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    Quote Originally Posted by bt4 View Post did it and they also cleared lich king after the nerfs but being primarly trader he left on suggestion to eve which has the most complex economy in mmorpgs.

    "There also was a blue only geared guild called "undergeared" that killed like ~7/12 in ICC. " -that was him, they cleared full after nerfs.
    Undergeared wasn't comprised of leadership who finished the content, and specifically wanted players who didn't play same class as main. Undergeared never killed LK, and we did bosses while the buff was active. What Undergeared did do is clear Ulduar 10 in blues. This was done before ICC.

    We'd be comparing two expansions.

    WotLK: healer legendary and strength legendary, T7 cleared in T6 gear from TBC. T8 cleared in blues by Undergeared. Stacking debuff in ICC.

    MoP: legendary cape for all, sick trinkets, steep ilvl curve (1/1 blues being 111-119 less ilvl than HC and HCWF 4/4 epics from SoO). VP-based nerfs.

    As you can see, a world of difference.

    This project should aim lower. Obviously you can do T14 in blues, but can you do T15? Try that first. Succeed, and then do SoO, showing off your achievements of T15. Or try Flex first. SoO is tuned in such a way it assumes players got the legendary cape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpette View Post
    Not an expert on CM's, but isn't chain lightning still massive in those? Gear levels are roughly same.
    BM AoE got buffed. SV and ele are the two classes brought to CMs for the DPS slot, third being a lock/mage and tank and healer being brewmaster and discipline respectively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JemiS View Post
    If you want to prove they're easy, I'd say it would be better to get everyone to swap roles.

    Have everyone swap to a role and class they don't regularly play, with low-moderate gear, and go from there.
    Precisely what Undergeared did, but at a day where 10N was the easiest difficulty and 25H the most difficult.

    I suggest you try LFR and Flex first in blues. Laugh at that all you want, it would prove those who require ridiculous ilvl for Flex wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by durrtygoodz View Post
    Good players make the game easier, you say? What an extraordinary observation. Please, tell us more.
    I would, but you didn't read what I wrote the first time.

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    Not really now but about 25 item levels ago I would certainly have said it was a challenge because at that point the dps checks mattered and your health wasn't high enough that you could afford to mess up the mechanics at least on heroic since below that was easy will be easy and every raid that launches on not the highest difficulty will be easy.

    The first 8 bosses were probably a little undertuned but they helped to set up the final 6 as the actual challenge and the final 4 (well 3 in my opinion) were just a cut above the rest of the instance in difficulty.

    Thok which came first was basically just having the right amount of cds and having people push them in the right order. Provided that happened everyone should live and the fight should in theory go down because his dps check wasn't all that tight.

    Garosh overall was probably the easiest mechanical fight of the last 3 with most of the frustrations on him coming down to dps which was really tight in 25 and a little to tight in 10 probably but still not particularly hard mechanically.

    Paragons would not have been that bad if not for that first guy on 25 who was a nightmare but once you figured out how to have your tanks do 1M dps that fights enrage timer became mostly irrelevant.

    I saved Blackfuse for last because mechanically I think he was the toughest fight in there but also my favorite. The multitude of things that you were managing on that fight and how a single slip up could cause a wipe serves as an excellent model for boss fights to come and if blizzard could make 2-3 of those fights a tier I would probably be raiding this game 10 years from now.

    So as for difficulty each of the final 4 tested a different aspect of your raid and combined provided an excellent and rewarding challenge that makes me wonder why you would be able to accuse it of being to easy.

    I point this all out to just say how insane it would be to accomplish anything at all in there period going in undertuned (even for flex itself) because while the mechanics are insane on heroic the fact that of the fights I listed about 3 were hard dps checks any success you have gets my major congratulations.
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    So is this still happening tomorrow? I am going to actually watch a stream for once if so.
    I'd prefer my orcs to stand up straight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yells View Post
    So is this still happening tomorrow? I am going to actually watch a stream for once if so.
    I wonder as well!

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    Looking forward to the raid (stream).

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    I hope this is still happening, if they even kill a single boss I'd be happy and I know I haven't missed a single thing this expansion.

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    As easy as siege is, my math tells me it is going to be near impossible to do most of those bosses if everyone is 471 i want to see this.

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    I am willing to put all the money in the world to bet "he is not gonna do it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemol View Post
    As only 6 people had farmed a full 471 set, we sadly couldn't get a 25 man raid going. We'll aim towards clearing 10 man sometime in july
    Lol, only 28 days for heroic geared badasses to farm dungeon gear. Thats not a high bar to achieve. I await the next excuse fest with baited breath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemol View Post
    As only 6 people had farmed a full 471 set, we sadly couldn't get a 25 man raid going. We'll aim towards clearing 10 man sometime in july
    You don't NEED a full 471 set.
    The vendor is selling 458 gear. Use that.

    Baddies have used that to finish LFR too.

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    Farming blue gear is hard now?

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    Is farm a few blue gear REALLY that hard?


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    It can get time consuming since you'll eventually have to just random queue them and hope you get the one you need that last upgrade from. Not really worth it to farm out for something that won't succeed anyway.

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    WoW subs dropped almost by ½ over the past years. I believe thats the main reason why progression on HC is so low, not because its too difficult. Personally I havent been raiding since Cata.. Cleared the first raid on HC(BWD) and I didnt feel that challenged so I quit..

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    Guess some people got alch trinket and got declined because "not full 471".
    When using openraid you should simply approve only those who can log out in the gearset you demand and not a thousand people who realize they are less likely even part of the final group...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandro View Post
    Those enrage timers were hard to beat even with decent gear early on in progression. They are probably the tightest enrages of any tier so far (some individual bosses were tighter, but consistantly every boss seems to be pretty darn tight. Bar Garrosh, who's got a ridiculously long Enrage).
    Garrosh has a ridiculously long hard enrage, but the soft enrage of adds on every whirlwind, empowered mind controls, empowered desecrates and the stacking damage from empowered gripping despair explosions which happen during empowered whirlwind in P3 means that you are unlikely to survive that long.
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    I think this discussion has run its course, and unless/until they actually attempt to do this run then its only going to be rehashing what was said in the first 20+ pages or people calling them out for not doing it so I'm going to close this.

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