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    Question about long hair for characters

    So I've decided to play GW2 and I'm stuck in character creation because one thing is worrying me. How badly is long hair clipping in this game?

    I love long hair and normally always choose that style for any character I create. However there is always a problem with long hair clipping through armor. I don't mind if it clips through the weapon, but I don't like it if it's obviously clipping through the armor. Are the majority of the more detailed armor sets ones that would have problems with hair clipping?

    I looked at the Argos Soft website for armors, but I cant see an option to not display helms.

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    It really depends on the hairstyle and armor. What you can do is go ahead and create the character, take it to a bank where you can preview all the armors before you bother leveling it.

    For instance, I wear the shoulder length part-on-the-side fem human hair on one of my characters. It's good with most armors but there's one high back should piece that it will clip through if I'm turning rapidly (since the hair has dynamic movement). I've given up trying to make the norn high mounted long pony tail since it clips through most shields while running.
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    From what I experience, not extremely bad. Sure, there are some issues, but I've seen much worse on mmo's. Usually when using a helmet it just removes the hair completely.
    The only clipping issues I have is with things on the back. Usually it goes well with armor, but the clipping usually happens with a weapon on your back or wearing a backpiece.

    I made some screenshots for you once I got a chance XD I'm not home so I had to steal my bf's pc.
    But here you go;

    [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

    Hope this helps you a little :3

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    Thanks for the sceenshots. I'm pretty used to weapons clipping from other games. Seems like I just have to avoid any armor that has a collar that sticks out.

    I'll remember to check out the bank thing too.

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    pfft as if you care..
    its as bad as every other game.. i went with short hair because of the clipping and because the long hair looks kinda weird..
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    It does vary, it never bothered me when shouldering a greatsword or whatnot, but I like shields and having a shield on your back can really interact badly with long hair. Especially noticeable since you'll be staring at it as you run around...

    There are plenty of options though, and aside from the aforementioned "browse armor at level 2", you can also get an ingame item (costs gems/money) that lets you redo your hair/face/whatever. The advantage with the kit is that once you hit 80, and decide on your armor and colors, you can redesign your characters look around it.

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    I noticed issues with hair clipping a lot when the game first launched because it's something which annoys me a TON. (I went on like a 10 minute rant while streaming once because I was annoyed at how bad the clipping was in the game I was playing at the time ><) I haven't seen it being a problem recently though, but it's possible I just haven't used armors where it would be an issue because once i get a character looking how I want I don't tend to change it again.

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