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    Class Suggestion : Tinker (Long Read)

    Introduction :
    * This is merely a suggestion thread, not a demand or anything else. please do not try to derail the thread or turn it into something that it's not supposed to be. The main goal of this thread is to show tinker fans and people who do not think tinkers can "fit" the game a representation without breaking the game immersion or becoming too OP.

    * This particular model is a mixture of Steam Warrior hero class, Tinker Hero class and Alchemist hero class but there have been some changes to make them better suited for WoW's gameplay. The classic Tinker is changed and turned into the "automation" spec, it was previously called Clockwork but I came to conclusion that different races use different means to reach automation in general and create a self-reliant robot. Some races might use Clockwork while others like Blood Elves use a mixture of engineering and magic to do so.

    * This thread will be updated in time and various errors, inconsistencies and incomplete parts will be addressed.

    * I've also written a fan-made backstory and expressed how this class can be introduced in a possible South Seas expansion. This backstory gives the Tinkers their theme, who they are and what their goals are. Playable tinkers are different from other tinkers you mostly see in WoW, they're not self-taught and have received special training in an academy.

    General Information :

    This version of Tinker is a mixture of Steam Warrior, Classic Tinker, Chemistry, Rifleman, Apothecary and Demolitionist stitched together. I tried to avoid creating a class that just fires unlimited rockets or throws a bazillion of bombs at the enemy and instead focuses more on the mechanical elements and less on the general “explosive” theme that surrounds the idea. This version of Tinker is designed in a way to be aesthetically completed by the engineering profession.

    From a cosmetic point of view, those who play a Tinker and have chosen the engineering profession will have a much satisfying experience in terms of immersion: They will have access to cogwheels, engineering goggles, gliders and simply many awesome things that a Tinker, due to gameplay reasons, cannot have on their own.

    .: Tinker Specializations :.

    Steam-Warfare : Tank

    Automation : Ranged DPS

    Chemist : Healer/DPS Hybrid


    Armor Type :

    Tinkers wear leather armor at low levels, Upon reaching 40 they will gain access to mail. The idea of Tinkers using mail makes the most sense because Mail is the only armor type which is used by 2 classes which makes Mail the least used armor type.

    Primary stats :

    • Steam Warrior: Mail gear with agility. They share gear with hunters and enhancement shamans. Steam Warriors convert the agility on gear to beneficial tank stats when they switch into their Steam Warrior form.

    • Chemist : Mail gear with intel. Chemists are healers so obviously they are going to share gear with resto and elementalist shamans.

    • Automation : Mail gear with intel. They share gear with resto and elementalist shamans.

    Primary Weapons :

    Chemistry and Automation : Guns, Crossbows, Thrown, Bows with +intel on them. This requires a new set of ranged weapons to be introduced, bows and thrown weapons with +intel should be rare or non-existent because they don’t match up with tinker’s “techie” theme.

    Steam Warrior : Ranged or melee weapons with +agility on them. Steam Warriors can use all ranged weapons, staves, 1h maces, 1h swords, off-hands and pole-arms.

    Raid/PVP Tier Theme :

    Tinkers are a tech-based class so basically the most notable feature of their tier armors should be gadgets, they have gadgets on their breastplate, gadgets on their helmet, gadgets on their legplates and bracers and pretty much everywhere else.

    They have the theme of a steam-punk rifleman. The closest photo that I’ve found which can correctly gives you an idea of their identity is the concept image of Vinci riflemen from Rise of Legends.

    Vinci Riflemen from Rise of Legends can correctly describe the general theme of tinker's armor appearance.

    I will try to explain all three specs in detail, from both the artistic approach and gameplay approach. I will also explain what role they can fill and how they can have a unique gameplay.

    Below is a fan-made lore which I've written to explain how a class like Tinker can fit into WoW.

    Backstory Of Tinker’s Academy :

    The Second War can be doubtlessly counted as one of the most devastating battles in Eastern Kingdoms. And like all costly wars the demand for resources, among both factions, was undeniably huge during the second war. While the forces of the Alliance and the Horde were engaged in a bloody conflict fought in multiple theaters of war, a more subtle conflict was taking place among the two faction’s naturally gifted engineering societies: The Ambitious Goblins Of Steamwheedle Cartel and the brilliant Gnomes Of Gnomeregan. An oil race brewed up between the two races, and the two sides started building oil platforms at a frenzied speed. Each of them tried to locate better oil deposits deep underneath the oceans and build bigger and better platforms with maximum efficiency.

    Gnomes and Goblins alike scoured the ocean viciously, putting claims on any zone they suspected to hold oil reserves. And wasted no time building giant oil platforms one after another, assured that the hot oil market guaranteed staggering wealth and riches to those who are able to supply it with enough oil barrels.

    The race was not only restricted to oil derricks but soon it grew into a massive technology race involving tanks, guns, airplanes and many other machineries. Years passed by and the two races got quite locked in their rivalry to the point that one would think of it as an eternal conflict, an eternal arms race.

    When the Alliance came out victorious the gnomes rejoiced in the news and the Goblins lamented the loss of the big energy market. Because who would buy oil to fuel the machines of war now in times of peace? Among the joyful cheers and toasts in Gnomeregan not many thought of the gnomes who were about to lose their jobs and go bankrupt deep inside oceans.

    Shortly after the war ended, the seemingly insatiable demand for oil vanished rather quickly. Many Gnomes and Goblins alike found themselves sitting on barrels of oil that not many were interested to buy, and thus many abandoned these once-profitable derricks. The derricks themselves withered and crumbled as time passed due to lack of maintenance, some survived such fate and instead became havens for small-time pirates and criminals. Some decided to stay and try to survive the times, by selling their oils at the cheapest possible price with what little staff they could afford.

    Chief Engineer Mona was one of these said gnomes but, unlike other unlucky oil merchants, the decision of staying was not hers.

    Chief Engineer Mona was a genius and a graduate of Gearshaft University of Gnomeregan. she was considered by many to be brilliant minded, ambitious and opportunist. with her curiousity piqued by the massive oil derrick race, Chief Engineer Mona led an expedition during the end days of war to build “the biggest oil derrick ever”.

    Using all her inherited wealth, she recruited a crew of experienced Gnomes and Dwarves and bought a ship. She then took to the sea looking for a site with enough potential for her big project. Mistakenly estimating that the war is not about to end soon. The site took months to discover and the derrick itself took more time to build, the project suffered several setbacks including crew deaths and natural disasters. But the final nail in the coffin came with the sudden news of the Horde’s defeat and the end of war between The Alliance and the Horde.

    The project was halted and the remaining crewmembers, angry about the casualties they suffered and Mona’s failed plan, left her inside the half completed derrick to die alone in the middle of the ocean. The chief engineer found herself with no will to survive and go back to her home. She knew that even if she could manage to get back to Gnomeregan she would have no wealth to begin anew. As days went by her supply of food started to run short. And one day, as she was building a fishing pole from the scraps laying around the derrick floor she detected a ship approaching the derrick. The ship belonged to a Goblin named Maril, a self-proclaimed Tinker with a knack for staging steam-warrior fights for entertainment. The steam-suits during the second war were quite basic and served only to appease the spectating audience with fist fights and battles, Maril had managed to gain quite a bit of coin from these shows.

    It might’ve been a twist of fate, or just a random coincidence that the two brilliant minds met. The two exchanged what knowledge they had of machinery and soon found themselves in a business partnership. Mona would brew up new ideas and Maril would find ways to exploit it for money. Eventually they set up shop at the abandoned oil derrick, Maril’s goblin henchmen completed the oil derrick’s structure while Mona gained enough money from her new business and hired some Gnome assistants to help her complete the oil derrick. The money generated from the oil sale was not much, but it was enough to help the two expand their business. Shortly after, they started to recruit individuals with expansive minds in order to expand their business.

    These young minds would come up with new ideas and the two would build that idea in form of a product which would then be sold to the highest bidder. Eventually the first Tinkers Academy was formed.

    The Tinkers Academy, at first, focused on two majors. Steam-Powered Machinery and Clockwork Creations, but recently has included chemistry major for those who wish to study chemistry at academy level. The reason for the inclusion of chemistry was purely for business purposes, as the Tinker’s Academy is actually an oil derrick. One has to find new ways to refine and use this black gold, because of this reason a small refinery is built next to the derrick and chemistry students are tasked with finding new ways to perfect the academy’s oil products and byproducts. Also, Tinkers have realized that as of late, random groups and individuals have started to use chemical agents to cause widespread devastation. Such as the scourge plague and recently the forsaken plague. Realizing that global powers will surely pay handsomely to have a counter for these devastating dirty weapons, Some Tinkers have started to study Chemistry.

