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    i disagree saying they're useless. the fact that they're needed in almost every raid and in rbgs proves how vital they are. doesn't matter if you call the Rogue class: pirate, tactician, shadowstalker, vigilante, he'll always be a rogue just with a different title.

    Rogues are fine, sure they need tweaks but that's about it. you want a class that's been stuck in the same position since the beginning of WoW, try Enhancement Shaman. we get a nice feature once in a blue moon. we're also not needed or desired for anything other then 3s.
    as you say "Enhancement shaman" which means you have a Choice to play two other specs which is highly desired, rogue basicly have one proper spec, while you have Choices! rogue's are locked in one spec, when i say that you might think well! you have combat and assasination, well tbh no, just no.

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    So when this idea goes live, any non-rogue has to hand in his Bloodsail Buccaneer equip?
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    Ö_ö what rogues need is new playstyle mechanics and not a pirate theme -_-' but we will see neither of them so yeah same old same old rogue

    just make one new spec and call it pirate problem solved :>
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    I just dont get how rogues have 3 specs that essentially play the exact same way while warlocks are a pure and they got a huge overhaul and I would not say all 3 warlock specs play the same way.

    also it is really boring that sub has been the only pvpable spec since 2010 and Rogues right now and for the forseeable future are balanced around spamming feint and using multiple functions before stealth ends.

    We have the worst talents of any other class there is only 1 good choice for every tier.

    marked for death
    prey on the weak

    in pvp all rogues use these same talents. We ave talents that are completely useless such as cloak and dagger and cheat death.

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    with how unreliable cheat death is. It should have just remained as a passive. (But then PvE encounters could be tough? Rogues ulimate soak with fient/CD)
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    Oh but Sir, you are not allowed to say that Cloak and dagger is a useless PoS talent because Holinka checked the ladder and saw that combat rogues are using it... /facepalm ( ). That was priceless. This guy is unreal...

    Interestingly no comment about Cheat death, or Deadly throw.

    Seriously I don't know what's up with the Blizzard guys but we definitely don't get much love. When I see joke talents such as Internal Bleeding to replace Para poison which was a viable choice and the fact that garbage talents such as the ones mentioned above stay, I really wonder what they're thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Srift View Post
    I have been waiting for significant rogue changes for years and frankly find the class outdated and useless. I was thinking about this the other day and realized a lot of what the rogue does mimics what Pirates do. Seeing as pirates are quite present in the game, it would make a lot of sense to change the rogue into a new pirate class. Daggers, swords, smoke bombs, lockpicking, are all things the pirate uses as well. My point is though changing to a pirate class would be much more interesting given the pirate lore in the game as well as allowing the devs to finally give some unique abilities to the original rogue class. So you could have pirate themed abilities, more interesting armor, a unique mount only for the seas of WOW (similar to a paladins special mount) and don't forget your very own parrot!

    What do you all think?
    I think it's a horrible idea. I play a rogue because I want to play a rogue not a damn pirate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyc81991 View Post
    So you pretty much just don't like Rogues and want a Pirate class. That isn't how things work.
    That seems to be the jist of it. I don't really see anything here to discuss anymore, so we're going to go ahead and close this.

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