who are wanting to play wildstar are not going to suddenly not care about wildstar because of a BETA that will be constantly pulled down for new builds, balancing issues, server stability testing and so forth.
    If WoD came out a week or two before Wildstar or after wildstar, then and only then would you have an actual argument.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doxshund View Post
    5 million people have quit.
    The lags between the final content patch and expansions is driving players away.
    WoW peaked in Wotlk and the time between ICC and Cata was a year, they lost millions of people during that time.
    To try and stop the hemorrhaging of players during the Cata final content patch Lag, they tried the annual pass.
    Try again. They've always had the long lag time. So why didn't it kill people off between Vanilla and BC? Why did it not Kill the game between BC and Wrath? Why did it make no difference between Wrath and Cata? Because the length wasn't the issue. The largest player base (the casuals) still had shit to do and still wanted to play the game, while the majority of the non hardcore raiders still had the raid itself to clear. The only people this long period effects is the very miniscule player base that has actually cleared Siege on heroic content and has "nothing to do".

    The real reason the Cata-Mop had big losses is because the final Tier was almost universally hated, by casuals and hardcores alike.
    If it had been a good tier and a long tier, similar to ICC It would of never had the drop it had. Yes. Some would of quit, as people always are quitting over one reason or the other, but a hated tier plus a long tier is a big sub loss tier. That is one of the lessons Cata showed people who can pay attention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooky View Post
    yeah wow about raising the valor cap consider WoD isn't that far away? 1000 valor points gets u a lollipop and kick in the nutsack these days! Back in my day we could get a bucket of candy and a pet ferret with that sort of points!
    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    Titan was cancelled because it was too similar to Destiny. Originally they were going to create it within Blizzard, but decided to just scoop up a new development house to do Destiny, which made Titan redundant.
    ...citation needed. Especially since Titan wasn't cancelled; the project was restarted and the development team was downsized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doxshund View Post
    WoW peaked in Wotlk and the time between ICC and Cata was a year, they lost millions of people during that time.
    The wrong is strong with this one.

    The time between ICC and Cata was December 8 2009 - December 7 2010; about a year, as you say. WoW's subscribers peaked at 12 million in October 2010; 11 months into ICC. In fact, the first subscriber loss occurred during Q1 2011 (January - March). That loss was 600k.
    So you were right on only half the claims in your post: WoW's subscribers peaked in WotLK and the time between ICC and Cata was 1 year. They did not lose subscribers in that time and they didn't even lose over a million until Q3 2011.

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    I like the DK notes. "no sheild" Kappa.

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