    With the destruction of Gnomeregan and Kezzan and the loss of Tinker's University and Tinker's Union the Tinker's Academy has enjoyed a wider popularity and enrollment requests. Since the Cataclysm the Academy has vastly expanded and now enjoys vast financial support from both Alliance and Horde engineering communities.

    Today, The Tinkers Academy has agents in all major cities who search and detect individuals who display high enough intelligence and invite them to join the academy. These brilliant minds are from various races with various backgrounds. Some outside the institution even say an Ogre had managed to get inside the academy thou academy members do not confirm or deny this rumor, the academy has a policy of keeping the identity of it’s students confidential.

    (this story is actually inspired from Fallout 2 and X-men, The Enclave used an oil derrick as their base of operations and the mutant academy trains mutants, in this case it's a tinkers academy and it trains geniuses.)

    If I can come up with this backstory in 15minutes god knows what blizzard writers can come up within months.

    NOTE : The inclusion of Tinkers into playable characters can be explained that, once the Tinkers academy is attacked by the Naga in a possible south seas expansion. Tinker students are sent back into their homelands to aid the alliance and horde however they can and find a solution to the Naga crisis, it can also be explained that the Tinker's Academy gets temporarily shut down and as an emergency protocol all students and scholars are sent back to their homes. and more important personel stay inside the academy to maintain it and keep the academy together, this academy can serve as Tinker's training station. just like how Acherus is accessed by DKs, Tinkers can use some kind of teleport device or a holographic projector to contact their trainers.

    : Specializations :

    This Tinker model has the following 3 specs, I'll explain all 3 with details from art to gameplay :

    1) Steam-Warfare :

    Info :

    A tanking spec involving power armors, they are brawlers that use special power armors to fend off waves after waves of enemies using their bare, mechanical hands. They rely on periodical damage absorbtions and high armor value to survive.

    Steam Engineers are known for their famous steam engines that can power almost any powerful device : from siege tanks and flying machines to dams to gunships, they’re no doubt very capable of building engines that can power sophisticated machineries. But when it comes to proving their worth to their fellow engineers many of them resort to a different and a more violent method.

    They build steam-powered mechanical Suits, and battle one another in a ring infront of a huge audience. Fighting can be between two individual steam engineers who work alone, or between two teams of steam engineers who have chosen the best among themselves as a representative. On a more professional level some steam engineers have also hired famous steam warriors to fight for them and, in some way, became their sponsors. What started first as a fighting competition between steam engineers has nowadays turned into an show room used by steam engineers to promote their products, as clients are more likely to buy from those who manage to build a better functioning and more efficient steam suit.

    The earliest traces of using mechanical suits in ring-fighting dates back to the first days of Tinker's academy. Early Steam Warriors were Maril's henchmen who fought one-another inside simple mechanical suits to entertain the audience during Maril's shows. They were never intended to be used for combat.

    When the Tinkers academy was first formed, Steam Warrior suits were very simple and they were only capable of sustaining few hits before getting seriously damaged. During the early years the idea of Steam Warriors as a real functioning fighting force was laughable even amongst Tinkers themselves. Steam Warfare soon turned to a sport inside The Academy, and students from different years and classes started forming their own teams to partake in tournaments and matches.

    As years passed by they became more and more efficient due to the improvements every team made to the general design of steam suits, bigger versions of Steam Warrior suits were produced for lumber harvesting and siege purposes that became known as Shredders and Sky Golems. Nowadays, with the exclusion of those who fight in the annual championships as prize fighters, freelance Steam Warriors offer their services as personal bodyguards and security personnel to those who can afford it.

    Appearance :

    Steam Suits are not big, because having a big Steam Suit causes problem with players’ field of vision. They’re polished, they’re as big as a Tauren and just as much wide. Steam Warriors use their massive mechanical fists to “beat” anything and anyone either into submission or into paste, depending on the situation.

    No buzzsaws, rocket launchers, machine guns or bomb launchers are installed on these suits because :

    a) It is not in their philosophy, a Steam Warrior believes that their suit should be designed in a way that the damage it can cause is directly linked to the suit’s locomotion and hydrolics capabilities. They have some kind of “sportsmanship” spirit and they take pride in their suits, using a bomb to blast their enemies is viewed as bad sport behavior.

    b) That would make these already powerful giant beasts even more unstoppable gameplay-wise.

    c) As I’ve said before, my model uses less guns and rockets and as such the steam warrior class is designed to use it’s fists alone.

    Different fluids in Steam Engines:

    While Steam Warriors traditionally used water as steam fluid, as more races joined the Tinker academy different engine fluids have appeared as of late.

    • Forsaken use a green-gooish fluid created from a secret recipe as fluid.

    • Gnomes, Goblins, Humans, Worgen and Orcs use water as fluid.

    • Dwarves and Pandaren use, you guessed it, alcohol as fluid.

    • Blood Elves and Draenei use some form of residue generated from special crystals which turns to a watery substance when cooled down. (air fluids)

    Moreover, due to their size Goblins, Gnomes and Dwarves use some kind of Mech rather than a suit, while other races use suits. This way all Steam Warrior suits end up in the same size. All suits are a big as a Tauren, Draenei suits are slightly bigger but it’s nothing that causes major problems for them.

    imagine the steam suits as primitive-looking iron man suits. minus the flame-thrower and jetpack.

    Mechanics :

    Steam Suits are put on the same way a Druid shapeshifts into a form, from a gameplay perspective players can just use a button to change forms and get into a steam suit. however they should not be able to do it as fast and easy as Druids. There should be a cooldown to avoid swift switches between tank and normal forms.

    :Steam Resource:

    Graphical concept of Steam resource bar.

    Steam Warriors use Steam as an energy source. Due to obvious reasons I cannot test this idea and can only design the very basic function of this energy system.

    To describe this system briefly : Steam is like rogue’s Energy, with the difference that using an ability does not instantly consume steam but adds a degenerating effect to the steam reserves which lasts for a few seconds. Also, using abilities requires a certain amount of steam power to be stored in the energy bar. This is called Steam Pressure.

    Steam Pressure indicates how much steam power you have in your steam bar, anywhere between 10% to 40% is considered low steam pressure, 41% to 70% is considered normal pressure and anywhere above that is considered high pressure.

    Executing certain powerful abilities require you to have high steam pressure and they leave stronger degeneration effects on your steam tank, basic attacks require low pressure or more to be executed and don’t consume your tank that much and normal attacks require medium or higher steam pressure and leave normal degeneration effects.

    If you reach below 10% you cannot use any abilities save some utility ones, once the pressure reaches 1% if you still have a degeneration effect it will be removed, and you have to wait for your steam pressure to rise again.

    But steam regeneration is not as fast as energy regeneration, there are 3 ways to get steam power. One is through normal regeneration, which is slow. Two is from using the ability “Combustion” which supplies extra fuel to heat up the steam engines boilers, which in turn speeds up regeneration rate for a certain time. And three is via using a CD which instantly adds 20-30% steam pressure to the tank. Degeneration effects stack up to 10 times but their counter does not reset each time you use an ability, it removes a stack each time the counter reaches zero, combustion on the other hand stacks up only 3 times but each time you use it you also reset the counter, the effect itself disappears once the counter reaches zero no matter how many stacks it has. The duration of combustion effect alone is longer than the degeneration effect and it is also stronger, but at 7 or more stacks the degeneration effect starts to gain the upper hand.

    This can lead up to some interesting gameplay strategies where a tank has to watch for his steam pressure, needs to use combustion from time to time to keep it’s steam pressure on the desired level and has to avoid spamming multiple abilities one after another. And because each ability adds degeneration they have to be careful with their energy consumption rate.

    Important Features : Steam Warriors rely on several factors to fulfil their role as tanks. I’ve used these mechanics before on my Golemology spec but came to realization that pet tanks are just too much trouble for WoW. So I salvaged the gameplay idea and used it for my Steam Warrior idea.

    1) Defense Matrix : Steam Warriors have an aura called Defense Matrix, it’s a system that gives those around the Steam Warrior some benefits that prolongs their survival. Read the abilities section for details.

