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    PVE spec?

    Hey I've played rogue ocasiionaly in most expansions but yet I have a question, is combat superior dps spec? Just about to buy warlods on my second account and can't decide what spec to take. Used play assa alot but is this really optimal spec for raiding soo? Shall I focus on combat instead?

    Thanks for your help

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    Pick whatever spec you enjoy playing the most. They're all pretty close in single target DPS, combat is much better at cleaving.

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    Combat is better at ST and cleaving, yes. But you can still play whatever spec you want this tier, they're all viable.
    I mean, Assassination is currently our worst spec, but it is still viable when you look at it and compare to other classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolkien View Post
    Pick whatever spec you enjoy playing the most.
    You're talking about a second account, rather than a heroic progression group (most of which are done) and the difference between specs is very, VERY acceptable for anyone not pushing progression. Play them all! Pick the one you enjoy the most and play it. For best performance, play the spec you have the highest MH weapon for and play well (Mut/Sub for MH Dagger, Combat for MH 2.6 - sub 2.6 if you LOVE sub and the 2.6 is significantly better). When talking about current gear and "best spec", of course, things change up a little bit, but unless you respond otherwise I'll assume you don't care.

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    I agree they are pretty close on ST but most of the SoO Fights got an add or 2 so Combat start to pull ahead.

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    All 3 rogue specs are very different, i'll explain all 3 of them a bit below here with some pros and cons:

    Combat is of course the only spec using a non-dagger main hand.

    - Very good mobility
    - Fast cooldown time
    - Very good AOE

    - Abilities like killing spree can kill you in some fights
    - Using a dagger in combat will lower your dps a lot

    Assassination is the only spec using daggers in both hands.

    - You don't have to be behind the target to do optimal dps
    - Nice combination of single target and AOE

    - You have very few weapon choices as you can't play it without 2 daggers

    In sub spec you can use a dagger in main hand and whichever weapon you choose as off-hand

    - Very good single target dps
    - Very high burst

    - You have to stay behind the target to get optimal dps
    - Pretty bad AOE dps (compared to other high AOE classes and Combat/Sub)

    I hope this list of pros and cons can help you a bit further with your choice

    As for Combat being superior spec there is a simple answer:

    No, it's not.

    A lot of people use combat because of the high AOE damage while mainting almost the same dps on a single target (Garrosh phase 1 for example) but assassination would work very well in that situation and so would sub if you are allowed to focus on boss only while others focus the adds.
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