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    Would have to be between marks and sv those big chim and aimed crits never got old. I'm hoping marks makes a comeback in wod. And for sv being clever with traps and kiting was always fun. Bm is a close 3rd, seeming my pet all over people while I hung out and scratched my nuts was entertaining.
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    Beast mastery for the exotic pets. Pets were always the biggest hunter selling point for me.

    But marksmanship is a close second. It holds a special place in my heart due to playing it so much in the past (not that I really used it this xpac though), so I'm looking forward to the MM changes. I'd like to play it again.

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    I prefer MM. SV is stupid atm hate that damn 4 piece bonus.

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    I'd LIKE to play BM, but I end up playing survival. I don't mind survival, as it has less reliance on your pet.

    Pet AI and all that.

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    I've had fun with all 3 specs. Weaving cast-time AiS (back before there was such a thing as AiS on the move) as MM during World In Flames on H-Ragnaros is an experience I'll never forget. SV was good in DS though I guess nothing really distinguished it, it was just a matter of numbers.

    BM play this expac has reawakened the spec for me, which I basically considered a dead spec prior to MoP. I love it now, except when my pet derps. Pet micro is like a fun-yet-frustrating mini-game.

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    Dragon Soul Survival was current Survival but with no cooldowns except RF/CoTW, no 2pc/4pc, no CDR..

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    I've always loved Beast Mastery, and i've been playing it for ever. I just love pets and the whole idea of it i enjoy.

    MM is fun at times, though. Makes you feel like a scout

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    Not BM. It's boring.

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    I have leveled in all 3 spec, I enjoy Surv and BM the most because they seem the most fun to my style of play. I only did MM in Wrath and bit in Cata, did not really care for it much seem rather boring even if it was the best spec in Wrath. Was hoping they would finally just make all 3 spec in WoD viable to play across the board, but it is looking like Surv is about to take the biggest dive of the 3 specs.
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    I love MM, hope to comes back to it's glory again

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    Beast Mastery since the first day I played WoW. Pet specs are my favorites.

    I miss the days people either laughed at or applauded my decision to play BM during cataclysm current-tier raids.

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    Survival, just for entrapment.
    Befoure mop it was marks due to imp hunter mark & 50 focus on kb (and in wrath for scorpid sting+ chim disarm).

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    Marksman for sure. I havent played my hunter at max level for since wrath tho, but I still enjoyed leveling him to 90 as MM. Marksman just feels the most like the old specs I really liked.

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    Survival in DS was awesome Same with MM. I hope MM becomes solid for WoD progression ^.^

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    I fucking hate MM as it is, focus pingpongs so much. 100->0->100->0 and the rest of the spec is even less interesting than SV/BM
    Retired hunter

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    I like BM, because it seems to be the most hunter-y spec.
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    BM and i have tamed every core hound.
    i have labelled my hunter the core hound master.

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    I miss the good ole WotLK arp MM. Something about MM makes me love the spec.

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    BM for pve and MM for pvp. I have always liked pet classes and a specc that makes the pet even more powerful is fun. I like MM for aimed shot even though it's not as powerful as it once was. It also was the "best" specc for pvp when I started pvping in mop. :P

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    Hands down MM

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