    2) Ricochet and Absorbtion : Steam Suits are built from durable material, they have a chance to fully absorb normal attacks and also a separate chance to reflect normal ranged attacks towards the nearest enemy. Absorbtion is a very useful feature for tanking, as it enhances Steam Warriors' survivability in dangerous encounters. Absorbtion chance depends on your mastery rate. Ricochet is a mechanism to protect Steam Warriors from ranged enemies, but unlike Absorbtion it does not benefit from Mastery.

    4) Armor : Steam Suits have a lot of armor. which in turn reduces attack damage.

    5) No Parries, Blocks or anything else that other tanks have to worry about. You do not have to face your enemies in order to tank them properly, you do not receive extra damage when an enemy is behind you. This lack of defense mechanism is compensated by Absorbtion Chance which has a chance to absorb any normal hit regardless of the direction it came from.

    : Steam Warfare Ability List :

    Red = Active Abilities
    Orange = Passive Abilities
    Pink = Effects OR Mastery

    Sucker Punch : instantly punches the enemy, dealing X damage. Requires low pressure. Grants one fuel consumption.

    Sweeping Punch : Swings the arms and attacks up to 3 enemies infront of the tinker in a 160° radius for X damage. Requires low pressure, Grants two fuel consumption.

    Ground Slam : Slams the fists into the ground and damage up to 6 enemies around the tinker within close range for X damage and reduces enemy attack damage by Y% for 8 seconds. Requires medium pressure, Grants 2 fuel consumption.

    Uppercut (Talent) : Swings the fist upward, sending the target flying in the air and knocks them out. Interrupts spellcasting. Requires low pressure. Grants 1 fuel consumption.

    Target Lock : locks on an enemy, increasing hit chance by X and attack speed by Y% against the locked target. Lasts until canceled.

    Trampling Charge : Charges towards the locked target, trampling up to 3 targets who stand between the tinker and the destination. roots the target in place for 3 seconds. Requires high pressure. Grants 3 fuel consumption.

    Graphical representation of Defense Matrix.

    Defense Matrix (Passive) : an aura envelops party and raid members within a protective aura.
    • While within this aura a portion of threat generated by up to 3 allies who have most threat is redirected towards the tinker.
    • Damage received from AoE attacks is reduced by 5% but up to X damage can be negated for each ally.
    • Increases party or raid member’s armor by X.
    • Every 5 seconds the passive abily “Bodyguard” is charged and the weakest ally is automatically protected against a blow.

    Bodyguard (passive) : Automatically causes the tinker to deflect a normal blow made against the raid or party member with the lowest health. After a blow is deflected the tinker must wait another 5 seconds to use the passive ability again.

    Siege Mode : Enters siege mode and becomes stationary for 6 seconds, while stationary the tinker starts to slam their fists onto the ground. Dealing X damage to all enemies around the tinker every 2 seconds and knocks them back with every tick. Requires medium pressure. Grants 2 fuel consumption.

    Steam Leap: Unleashes the steam power out to propel the tinker onto the air and land on the selected location. Requires medium pressure. Grants 2 fuel consumption.

    Iron Man (effect) : Whenever the tinker absorbs a blow they get a stack of Iron Man, up to 10 Iron Man stacks can be gained. Iron Man stacks can be consumed by either Hulking Champion or Hulking Death Machine abilities.

    Hulking Champion : Consumes every stack of Iron Man and boosts the defense matrix in return for 10 seconds.

    • Increases armor bonus by X for each stack.
    • Increases AoE damage reduction by X% for each stack.
    • Also, If more than 5 stacks of Iron Man is consumed, Hulking Champion grants 3 allies with the least health a chance to fully absorb damage dealt to them. Chance to absorb is X% per stack. Blows absorbed by friendly players do not grant the tinker Iron Man stacks.

    Hulking Death Machine : Consumes every stack of Iron Man and boosts the offensive capabilities of the tinker for 10 seconds.

    • Increases passive steam regeneration by X per stack.
    • Increases tinker’s damage by X per stack.
    • Increases tinker’s haste by X per stack.
    • If more than 5 stacks of Iron Man are consumed The Old One Two's chance of extra attack is increased by X% per stack.

    Ricochet (passive): Normal ranged attacks made from more than X radius of tinker will bounce off and hit the nearest enemy within X radius of tinker and deal 75% of original damage, up to Y damage can be dealt in each Ricochet. Ricochet can happen once every 5 seconds.

    Charged Armor : Charges the exterior surface of the suit for 6 seconds and has 3 charges. Charges are consumed when harmful spells are cast or melee attacks are performed on the tinker. Requires medium pressure, Grants 2 fuel consumption.

    • For Spells : Reflects the harmful spells cast on the tinker. Up to one spell cast from the same enemy can be Reflected back at him every 3 second.

    • For Melee Attacks : Electrocutes the target, slowing their movement speed and absorbs their attack. Up to X damage can be absorbed. Electrocuted targets have a chance to be stunned. Up to one melee attack performed by the same enemy can cause electrocution every 3 seconds.

    (This is to avoid fast hitting enemies from consuming the charged armor quickly and to enable the tinker to use this ability against several enemies in crowded battle situations.)

    Combustion : adds extra fuel to the engine, which increases tinker’s steam regeneration by X steam per second. Stacks up to 3 times, The stack timer is reset whenever combustion is used. (it does not add up like monk’s shuffle ability). Combustion has a 15 second cooldown and the ability itself has 2 stacks meaning it can be used 2 times in row. Combustion lasts for 10 seconds.

    Back-up Reserves : Adds the emergency steam reserves into the main tank, instantly adding 20% steam pressure to your bar. has 5 minutes cooldown.

    Steam Bath : Opens pressure valves and engulfs the area around the tinker in hot steam. Incapacitates up to 5 enemies around the tinker for 5 seconds and inflicts them with steam burn. Requires high pressure. Grants 3 fuel consumption.

    Steam Burn (Effect) : Lasts for 15 seconds and deals X damage per 3 seconds. Counts as bleeding effect.

    Propulsive Landing : Slows down falling for 10 seconds.

    Thruster Strike : shoots compressed jet of steam from hand thrusters towards the selected target, dealing X damage and inflicts them with Steam Burn. Requires medium pressure. Grants 2 Fuel Consumption.

    Decisive Blow : A finishing blow that instantly kills non-player targets who have less health than the tinker. Requires Medium Pressure. Grants 3 Fuel Consumption.

    Down But Not Out (passive) : When the tinker's health reaches zero he can choose to come back to life with 20% health within 10 seconds of dying. cannot occur more than once every 20 minutes.

    The Old One Two (passive): Sucker Punch and normal melee attacks have an X% chance be followed by another blow.

    Taunt : Taunts the enemy. causing them to ignore their current target and attack the tinker for 5 seconds. Has 10 seconds cooldown.

    Mastery :
    Steel Superiority : Increases chance to fully absorb a normal attack by X%. When in Steam Fighter suit each point of agility adds Y health and Z armor.

    Fuel Consumption (Effect) : consumes 1 steam pressure every second per stack, each stack lasts for 4 seconds. timer does not reset when new charge is added to the stack.

    Electric Eye (Talent Active) : Sends out a ball of energy forward. stunning enemies that come in contact with it and electrocutes them.

    Colossal Savior (Talent Active) : Charges towards a friendly player and covers them in his/her protective arms. while in this form Steam Warrior and target become stationary, target becomes immune to damage and can be healed by it's allies.

    Flooring Punches (Passive): Upon landing a killing blow on an opponent the Steam Warrior's next auto-attack deals twice the damage and stuns the target for 2 seconds.

    Allies in your corner (Passive) : Upon a successful deflection from the Bodyguard ability the Steam Warrior gets the Allies in the corner buff, which increases his threat towards the enemy whose blow was deflected and reduces damage received from the same target by 5%.

    Guards Down (Passive) : Steam Warrior strikes when enemies' guards are down. critical strike chance is increased by 10% and critical strike damage is increased by 20% against enemies affected by Steam Burn, Electrocution, stun and other CC effects.

    Pulling No Punches (Passive) : Punch-based abilities consume less steam resource when steam pressure is below 50%.

    Rolling with the punches (Passive) : any direct damage which surpasses 10% of Steam Warrior's total health will deal the damage totalling 10% of the Steam Warriors' health instantly and the rest will be dealt to the Steam Warrior in form of a 5 seconds DoT.

