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    I actually enjoyed Shadows. My least enjoyed one would have to be Stormrage. Just a bunch of meh and had to drag myself through it.

    On a side note, Rise of the Lich King is my favorite by far. It's nice getting into Arthas's head, reading what he was thinking during his terrible campaign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attackrabbit View Post
    They're all pretty terrible to be honest
    I take it you've read them all then?

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    Of Blood and Honor, Leader of the Clans and the Last Guardian were the only good ones for me.

    I listened to an Audiobook of Wolfheart recently and I tried hard to get into it for a while but I just kept getting bored shitless, I thought it was going to be some awesome story about Varian, instead it was a load of crap mostly consisting of Night-Elves and Malfurion Stormrage babbling, with a bit of Varian and Greymane thrown in for good measure. The Vol'jin book was "alright", I listened to an audiobook version too (Amazon audible free).

    Rise of the Lich King was just pointless too, it wasn't bad but just pointless. Nothing much interesting happens (unless you like a cheeky sex driven romance) until it gets to the events of Warcraft 3, where the book basically just gives you exactly the same as the game in book form. The book stops at the end of WC3 story just like the game, and thus it actually serves no purpose at all.
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    I've read all except for Voljin, War Crimes, and the proto drake one. I don't really dislike any, but I felt that cycle of hatred, Stormrage, and Night of the Dragon were my least favorite.

    Cycle: Bad writing in general. Character interaction was weird and not very believable. I liked seeing Aegwynn as that was a surprise, but nothing came out of it. Sure, they managed to defeat a random demon and stop a war, but it all happened so fast. She didn't appear in WoW at all, and she apparently got killed by Cho'gall in the comics or something. You'd think if the ex-strongest mage in the world were to appear she'd at least have some influence in game.

    Stormrage: I didn't mind the WoTA trilogy as I liked the characters in it and it was exciting at parts, but everything in this book happens so slow. The strongest druid ever is captured by a force that is strong enough to control a dragon aspect, and we are constantly reminded of how powerful the enemy is until the Malfurion suddenly decides to actually start doing stuff 80% of the way into the book. The Fandral side-plot was interesting though, as it was a lee-way into his imprisonment.

    Night of the Dragon: Many of you already know why this one is here, but again, the sheer lack of connectivity it had to the game made it somewhat boring for me. It didn't even really matter that Sinestra died, and Deathwing just animated her again in game. With the last chapters of the book being 2 dragons 1v1ing each other, there wasn't really much else besides Kalec yelling at Krasus and other characters trying not to get caught by guards.

    Gonna recommend The Last Guardian as well if any of you haven't read it. My favorite book by far in the WoW genre. If the WoW movie is going to be about the 1st war, then this would be a good read to learn about it.

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    Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War is honestly one of the worst pieces of literature I have ever had the misfortune of reading

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    I found every lore about night elves, dwarves, trolls, dragon aspects so freaking boring.

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