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    I love rogue PvP.
    PvE is a minigame // Rerolled from affly to spriest after 8 years, thx pandaland changes

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    I've played Rogue alot this expansion and I really like it. Rogue and Monk are my two mains at the moment.
    Random Battlegrounds and especially Warsong Gulch are really fun as Rogue.
    In Warsong Gulch I usually wait for the flag to be picked up, follow the flag carrier and whenever he/she is alone or Im able to cc healers/escorts I go all in. In 150-something Warsong Gulches played on my rogue I had over 350 flags returned last time I checked my statistics. My record was returning 12 flags I think in a single Warsong Gulch.
    I love that I as Rogue can actually choose to not get involved in a fight in midfield.

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    Reason I dislike Rogues are because if they fail on initial burst, they'll run around like a headless chicken in hope to survive.

    Though, I love to cheat them. Haha.

    *sets 'Away' marker* - *Rogue sneaks up to ambush* - * turns around, stuns, and nukes to the floor*
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    Basically, the biggest reason I don't play a Rogue is because they're a pure DPS class. I always try to fit my class to what people need, so I usually play a hybrid of some sort.

    I have played Rogue in about every expansion as an alt though, and they're a very fun class to DPS as, in my opinion. But I still main Monk right now since they can tank/heal as well.

    (When I say right now, I mean when I play. Haven't been subslibed for a while.)

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    Well simply~

    Rogue Vanilla with current model hasn't changed at all~

    I saw until now ??? 5/6 friends from my server since we started and somehow we know each other in games 2 rerrol from rogue to any other class simply because ~
    It's 1 class =1 specc~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotcha View Post
    The coward who waits and only attacks when they know they can win.
    That's the best time isn't it? >

    I always hated that about rogues. I'd pull two elites in Tyr's Hand then an undead male rogue would kill me when I was low health.

    But I love rogues. My rogue is an assassin who hunts down evil, or he will be. I hate MOP. I think each spec will feel more unique in WOD.

    Subterfuge was a game breaking talent IMO. Just watching your health drop against an invisible opponent is evil.

    I wish I could be a pala-rogue. A paladin who hunts down evil from the shadows.

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    relatively high rampup time and not great aoe/cleave make them slow to level, can't pull loads of mobs without dying like most other classes either.

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    "Not Enough Energy" is the reason I cant stand playing this class. 3 DPS specs dont help it either.

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    I also agree with each spec feeling similar.

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    Yep, I can agree that I've played a rogue as main since open beta in vanilla and each spec hasn't changed much.

    What they need to do is make things like the character description says.

    You want to be a combat rogue? swashbuckler toe to toe combat that uses 2 slow 1h weapons, can only slip in and out of stealth (think killing spree) revamp SS because it's boring and has a high energy cost. Stealth should only be available in spurts of 10-15 seconds to either use an offensive/defensive move on a target or to slip away from an enemy, but no permanent stealth should be required.

    You want to be a assassination rogue? IMO this is the only rogue spec that should be able to use poisons, thus being able to take things a bit farther...they have envenom that replaces evis, they should have a smoke bomb type move that does poison aoe.....(poison bomb or choking gas??) Have them use a wider variety of poisons that would change in certain a poison that jumps to other targets in a certain range, or applying certain poisons changes how envenom works when used as a finisher. I dunno just a few ideas that have been wandering through my mind for quite some time.

    You want to be a subtlety rogue? benefit from stealth by being able to restealth for x amount of seconds or as soon as you use a stealth only ability. bleeds, use sharpening stones on weapons instead of poisons that inflict a bleed on the target or some kind of buff that makes bleed dots more potent or last longer. Have some type of weapon buff that interacts differently with your skills ie (imbue your mainhand weapon with X that makes your hemo bleed dot also slow movement speed or another that gives your backstab a bleed dot or even allows your to use backstab from the front with a % penality in dmg. Get rid of eviscerate and give sub some new as a finisher IE a 4 sec dot that ticks every second for dmg and also gives you some kind of perk when using backstab/rupture or hemo during the ticks( something like the envenom buff)

    These are just a few ideas, some have more than others and that's because I admit that it is harder to think about different ways to make each spec.