    Off with the Gloves (Passive): Steam Warrior deals 15% more damage and receives 15% less damage when health reaches below 30%.

    Skin Sensitivity (Passive): Steam Burn increases damage from Sucker Punches.

    Besieged (Passive): decreases healing done to enemies around the Steam Warrior while Siege Mode is active.

    2) Automation :

    Overview :

    Automaton Tinkers have spent many years trying to master one of the greatest dreams of any engineer : to create a fully functioning machination with self-awareness. Automatic creations are scattered throughout Azeroth in vast numbers, from Golems and Turrets to to mechano-pets and other machines with self-awareness. Automation is not a new or alien concept in WoW.

    Automaton tinkers are considered a pet-ranged DPS class.

    The new generation of automation creators have made a few changes to their gadgets which distinguishes them from their older counter-parts (Classic Tinkers)which has resulted in increased efficiency in combat situations.

    Appearance :

    Automaton tinkers carry a device on their backs which allows them to construct their creations and deploy them once it’s completed. The appearance of this device differs for each race :

    • Gnomes, Dwarves and Goblins devices has a pair of big mechano hands. These 3 races have the biggest device model among all other races.

    • Humans and Orcs use a single crudely-built mechanical arm.

    • Draenei and Blood Elves use a special crystal-powered device to construct other creations, their device has a more magical touch to it than other races.

    • Pandaren use less metal in their craftwork and their devices have a “Pandaria” theme to them.

    • Forsaken devices contain a single skeletal hand, their devices in general appear necrotic in nature.

    Here's a picture which can give you an idea of how Drones and other mechanical devices can look like in a game like WoW.
    The new Automaton mechano-hand is not lever operated and is instead operated by voice commands. This is to free the tinker’s hands to use his gun and other skills while the mechano-hand does the construction.

    The addition of these "mechanical hands" might look quite time-consuming to design and implement, but they are not. many NPCs carry stuff similar to "backpacks" the most vivid of them in my mind are the gnome mobs from ICC who carried blue devices on their backs. mechano-hands can use the same mechanic, the animations of a mechano-hand model can be independant from the tinker character.

    Mechanics :

    Automation tinkers, like Steam Warriors, put on their backpack the same way druids shapeshift into other forms. mechanic-wise Automations will enter a form, or a mode, which causes them to put on and carry a mechano-hand on their back. while Automation tinkers do not necessarily need to be in this form to use their abilities backpack allows them to create their creations without having to wait through that certain creation's cast time (more on this below) also they will get bonuses to their stats and will also receive passive benefits vital to their performance when they enter the mechano-hand mode.

    Pet System :

    Automaton use a special type of pet called Cores. These “Cores”contain an A.I and they are a lot like Cores from Portal. Cores, by themselves, they are not capable of doing much: They are globe-shaped Devices that contain a personality programmed by the tinker and once they’re inserted inside a device they will start to serve the tinker according to that A.I’s charactristics.

    There are two types of Core-powered devices :

    1) Drones : Drones are weaker albeit mobile versions of turrets, each drone provides the tinker with one passive buff and has one auto attack/ability which it auto-casts without tinkers’ control and tinkers cannot command drones to use their abilities at the tinkers will (Warden Drones are an exception). The upside to Drones is that because they hover around the tinkers and never leave their side they are not counted as a separate object and thus cannot be targeted by enemies.

    (To clarify : they are somehow like the shadow priest orbs or other objects that appears within the boundaries of player model itself.)

    2) Turrets : Stronger but stationary version of Drones. Turrets upgrade the passive bonus that Drones provided into a stronger buff which affects an entire group. Their auto-cast ability is still not controllable by the tinker but Turrets have an additional ability which they will only use by their master’s command.

    Ammunition :

    Auto-cast abilities that Drones and Turrets use consumes “ammunition”, Drones have a maximum of 1 ammunition stack while Turrets can have up to 3 ammunition stacks. Ammunition stacks require 5 seconds to be refilled. And since these auto-cast abilities have an average of 2.5 seconds cooldown thus it can be said that Drones can only auto-cast their abilities once every 5 seconds while turrets can use their ability 4 times in row before having to wait for a reload.

    There are 4 Drone/Turret variants:

    1) Guardian (Tank)

    2) Mender (Healer)

    3) Sentry (Damage Dealer)

    4) Warden (Crowd Control Accessible by choosing the related talent perk.)

    Graphical representation of Turret/Drone functionality and their differences. NOTE: Recon is scrapped and is replaced by Warden, Mender is the new name for Nurse.

    Stations :

    There’s also a third type of automaton creations called Stations, Stations are not operated by Cores. Stations do not provide the tinker with any passive bonuses nor do they have any auto-cast abilities, but they allow tinker to use a powerful ability which has a 20 minute cooldown. Each station has a different ability thou all of them share the global cooldown.

    There are 4 Station variants:

    1) Radar Station (Detector)

    2) Missle Station (AoE Damage Dealer)

    3) Drone Factory (AoE Crowd Control)

    4) Teleport Station (Accessible by choosing the related talent perk.)

    Creation Limits:

    Each Automaton Tinker is limited to have 2 active Drones simultaneously. He can then use one of the said Drones to construct a Turret. Tinkers can have only 1 Turret and Station out simultaneously.

    Construction Process:

    Automation Tinkers build their creations via their mechano-hands. What happens is that once the “Create X” button is pressed the mechano-hand starts to build the creation, which usually takes 2 seconds for Drones and 3 seconds Turrets and Stations. Mechano-hand construction happens independently and will not be canceled by movement or interruptions. Once the creation is finished the construction button will glow blue, Players can deploy the creation by pressing the same button again. Players can then choose where they wish the creation to be deployed, Players can use a glyph to make the mechano-hand deploy the creation instantly near the player. Drones are deployed instantly without the tinker having to choose a ground for their deployment.

    Graphical representation of the construction process.


    For those who are interested in seeing how the spec is supposed to function and what the power balance between automaton creations is distributed.

    Automation performance is supposed to be devided between himself and his creations :

    40% of class performance is done by the tinker, that means direct-cast DPS abilities and normal attacks.

    40% of class performance is done by Drones, 20% for each Drone.

    20% of class performance is done by Stations/Passive/other Tinker skills.

    Turrets have the capability to take up to 30% of class performance. But since they are not suitable in situations in which Tinker has to move most of the time they’re not counted as a fixed part of tinker’s performance. Whenever they’re summoned they will increase drone/turret performance to 50%.

    : Energy+Control Resource:

    Automation tinkers use Energy as main resource system along with a mini-resource system called Control.
    Energy is used by abilities executed directly by tinker. These include use of special bullets and grenades and other abilities that tinkers directly execute.

    Control is used when tinkers directly order their creations to use an ability. These orders include construction orders, Turret and Station abilities.

    Control Points are represented as Cogwheels below the energy bar.

    Energy regenerates normally but control is gained from 3 ways :

    1) Using the Brainstorm ability : Brainstorm is an instant-cast ability that converts energy into control points. More on that in the ability section.

    2) Drones : each drone increases your control point generation by 0.25 per second. Having 2 drones out simultaneously awards you with a control point every 2 seconds. Turrets don’t give any control points.

    3) Talent : you can choose a talent which gives you a control point every time you kill an enemy that yields honor or experience. Cannot occur more than once every 3 seconds.

    Tinker-issued abilities which are executed by Turrets are called “commands” while those executed by the mechano-hand are called “constructions”.

    Most command or construction abilities uses 1 control point, Powerful abilities along with station abilities use 2. A maximum of 4 control points can be had. (can be talented to 5)

    : Automation Ability List :

    Blue = Pet Abilities
    Red = Active Abilities
    Orange = Passive Abilities
    Pink = Effects OR Mastery
    Green = Stances / Activatable Abilities

    Drone Abilities : Drone abilities are either passive or buffs targeting the tinker that owns the drone.

    1) Guardian Drone :

    Forcefield (Pet Active): Creates a forcefield around the tinker that absorbs up to X damage done to the tinker, lasts 5 seconds. (Consumes Ammunition)

    2) Sentry Drone :

    Auto-Attack (Pet Active): Shoots a projectile at the enemy the tinker is currently targeting. Attack deals X damage. (Consumes Ammunition)

    Mark Target (Pet Passive): the Enemy which is targeted by tinker will be marked, Increasing tinker’s normal damage against the target by X%.

