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    Biggest Fansite Forum for Guild Wars 2?

    Guild Wars 2's biggest fansite forum is Guild Wars 2 Guru owned by Curse. Are there any others? MMO-Champion? MMO-Champion is the 2nd biggest forum for GW2 I think. The one thing I hate about Curse sites is the staff is really strict. Not really friendly sometimes so it's hard to be open about certain topics without having your topic moved to a different place. I think there's also a Reddit but you can never get a response from anybody on Reddit.

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    reddit is easily the biggest and most active of any non official GW2 community

    Guru was basically abandoned when the official forums became active

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    I get tons of responses from Reddit myself, even when I don't expect any.

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    reddit is the biggest and best source for gw2 stuff

    It's where dulfy posts her latest stuff and that_shaman does the datamining as well.

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    Ofcourse you don't have me posting on reddit, so that's probably why MMO-champ > all
    In most cases, I understand the other side's viewpoint and how they came to it, but cannot tolerate their stubbornness to not see mine (the right one).

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    LOL @ Meledelion

    To the others, yea true....GW2Guru is a bit stagnant. I dunno....maybe it's just me....everytime I create a post on Reddit, I never get any responses. Maybe I'm creating the wrong questions or discussion topic?? *shrugs*

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    Guru is full of bitter GW1 fans that tend to run off the rest of the community. MMO-Champ has more interesting discussion for GW2 in my experience. I have a strong distaste for the burnout sector of the MMO community. I don't want to talk to people living in the past. I want progress and interesting debate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zed zebes View Post
    Guru is full of bitter GW1 fans that tend to run off the rest of the community.
    there are some quite vocal gw1 fans on the official forums as well. can make any decent discussion unbearable at times.

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