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    Eh, RNG is still RNG. The past 3 weeks I've gotten just the 2 guaranteed runestones each time (I haven't had access to H ToT).

    Yeah unfortunately if you dont have access to ra-den it does take a bit.

    Also without doing the valor cheat, its still possible to do it in 5 weeks, just highly improbable

    week 1 - Sigils
    week 2 + 3 = 2000 valor
    week 4 = finish valor w/o stepping into tot. get 20 secrets off 21 bosses
    week 5 = get 12 runestones off of 15 bosses

    But in all likelihood, this is just a bit too much of luck and I can't buy it. I could realistically see 6 weeks. 7 weeks for sure. but 5 is like so incredibly lucky that... I just dunno
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    Week 1: Sigils
    Week 2: 2000 VP
    Week 3: 1000 VP
    Week 4: 1000 VP (without ToT+SoO) + 20 secrets possible (12 bosses in ToT + 8 in SoO)
    Week 5: 12 runestones possible (last 6 in ToT + 8 in SoO)

    So 5 Resets is possible. Even if very much unlikely.

    Sigils: 1-x weeks (none guaranteed)
    VP: 3 weeks
    secrets: 10 weeks
    runestones: 6 weeks

    So 20-x weeks worst case with no overlap from vp to secrets.

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    You can get it in 5 weeks if you're extremely lucky. Week 4 you can start secrets and there are 21 total bosses that drop secrets (Ra-den).

    If you combine week 4-5 together you have 42 chances to get 32 items, which is incredibly lucky even if a few of the bosses are guaranteed. Runestones only drop from wing 1 and 2 of SoO, and wing 3 and 4 of ToT (in addition to Ra-den).

    The best luck I've PERSONALLY had was 12 secrets the first week on my ret paladin over 20 bosses. The best luck I've had with runestones was on my DK during the ToT patch, I got 5 off of 6 bosses when Lei Shen wasn't a 100% drop rate. Next week was 0 runestones though, so go figure.

    I've saw somebody in my guild get all 12 runestones in one week though, that's pretty insane. It usually takes about 3 weeks now, with fairly 'standard' luck.

    If determined enough you can have sigils done the first week, finish secrets in roughly 3 weeks and runestones in 3 weeks as well. Basically about 10 weeks on average.

    With the patch it will be 5 weeks exactly assuming you do all of the bosses.

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    I think the best I ever got was like 6-7 runestones in one week to finish the first part of the cape in ToT.

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    This week. 20 bosses. 2 secrets. Stuck at 19. GG.
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    My best luck was with my shaman alt. I started runestones on a Sunday and 2 days later on Tuesday finished all 12.

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    Isn't the drop rate 50%? 20 bosses, 2 guaranteed, 50% from the rest of the 18, 9+2 so 11 is roughly average.
    A friend got 13 his first week, then 6 the next week. Was great.

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    Whatever the chance is, it will catch up on you.

    Unless Blizzard increased the drop rate, it takes a long time.

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    I boosted my Druid 3/19/14, got my cloak 5/13/14.

    Granted, I did H-Ra Den every week to make sure I was getting the most, but it's still pretty neat.

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    A guildy got 15 in a week. Bunch of us were leveling/gearing alts for an alt run and everyone else was pretty pissed with their 3-6.

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