    Anyways don't hate on the ideas because they are just ideas and it would be nice to have a difference in specs. The thing I think Blizz keeps overlooking are trying to think too far outside of the box. Not all rogues need stealth to be rogues. Not all rogues use poisons and not all rogues are sly moving ninja types.

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    "The class with the daggers, my female gnome is a rogue, I play her sometimes"

    That's about it for me *shrugs*
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    -Warrior Wisdom

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    Windwalker Monk gameplay is what Rogue's should of been.

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    WW Monk was made from the Rogue community wishes... Seriously.

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    I used to be an altoholic and have made about nine max level characters throughout expansions since I started playing during BC. I made a rogue during cata and I haven't been able to even touch my other characters let alone make any new ones since then. Something about the playstyle of rogues just clicks for me; it feels very fluid and rewarding for both pvp and pve. There's a finesse that you have to acquire to be able to pull off the crazy stuff you may see other rogues do. I haven't really felt a need for any sort of finesse with the other classes.

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    I have a 90 rogue, they have very high ramp up time. Slice and Dice is a requirement to be up ALL the time and as such leaves them to have poor opening burst because of their dependence on it. Every spec is virtually the same. They're way too reliant on cd's for everything. Burst, defense, mobility. They need to remove half their cooldowns and add a whole lot more base dodge. The energy and combo point system is clunky and out of date. They need something more like windwalker monks, abilities that blend and not just refresh dots, refresh buffs and hit my filler buttons.

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    I've played Rogue for 8 years.
    It's boring to me. I've played them for 8 years, that makes sense - but I've played DK since WotLK came out, too, and I still enjoy playing DK, even though they're (of course people will argue) less complex to play in PvP.

    Rogue hasn't really changed in those 8 years. They've gained and lost abilities, had alterations in their cycles, but really the core buttons you hit in strings hasn't changed, and won't, due to the way Rogue resource works.
    They need more things to work around, and I hope that combo points stacking on them will open Blizzard up to put some more interesting design into how Rogues do their damage.

    But rather than hope Blizzard changes Rogues, I'll hope Blizzard makes Daggers useable (optimally useable; not "useable" like MH dagger for Combat) by WW Monks. It's far more likely; and I can RP that my monk is my rogue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khorm View Post
    Windwalker Monk gameplay is what Rogue's should of been.
    This. I prefer the rogues theme over a monk, but the monk just feels better.

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    They're not interesting enough for my taste. I also don't like playing pure DPS classes just in case I get bored of it and don't want to start a completely different class for healing/tanking.

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    They are generally the hardest to level, they always start off weak and fragile at the beginning of expansions due to scaling, they are melee dps, and most of their damage comes passively. I love the theme of rogue, I almost always go for a stealthy assassin character in RPGs, albeit With bows/guns preferably, but they just don't have much going for them in wow. Rogue was my first main in TBC and I loved it for a time until I really started playing alts. They just really need more active damage and spec identity and less weapon dependence. Their play style doesn't fit in wows large group play either which sucks (AV turtles for example).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gehco View Post
    Reason I dislike Rogues are because if they fail on initial burst, they'll run around like a headless chicken in hope to survive.

    Though, I love to cheat them. Haha.

    *sets 'Away' marker* - *Rogue sneaks up to ambush* - * turns around, stuns, and nukes to the floor*
    And then they blind you--Trinket? Gouge. Bubble? Feint and BoS kite you until it fades.
    Cloak when they're a ways away; then vanish.
    Even if you've got a bleed on them, good luck catching them.

    These fantastical "I kild rog 1 tym' stories are just powertrips, I swear. No decent Rogue would just blow over like that if they wanted to kill an AFKer and it turned into an actual fight. They have more than enough tools to run from every class but Monk.

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