    3) Mender Drone :

    Healing Spray (Pet Active): Sprays a painkiller gel on the tinker’s wounds, healing the tinker for 20% of it’s total health in 10 seconds. (Consumes Ammunition)

    Combat Nurse (Pet Passive) : Increases healing done to the tinker by 5%.

    4) Warden Drone :

    Drill Sargeant (Pet Passive) : Warden actively monitors the tinker and corrects his shortcomings, every 5 seconds it can remove 1 slow effect or 1 root effects from the tinker.

    Crawl (Pet Command) : Tinker will throw the Warden Drone at an enemy, The Drone will stick and then crawl on the enemies back. while stuck to the enemy it will prevent them from casting abilities or attacking. their movement will also be reduced by 50%. lasts for 4 seconds. Consumes 2 Controls.

    Turret Abilities :Turrets in general have more abilities compared to their Drone counterparts, They also have ammunition storage of 3 which makes them able to rapidly use their abilities at the start of a fight. Their powerful abilities are the ones directly issued by the tinker.

    1) Guardian Turret :

    Forcefield (Pet Active) : Turret Forcefield will target allied players too. (Consumes Ammunition)

    Distracting Zap (Pet Command) : Turret will channel an uninterruptable stream of electricity towards the enemy attacking the tinker. Dealing no damage but generating a great deal of threat, but to 2 enemies can be zapped at once. Channeling lasts for 3 seconds. Consumes 1 Control.

    Stasis Field (Pet Command) : turret will consume all it’s energy reserves and creates a indestructible stasis field around a friendly target. While inside the stasis field the affected target cannot move, attack, or cast anything. Affected target can cancel the effect by right clicking on the stasis effect. Stasis field also prevents the target from being healed. Stasis field lasts for 6 seconds or until the turret is destroyed or disabled. Once the stasis field is over the turret will be destroyed. Consumes 2 Controls.

    2) Sentry Turret :

    Auto-Attack (Pet Active): Shoots a projectile at the enemy the tinker is currently targeting. Attack deals X damage. (Consumes Ammunition)

    Mark Target (Pet Command): tinker issues the turret to mark the enemy selected by the tinker. All raid or party members will deal X% more damage to that target. Consumes 1 Control.

    Heated Shot (Per Command) : tinker issues the turret to fire a single powerful shot at the targeted enemy. Deals X damage. Consumes 1 Control.

    3) Mender Turret :

    Healing Spray (Pet Active): Activates when friendly players right click on the turret. Once clicked the turret sprays a painkiller gel on the players’ wounds, healing the ally for 20% of the tinker’s total health in 10 seconds. (Consumes Ammunition)

    Combat Nurse (Pet Passive) : Increases healing done to the nearby party or raid members by 5%.

    Vaccinating Gas (Pet Command) : Sprays an area selected by the tinker with Vaccinating Gas, removing either a disease or poison effect from up to 3 friendly players. Consumes 2 Controls.

    4) Warden Turret :

    Drill Sargeant (Pet Passive) : Warden actively monitors party or raid members near it and corrects their shortcomings, every 5 seconds it can remove 1 slow effect or 1 root effects from up to 4 friendly players near it.

    Suppression (Pet Command) : Sends a suppressive heat wave towards the enemy chosen by the tinker. Slowing the target and up to 2 additional enemies located in that direction. Consumes 1 Contol.

    Station Abilities : Stations do not have any abilities by themselves but they allow the Tinker to use the ability “Calldown”. Calldown’s function changes depending on what Station you have out.

    1) Radar Station (Detector)

    Calldown : Radar Scan (Pet Active) : Scans the selected area and reveals stealthed enemies. Consumes 3 Controls. has a 5 minute cooldown.

    Map Track (Pet Effect) : Radar Scan marks nearby enemies in the tinker’s minimap. Tinkers can use the tracking button near the minimap to choose what they wish to track. Enemy players can also be tracked.

    2) Missle Station (AoE Damage Dealer)

    Calldown : Missle Barrage (Pet Active) : Showers an area in missles and deals X damage to enemies within that area every 2 seconds. Damaged enemies will be inflicted with shellshock. Missle barrage lasts for 6 seconds. Consumes 3 Controls.

    Shellshock (Effect): receives increased damage from frag grenades. Lasts for 6 seconds.

    3) Drone Factory (AoE Crowd Control)

    Calldown : Drone Mayhem (Pet Active) : Sends a horde of cheap and malfunctioning Drones to create chaos. Drone Mayhem slows enemy movement speed by 25% and stuns anyone who uses dispels. Inflicts enemies who cast healing abilities with a debuff that reduces their spell power and disarms those who use melee attacks in that area. Lasts for 6 seconds. Consumes 3 Controls.

    4) Teleport Station (Accessible by choosing the related talent perk.)

    Calldown : Teleport (Pet Active) : Teleports the tinker back to the teleport station. Consumes 3 Controls. has a one minute cooldown.

    Paired Teleporting : In addition raid or party members can click on the teleport station once they’re at melee range. Once clicked players will channel a spell called “Pairing” which lasts 5 seconds. Once finished, players will get a buff called “Paired” which allows them to be teleported to the station whenever they click on the station. This teleport ability cannot occur more than once every 15 seconds. Up to 5 friendly players can be Paired.

    Paired (Effect) : Allows the affected player to teleport to the friendly station upon clicking on it. Lasts for 10 minutes.

    Automation Tinker Abilities :

    Rounds :

    All Tinkers have the ability to switch ammunition of their weapons to enhance their normal ranged attacks, the only class that seems to not need them is the Steam Warrior who uses a suit to fight and cannot use their guns. But even Steam Warriors have access to these abilities outside their suits. In addition, Automation and Chemist specs have rounds which are “exclusive” to those specs.

    Hollow Point Rounds (Stance): Deals 5% more damage and inflicts the target with Shellshock.

    Armor Piercing Rounds (Stance): Ignores 10% of the Armor.

    Shock Rounds (Automation-only Stance): Electrocutes enemies and Deals extra damage against Mechanical NPCs. Has a chance to stun mechanical enemies for 2 seconds.

    Explosive Rounds (Stance): Deals damage to enemy and allies standing very close to them, Allies around the enemy receive 25% of the damage.

    Grenades : With the possible removal of bombs from engineering I’ve decided to include 3 Grenade abilities to the tinker’s DPS rotation. They’ll have cooldowns though. Thus they’re not supposed to be spammed. These Grenades are not hand-thrown grenades but are rather launched from the tinker’s weapon.

    Like weapon rounds, Grenades can be used by all tinker specs but Chemists and Automations have their own special grenades. most grenades have a timer after which they will detonate but tinker grenades can be glyphed to detonate right after impact at the cost of tinker getting a cast time for grenades which wont be interrupted by movement.

    Frag Grenade (Active): throws a Frag Grenade at a selected area which explodes after 2 seconds of landing. Deals a total of X damage which is divided between 4 enemies in the selected area, less enemies in the selected area means more damage done to each individual. Enemies damaged by Frag Grenade get the Fragged debuff. (cooldown 5 seconds)

    Fragged (Effect): Increases chance of tinker scoring a critical hit on the affected enemy.

    Tear Gas (Active): Throws a Tear Gas at the selected area which instantly fills that area with incapacitating gas. Enemies who stand in that area are inflicted with Eye Burn and get their damage done reduced by 5% every 2 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times. Tear Gas lasts for 7 seconds and its effect lasts for 10 seconds. (cooldown 15 seconds)

    Eye Burn (Effect): reduces attack damage by 5% for each stack.

    Shock Grenade (Automation-Only Active): throws a Shock Grenade at a selected area which explodes instantly upon landing. Does not deal damage to non-mechanical enemies but interrupts and electrocutes them for 5 seconds. Shock Grenade deals X damage to mechanical enemies and disables them for 7 seconds. The damage that Shock Grenade deals to mechanical enemies is much stronger than a Frag Grenade. (cooldown 30 seconds and shares cooldown with Flash Grenade)

    Flash Grenade (Talent-Acquired Active): Accessible by selecting the related talent. User will throw a Flash Grenade at a selected area. Flash Grenade explodes after 3 seconds of landing in the selected area. Upon explosion Flash Grenade does not deal damage but incapacitates up to 4 enemies for 5 seconds. (cooldown 30 seconds and shares cooldown with Shock Grenade)

    Machine Stances :

    In addition of bullet rounds, Automation tinkers can choose between three stances. Machine Commander, Machine Synthesis and Machine Vigilance. Machine Commander increases turret and drone ammo regen rate. Machine Synthesis increases tinker's haste and Machine Vigilance increases tinker's defenses. Machine Stances work similar to hunter aspects, meaning that you can just activate them via abilities from your spellbook. (as opposed to warrior stances which are located above your actionbar)

    Machine Commander (Stance): Activates Machine Commander, lasts until deactivated. Automatically deactivates Machine Synthesis and removes its’ benefits.

