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    Quote Originally Posted by arcaneshot View Post
    There's actually no evidence that the bikes are already done; if they were they'd have shown us already.
    There's no evidence to support that statement either. Most of the time when we see a new mount it's datamined before Blizz "reveals" it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarathir View Post
    Same here. Just compare the two:
    "Good guys" bike vs Azeroth Choppers; Alliance
    Matter of taste, I prefer Blizzard's AC one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarathir View Post
    Same here. Just compare the two:


    Sure, the first chopper could use some Alliance signifiers, but then it isn't really an Alliance bike. Alliance-themed, perhaps, going by the colour scheme and the lion (then again, that's not rare at all), but if they added some Alliancey stuff to that first REAL chopper, that one would be a thousand times better than what we got.

    In comparison, the Azeroth Chopper just looks.. horrible, tacky, and .. overall -- just blugh.
    You know, I have to pick the one from Paul Jr. designs/Blizzard more than the first one. The first one doesn't feel right or fitting for a WoW universe. If I had to pick of those, the Alliance one more. First one looking too fragile for our world.. "Shit.. Dragon swiped me... Better get aw-.. crap.. it broke my chopper"
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