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    Balance bar

    This is all subject to change because all the notes are from alpha only

    A lot of people still use balance power tracker as their addon bar for boomkin but the end look like it has finally come for this addon.

    hopefully the developer will unretire and update the add on but if not looks like a lot of people will be needing new eclipse bars

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    Not really. New eclipse mechanics will undoubtedly bring new addons in the scene or it could be easily handled with a WA that will show eclipse state and power %

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    moveanything is tough

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    For me personally, balance power tracker was my go to because it shows the change on the power bar once a cast is started. "Predictive" energy cycling if you will. The default bar doesnt show the resulting energy change until a cast is finished which is too late if you wanna know what spell to que next. Though with the bar automatically cycling in WoD and spells not generating energy that'll be totally moot. I just hope an addon that makes it look like balance power tracker pops up cause the default one is terrible. But ya if all you wanna do is move it, moveanything will always work.

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