    Machine Commander (Effect): Command abilities give the tinker a charge of Machine Commander, Machine Commander increases tinker creations’ reload speed by 5%. Up to 5 stacks of Machine Commander can be had. Machine Commander Lasts for 3 seconds and every command adds another 3 seconds to it’s timer.

    Machine Synthesis (Stance) : Activates Machine Synthesis, lasts until deactivated. Automatically deactivates Machine Commander and removes its’ benefits.

    Machine Synthesis (Effect): Command abilities give the tinker a charge of Machine Synthesis, Machine Synthesis increases tinker’s haste by X% per stack. Up to 5 stacks of Machine Synthesis can be had. Machine Synthesis lasts for 3 seconds and every command adds another 3 seconds to it’s timer.

    Machine Vigilance (Stance) : Command abilities give the tinker a charge of Machine Vigilance, Machine Vigilance automatically disables Machine Synthesis or Commander and removes their benefits.

    Machine Vigilance (Effect): Reduces damage done to tinker by X% for every stack and increases Rear Guard parry chance by Y% for each stack. Additionally if tinker is sapped or feared while having 5 stacks of Machine Vigilance all 5 stacks will be consumed to nullify the CC effect.

    Control Mechanical NPCs :

    Automation Tinkers have an ability similar to the Warlocks' ability ( allows them to take control of a demon npc) the difference is that tinkers -capture- the mechanical NPC for later use. Automation Tinkers can capture a mechanical NPC and then summon them via a special ability. this ability acts similar to the monk's "Summon Tiger Pet" ability. The captured mechanical NPC will be summoned in a smaller scale to serve the tinker for 45 seconds, thou each tinker can have different captured machines their abilities remain the same. more details about this ability will be written soon.

    Control Machine (Active): Uses a control rod to capture a mechanical enemy to be used later. Some mechanical enemies cannot be captured.

    Unleash Machine (Active): Unleashes the captured mechanical enemy to act as a temporary pet for 45 seconds. This mechanical pet has a high burst damage.

    Rear Guard (Passive): Mechanical Hand has a X% chance to parry attacks made from behind.

    Refill Ammo (Active): Converts 20 energy to give the active turret one ammunition.

    Bouncing Benny (Active) : Plants a Bouncing Benny on the selected ground. Bouncing Benny explodes when enemies come near it. Inflicts enemies with Fragged upon explosion.

    Brainstorm (Active): Consumes 20 energy to get 1 control.

    Suppressive Fire (Channeled): Tinker rapidly fires at a targeted enemy. Rapid Fire is a channeling ability which persists in movement. But the tinker must be facing the target during the channeling duration. Suppressive Fire lasts 5 seconds and deals X damage every second. causes extra damage to shell shocked enemies.

    Grab/Throw (Talent Active): Mechano Hand grabs the target, once grabbed the related action button will change to another ability called "Throw" which throws the target towards the selected location. lasts for 3 seconds.

    Electric Eye (Talent Active) : Sends out a ball of energy forward. stunning enemies that come in contact with it and electrocutes them.

    More abilities will be added.


    3) Chemistry :

    Info :

    Chemists are different in theme from their Alchemist brothers, I took the idea why reading about modern and ancient Chemistry and how modern Chemists started to appear. Chemist tinkers do not seek to transmute anything to gold or create any elixirs, they specialize in creating sophisticated chemical agents for either harmful or beneficial purposes. Their main role is healing but , like disc priests, they can become a hybrid dps/heal class with main focus on healing.

    Chemistry is a rather new study in Tinker’s Academy, and it first came to their attention when random groups and individuals started to use chemical agents to cause widespread devastation. Such as the scourge plague and recently the forsaken plague. Realizing that global powers will surely pay handsomely to have a counter for these devastating dirty weapons, Some Tinkers have started to study Chemistry.

    The idea of chemistry as an academical study first started during the plague infestation of Lordaeron. A Branch was formed to study poisons, plagues, diseases and even harmful magical effects and counter them with strong healing and immunizing agents.

    Chemists reffer to this extra-strong healing material as Medicinal Gel. The effectiveness of this gel improved over time, it can now regenerate lost tissues in matter of minutes or even seconds. Medicinal Gel is the standard healing gel used by Tinkers.

    Chemists have also studied methods of administering this gel in battlefields, due to the gel's incredible speed at healing the wounded. They have managed to create special bullets to deliver this life-saving gel.

    Chemists heal by using special weapon rounds that resemble today's paintballs. they are the only spec able to heal their allies using their weapon's "auto-fire" ability. Chemists also use syringes and special darts to deliver other substances be it hazardous or beneficial.

    Unlike Steam Warriors and Automation tinkers Chemists do not have a special mode for healing. their bullets and grenades drain Gas Reserves, which is their resource system.

    Mechanics :

    Chemists are a mostly instant-cast class which relies on auto-attacks and AoE heals to heal. their heals are a combination of HoTs and stacks, thou they also have instant heal abilities. They can also CC and have useful escape mechanics. for damage they also rely on keeping malicious stacks on enemies which will deal damage to them as well as spreading to other enemies once a certain stack is reached. Most of their abilities are weak at first but will become very powerful if combined with other abilities and/or enough stack is reached.

    Features :

    * Normal attacks can either be used to target and heal friendlies or target enemies and deal damage to them.

    * Grenades provide AoE heals or DoTs.

    * Shots are the main part of a Chemists' dps rotation. Chemists can shoot special darts containing either hazardous or benefitial substances.

    * Drugs are small-time buffs that Chemists can provide for themselves or their fellow party and raid members.

    * Chemists have a living slime, which is used as their pet. Slimes will either assist the chemist with healing or help them deal damage depending on which slime type the Chemist has chosen to summon.

    * Chemists use Gas Reserves. the potency of their abilities depends on the amount of Gas Reserves they have when casting an ability.

    :Gas Resource:

    Chemist use Gas Reserves as resource. the function of which is a bit complex but once the player gets the hang of it it'll be very rewarding.

    Gas Reserves is a bar very similar to Mana. but unlike Mana it's color can be changed by player in order to buff up certain abilities at the cost of weakening another set of abilities.

    Gas Colors :

    Chemists use a gas tank which they use to create various substances. For easier recognition Chemists have learned to use colors to detect what sort of gas they currently have stored inside their tanks.

    At start Chemists start with a full gas tank. the color of which is white. But can choose to replace white with other gases which are more beneficial.

    There are 3 gas colors :

    1) Blue

    Blue Gas has more benefitial effects. Blue increases potency of healing abilities by 30% and reduces potency of damaging abilities by 50%.

    2) Red

    Red Gas has more hazardous effects. Red increases potency of damaging abilities by 30% and reduces potency of healing abilities by 50%.

    3) Yellow

    Yellow Gas contains a bit of both. Yellow increases potency of healing and damaging abilities by 15%.

    NOTE ) White is a neutral gas with no benefits. it is the default gas in the tank.

    So, Chemists start with white gas in their tanks. they can add either red, yellow or blue gasses to their tank depending on what role they plan to perform.

    How Gas System Works :

    Chemists start with full gas, gas regeneration rate is pretty much like mana regeneration. However, as the gas tank starts to empty up the potency of abilities also starts to fade. All abilities have 10% more efficiency at above 50% gas reserves but will perform normally below 50% gas reserves. at 10% gas reserves they'll perform 80% weaker but will cost no gas reserves and many abilities will not have long cooldowns. also, during this cycle gas is regenerated at a faster rate.

    Chemists are designed to be a durable healing spec. they start off strong and in the middle of the fight their potency normalizes, when they're about to run out of gas they become energy-efficient and will continue to perform albeit with weaker efficiency. they never face resource starvation in the middle of fight but rather enter a period during which their spells perform weaker but will cost no gas.

