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    WoD glyph of misdirection

    ive seen glyph of misdirection will be "auto-learn" i dont remember the lvl tho but is it going to work the same has it does now or they changing it? I tried to look at the wod talent calculator but this glyph isnt on the list. very useful for solo xD

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    I think it may be missing from the list since it's auto learned now. According to the patch notes, it's at level 75. I assume it'll work the same way.

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    Auto-learn have nothing with what glyph can do. This is about glyphs learning when you level your charracter
    So far i dint see nowhere any change to glyph itself
    About level atm every glyph in the AH is for min lv 25 i think there was writhen somewhere what glyph are learned for 25/50/75

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    I just got into the beta and copied my character, the entire glyph is gone. which sucks for farming/soloing content

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    They took it out when they were experimenting with 1 hour MD,think they forgot to re-add it..

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    When in doubt, distractingshot glyph for taunts to pet.

    (yes, I know still not as good as old MD glyph.. but at least something.

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