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    Warrior/Resto Shaman at 2k cr LF help from you guys

    Hey all,

    I've been playing with rshaman and we were doing quite well till versus monks MW monks are not a good target to be chased. i hit who is near when monk teleports but it drains my shaman's mana when a dps on him. WW and with priest is another subject. Priest usually Chastise and Dominate me and run away which is unavailable to escape. I try to reflect Chastise and trinket dominate mind but you know it doesn't work all the time. Ferals are overOP too. i do the most damage but they have more interrupts and kill my shaman in 5 mins. i want to get 2.2k in this week and need tips from you.

    Sorry for my english btw and thanks for reading.

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    Against MW+DPS, you control MW and kill the DPS. Start with fear, then let your shaman root-stun-hex MW behind a column. Your shaman can spec into Primal Elementalist for additional stun.

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    The only viable way a shaman goes oom in 2v2 is if the opponents get too much undisturbed uptime on your shaman. In that case he is forced to switch earthshield to himself. Fake casting to bait interrupts is very likely to get him severely behind on healing if it fails just 1 time.
    Maybe your shaman friend is just horrible - but most shaman healers need a helping hand to get a cast off every 20-30sec or so - when a melee chooses to tunnel them. They need a small window of time to get a casted heal off (which could be a stun or w/e). Maybe your shaman doesn't know enough about what tools your opponents have to interrupt, silence and stun with - or has a hard time keeping track of which abilities the enemy has on cooldown.

    Try switching targets more often maybe?

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    As melee when fighting a team with a MW in 2s, don't bother attacking the MW monk. Just control it.

    Monks are very easy to interrupt, so your shaman should be wind shearing like crazy. Hex, fear, charge interrupts, stuns, etc for control. Purge big hots (the one with yellow/black icon especially).

    Against a priest you need to take care of your rsham partner. Charge interrupt, pummel or stun the priest when it is using mind control. Shaman should be playing very sneakily making good use of grounding totem and of course tremor when feared (brb 1m fear trinket). Key is also to notice when a priest is coming in for cc. It is often very obvious. If they want to chastise they will try to get into line of sight. If they want to fear they will usually go invis. There are a few tricks to counter it like warrior switching, dropping earthgrab, etc. If they cross-CC your healer (for example of a warrior stuns your rsham for priest to follow up with fear) then more than ever you need to take care of your healer, peal, interrupt, etc.


    Quote Originally Posted by zoobip View Post
    The only viable way a shaman goes oom in 2v2 is if the opponents get too much undisturbed uptime on your shaman.
    Also this is true.

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    I'll add just a bit on WW+HPriest. The problem with this comp for you is WW, not HPriest. That's why it is so hard. I'd try outcontrolling them with well-placed hexes so that WW has to peel all the time, otherwise the shaman won't last. I wouldn't expect this matchup go easy at 2k+ ever...

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    Thank you guys all of your respondes. My shammy is arena master and plays better than me. Yesterday for a some reason he couldn't get out of combat to drink. He was away from me for like 10 sec. Anyway I'll do what you say and try to control MW and kill dps. Its actually good way to oom MW. I will let you know if its work.

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    warrior actually does a lot of damage to MW, just charge stun them to clear the immunity and shockwave after.

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    Illana is actually correct. Warrior's don't need constant uptime to kill a monk. Just charge stun into shockwave into storm bolt. And don't waste your zerker rage when you don't have pressure lol.

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    i do that with my cd's but they use their absorb. when i don't have cd's i usually hit 200k with stun comb. but they run away

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