    This period lasts for 10 seconds or until they get their gas reserves up to 30% again after which they can perform normally again.

    Chemist performance works like this :

    1) Battle initiates and Chemists start to cast abilities.

    2) Abilities are 10% more potent until gas reserves hit 50%.

    3) Abilities will start to work with no bonus until gas reserves hit 10%.

    4) At 10% abilities will cost no gas but will perform 50% weaker until reserves rise to 30%. Gas regeneration rate speeds up.

    5) Chemist starts to spam abilities because they cost no gas in order to compensate for weak efficiency.

    6) Repeat from step 3.

    Chemist heals are weaker compared to other classes however they're intended to perform better during very long or very short fights. Also the gas color system is intended to limit a chemists' performance during a fight, those who favor healing choose blue and those who wish to deal damage choose red. Yellow is for Chemists who wish to have a hybrid role or are playing solo (questing for example).

    : Chemistry Ability List :

    Blue = Pet Abilities
    Red = Active Abilities
    Orange = Passive Abilities
    Pink = Effects OR Mastery
    Green = Stances/Activatable Abilities

    Grenades :

    Chemist grenades provide DoT and HoT effects, These grenades consume gas reserves.

    Healing Grenade (Active) : Throws a Grenade containing healing gas at a location. The grenade explodes instantly and releases a blue cloud which heals up to 6 people for X% of tinker’s health every second. healing gas increases the healing provided by Medicinal Gel by a slow bit. The cloud lasts for 5 seconds.

    Tar Grenade (Active): Throws a Grenade containing sticky tar. The grenade explodes instantly and slows enemies down in the selected location for 9 seconds. Tar Grenade reduces movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds, 50% in the next 3 seconds and 25% in the last 3 seconds.

    Poison Grenade (Active): Throws a Grenade containing Poison clouds which explodes after 2 seconds. Poison Gas inflicts Hazardous Exposure to every enemy who stands in that area for more than 2 seconds. Cloud lasts for 6 seconds.

    Sprays :

    Poison Spray (Active) : Sprays the area infront of tinker in poisonous spray. Posion Spray Inflicts Hazardous Exposure to up to 3 enemies. Enemies already exposed will receive an additional stack of Hazardous Exposure.

    Hazardous Exposure (Effect): Deals X damage every 2.5 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times and lasts for 10 seconds.

    Fear Spray (Talent Active) : Sprays the area infront of tinker in fear gas. Enemies exposed to fear gas will run away in fear for 6 seconds. Up to 3 targets will be affected.

    Healing Gas Spray (Talent Active) : Sprays the area infront of tinker in healing gas. Healing allies infront for X% in 5 seconds. up to 3 allies can be affected. affected allies receive 10% more healing from Medicinal Gel.

    Rounds :

    Chemist bullets drains gas reserves. The mechanic works out this way :

    Rounds can be used either manually or automatically, Chemists can set them on autocast so whenever the effect runs out Chemist will autocast them. they are instant cast and can be used while an ability is being cast or channeled. Rounds will affect your next 5 auto-attacks.

    Plague Rounds (Stance): Enemies hit with Infected Rounds receive X% damage every second via Bio-Engineered Plague. Lasts for 3 seconds and stacks up to 10 times. At 10 stacks the enemy will become fully contagious and will inflict nearby enemies with the same disease every 2 seconds.

    Bio-Engineered Plague (Effect): *an effect gained from being hit with Infected Rounds. Gains stack with every Infected Rounds hit or from nearby friendlies who have 10 stacks of Infected Rounds.

    Medical Gel Rounds (Stance) : Medical Gel rounds do not contain metal-tipped bullets but instead carry gels. Think of them as paintball bullets which don’t harm the friendlies (much) and instead cover them in healing substances.

    Upon switching to Medical Gel Rounds tinker will no longer be able to hit enemies with normal auto-attacks. But can instead target friendly units and “auto-attack” them instead. The attacks will create a weak effect on them at first but it becomes stronger with each hit, this is the main source of Chemist heals.

    Medicial Gel (Effect): Heals for X% of tinkers total health every second. Lasts for 3 seconds. stacks up to 5 times. Effect timer resets with every hit, Effect will not dissipate when timer reaches zero but instead consumes a stack. effect is removed when the timer reaches zero and only one stack has remained.

    Shots :

    Shots are special ranged abilities that chemists have. They are delivered via darts (if the target is far away) or via sharp needles that chemists have installed on their gloves (Or simply a Syringe).

    Anti-Biotic Shot (Active): Removes *1 disease or poison effect from the target.

    Adrenaline Shot (Active): Instantly heals the target for X amount.

    Unstable Immunizer Agent (Active): Reduces incoming damage by X% and increases healing done to target by Y%. effect lasts for 10 seconds. but leaves Unstable Side-Effects on the target.

    Unstable Side-Effects (Effect): Upon getting struck with a direct attack, target has X% chance (very small chance, like 1%) to transform into a massive monster. Unstable Side-Effects lasts for 30 seconds and stacks up to 3 times.*

    Unstable Mutation (Effect): Reduces incoming attacks on the target by 40% and increases their damage by 10%. Transformation Lasts for 5 seconds.

    Hallucination Shot (Active) : Shoots an enemy with a dart containing hallucination agent. Enemies exposed to this agent will see a targetable spectre of tinker running around them with a fake health, and the real tinker’s health bar appears as friendly. Hallucinating players can still target and attack tinker. Hallucination Shot also changes one ally’s health bar into hostile. Which allows hallucinating players to target and attack them instead, However no damage will be inflicted on the friendly player.*

    Psychosis (Effect): Hallucination Shot causes the victim to enter a Psycotic Episode. during this episode the victim perceives one random party member as an attackable enemy, the said friendly player will get the tinker's model while the tinker receives the opposite, the tinker will appear as an ally but can be attacked nonetheless. only players receive this effect.

    Nerve Depressant Shot (Active) : Shoots an enemy with nerve depressant shot. Reducing their total damage by X% and movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds, if enemy is also inflicted with Nerve stimulant it will be replaced with Nerve Depressant and a Cardiac Stimulation stack is gained.

    Nerve Stimulant Shot (Active) : Shoots an enemy with nerve Stimulant shot. Increasing their damage received by X% for 5 seconds, if enemy is also inflicted with Nerve Depressant it will be replaced with Nerve Stimulant and a Cardiac Stimulation stack is gained.

    Cardiac Stimulation (Effect): Inflicts X% damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. after 5 stacks of Cardiac Stimulation is reached the victim gets a Cardiac Arrest.

    Cardiac Arrest (Effect): Stuns the victim in place and deals X damage to them instantly. Stun Effect lasts for 6 seconds.

    Tranquilizer Shot (Active): Slows the enemy movement speed by 75% for 5 seconds.

    Paradoxical Reaction (Passive):
    Using Nerve Depressant Shot when the victim is inflicted with Tranquilizer Shot will consume the effects of Tranquilizer Shot but the victim gains an additional stack of Cardiac Stimulation. victim becomes immune to Tranquilizer Shot for 6 seconds.

    Plague Shot (Active): Gives the enemy a stack of Bio-Engineered Plague. (Plague Shot is designed to be used by healers who want to keep the plague DoT effect up. Plague Rounds is a better version Plague Shot but switching between Plague and Medicinal Gel rounds takes time, something healers cannot afford in many situations.

    Pet :

    Chemists can summon two types of pets. Both are slimes which chemists create from throwing special vials on the ground. Slimes are made either from medicinal substances or from hazardous substances.

    Medicinal Slime : Healer pet. Medicinal Slime helps the chemist heal allies and even the chemist itself. By devouring friendlies and bursting.

    Devour : Devours a friendly target. While devoured the target can function normally but 50% of damage received will be split between the goo’s healthpool and player’s healthpool. Player will also be healed for X amount every second. *Devour lasts for 6 seconds.

    Mechanics of Devour (Pet): While devoured, friendly target’s model is replaced with the slime pet. The pet model will disappear but the healthpool will remain in place. So, the devoured player can function normally, they can attack, cast spells and move around while inside the slime.

    Goo Burst (Pet): When the Slime’s health reaches 0 (either by direct attacks, by direct order from the Chemist or due to the damage split while Devour is active) it will “burst” and medicinal substances will cover the area around it, giving friendlies a small amount of their health.

    Renewing Fumes (Pet Passive): Allies around the slime receive X healing every 3 seconds.

    Reformation (Pet Passive): Once exploded, the goo will reform after 5 seconds where it died. And will serve the Chemist again.

    Goo Vomit (Talent Pet Active) Slime vomits a high pressure goo which knocks 3 enemies infront of it back for X yards.

    Hazardous Slime : The dangerous version. Hazardous Slime is created from Hazardous substances. They can Devour enemies and explode to deal damage.

    Devour (Pet): Devours an enemy. Same deal with the last Devour but instead of healing them Slime will inflict X damage to them every second. 20% of healing cast on the enemy will also heal the slime (it doesn’t reduce the healing effect). Devour lasts for 5 seconds.

    Poisonous Fumes (Pet Passive): Enemies around the slime receive X damage every 3 seconds.

    Goo Burst (Pet): when enough damage is inflicted or when tinker orders the slime, it will explode and damages enemies around it for X damage instantly. Will inflict Hazardous Exposure.

    Reformation (Pet Passive): Once exploded, the goo will reform after 5 seconds where it died. And will serve the Chemist again.

    Goo Vomit (Talent Pet Active) Slime vomits a high pressure goo which knocks 3 enemies infront of it back for X yards.

    Other Abilities :

    Cauterization (Active): Cauterizes a targeted friendly unit's wounds. removing a bleeding effect.

    Adrenaline Revival (Active): Shoots an adrenaline dart into the chest of a dead ally which resurrects them in the process.

    Electric Eye (Talent Active) : Sends out a ball of energy forward. stunning enemies that come in contact with it and electrocutes them.

    Feign Death(Active) : Injects self with a neuro-toxin that causes the Chemist to appear dead. casting or attacking breaks the effect.

    Changeling (Talent Active) : Chemists' body liquefies into a puddle of goo, in turn Chemists' pet slime will copy it's master's form and grows into an exact copy of the Chemist. to simply put it : Chemist switches places with it's Pet Slime. If Chemists' health bar is below 20% his health will instantly reach 20%.

    Smelling Salts (Active): Wakes up a sapped or incapacitated ally.

    Monstrous Transformation (Talent Active) : Chemist transforms into a monster for 20 seconds. in this mode they will be able to perform only the following abilities : Mutant Leap, Slash, and Smash ability. They will also benefit from the passive ability : Freak Of Nature. This ability turns Chemist into a temporary melee dps which is very useful for soloing content, leveling and certain PvP situations but otherwise useless in pro PvE places like raids.

    Mutant Leap (Active): Leaps unto the selected area, dealing X damage to enemies in that area.

    Slash (Active): Slashes at the target with fists, dealing X damage.

    Smash (Active): Smashes their fists unto the ground, dealing X damage to enemies around the Chemist.

    Freak Of Nature (Passive): Health regenerates at X% per second. Damage received is reduced by Y%.

    Drugs :

    Drugs are small-time buffs that Chemists can provide. But they’re not like regular buffs, Chemists do not inject or administer these buffs directly via single target spells. Instead they’ll cast it on up to 5 people near them, these drugs are not counted as buffs however and they do not replace other buffs unless they're chemist drugs. in addition, they can also put a drug dispenser on a chosen ground. Players can click on the dispenser and receive the drug the dispenser provides. Chemists can choose to create one of the four drug dispensers.

    There are 4 types drugs that dispensers provide:

    Speedy : Increases movement speed *by 20% and haste by 15% for 7 seconds.

    Psycho : Decreases damage received by 7% for 20 seconds.

    Buffer : Increases Damage done by 10% for 10 seconds.

    Aqua : Increases Resource regeneration rate by 5% for 30 seconds.

    at the first 40 levels drugs are only cast on Chemist. but through a passive ability these drug spells will also affect up to 6 allies near the chemist. at +60 they will learn to put drug dispensers on the ground.

    Chemists cannot have all 4 dispensers out at the same time. Dispensers have a 5 minute cooldown. Limit of drug is 1 of each drug per person. Drugs nullify eachother’s effects.

    Chemist is still WIP.


    Glyphs :

    Major :

    Glyph of Combat Leaping : Decreases the cooldown time of Steam Leap.

    Glyph of Flash Vapors : Increases damage of Thruster Strike but it will no longer inflict Steam Burn.

    Glyph of Instant Grenades : Grenades will explode instantly when they reach the target. Grenades will instead receive a cast-time equal to half the amount of time Grenades needed to explode. Casting is not interrupted on movement. Casting starts when player selects the button, so players can choose the ground while the grenade is being prepared.

    Glyph of Rapid Deployment : Turrets and Stations will deploy instantly when their construction is completed. however Turrets will start with 2 ammunition instead of full ammunition.

    Glyph of Bodyguard : Bodyguard no longer deflects normal blows completely but rather decreases damage done to the target by 25%. but it no longer needs to be recharged and will be forever cast on the ally with the least health.

    Glyph of Siege Mode : Siege Mode deals less damage but ticks a second faster. leading to two knock backs instead of 2.

    Glyph of Magic-Deflection : Ricochet now deflects direct damage dealing magic attacks too aswell as ranged weapons. DoTs or CCs or AoEs are not counted as direct magic attacks.

    Glyph of Ricochet : Ricochet can now deflect attacks from any range. but 20% of the damage will get through.

    Glyph of Combustion : Combustion generates fuel at a faster rate but it's cooldown is increased.

    Glyph of Decisive Blow : Decisive Blow no longer has cooldown but it will consume more fuel.

    Glyph of Immortal Creations : Destroyed/unsummoned Turrets will be automatically revived/resummoned as Drones.

    Glyph of Re-Deployment : Grants the Re-Deployment ability.

    Re-Deployment (Active): Allows you to instantly pack/unpack your summoned Turret and Station. Has a 5 minute cooldown.

    Minor :

    Glyph Of Laughting Gas : Critical ticks of Hazardous Exposure causes the enemy to laugh.

    Glyph Of Side Effects : Using chemist drugs while out of combat causes players to hallucinate strange un-targetable creatures around them. Fades away when in combat.

    (To elaborate further : they'll see talking mushrooms, plants etc around themselves. also they'll see some rather bizzare scenes in specific locations. this can lead up to some very funny encounters.)

    Glyph of Improved Slimes : Alters the appearance of Chemist slimes.

    Glyph of Improved Propulsion : Increases the duration of Propulsion Landing by 20 seconds.

    Glyph of Combat Landing : Propulsion Landing inflicts enemies around the tinker with Steam Burns after a successful landing.

    Glyph of Stablized Mutation : Unstable Mutation is replaced with Stable Mutation and no longer causes increase in size.

    Glyph of Hangover : Gives the ability Party Animal Dispenser.

    Party Animal Dispenser: A special drug dispenser. can only be castable while inside a friendly city and out of combat. players who click on the dispencer will channel a 10 second-long spell.

    Party Animal Dispenser (Effect) : after the channeling is complete players will be ported out of the city and enter a small dark place called wonderland. they'll see hostile and ally creatures with silly names. wonderland lasts 5 minutes but players can exit it via right-clicking the effect. after the effect is finished players will be ported back somewhere within one of their capitals (you can cast it on SW and end up in Exodar) followed by some funny dialogues from NPCs around them.

    Glyph of Flying Machine : Replaces the Skygolem support with a small flying machine.

    Glyph of Talking Minions : Drones and Turrets will now speak instead of making clicking noises.
    More Glyphs will be added later.


    Talents: WIP Talents are still not completed, so far I'm merely having fun with the grid maker.

    Class Progression and tactics is also a WIP. It'll describe how and at what level each spec gain it's abilities. It'll also describe how each class can have a unique and user-friendly rotation in each situation.

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    What an awful idea for a class. No thanks. Next...

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    NO NO NO more classes, please..
    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Cata > Legion > MoP > WoD = WotLK

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    NO NO NO more classes, please..
    We're missing a third mail armor class. So there's going to be at least 1 more class in WoW.

    Whether or not its going to be a mechanical/technology class remains to be seen. I don't see much else that is open in terms of design space, or has a connection with Warcraft the way this concept does.

    As for this concept, I quite enjoy it. However, I'm starting to doubt that if Blizzard ever implemented this type of class they would use guns. I think they would follow the WC3/HotS style of Tinker completely, and limit the class to Gnomes and Goblins only.

    That's just my opinion of course. Wonderful class concept regardless.

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