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    Wildstar - Consolidated Guest Pass Request Thread

    Hoping a mod will let me keep this open.

    We're getting quite a few posts requesting guest passes in the Megathread, and it causes it to be even harder to read (which is truly an amazing feat!), so I was hoping to consolidate the guest pass requests here.

    Facts & Notes
    • Players who own the game receive three 7 day passes
    • It is NOT possible to redeem multiple guest passes on the same account - you are limited to 7 days. i.e. You cannot redeem a 7 day pass, then attempt to redeem a 2nd 7 day pass to extend your current time. DOES NOT WORK
    • Most players have not received their guest passes - they will be sent to players on 06/06; however, some players have. Due to this, it would probably be best to realize that you will not receive a guest key (if one is offered) until 06/06.
    • Please note if you are EU or US. This game is region-locked and will region lock your account, so be mindful when redeeming.
    • Guest passes get LOW priority when logging into a server. If you're looking to try the game, it would be best to create a character on a realm that is not full, or else you'll spend most of your 7 days in queue. If you're looking to get a headstart while you wait for money, feel free to roll on a friend's server but expect queues to be long on full servers
    • Guest passes also have additional restrictions (chat, etc) - Link here:
    • Please be considerate of others - due to not being able to redeem multiple keys, please update your post if you have received a key from a member and thank them.

    EDIT: From FAQ,
    Also be aware that disciplinary action on a guest account could also result in disciplinary action being taken on the registered account which provided the key. So choose your guests wisely.
    If you do receive a key, please be responsible with it. I'm sure it only needs to do if you're doing something illegal, or being a complete dick, but don't make people regret being generous.

    Download Client Here:

    I think that's it - enjoy your adventures in Nexus.
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    guess gona be inaugurating the thread.

    Would love one to try the game since there was improvments since beta.

    Requesting it for Europe.

    Garrison Guardian / Protretardin / waste of time

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    Requesting an Eu one too, going to at least try this game after launch, wasn't so impressed by the beta, but can't hurt to try.

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    Requesting Eu Guest Pass. Didnt try the game when it was in beta and it looks like fun.

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    Need an EU pass also, eager to try the game

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    Requesting an NA pass. Gonna be a few days before I can buy the game and don't wanna be too far behind!

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    heading to gamestop to get my physical copy now, I am pretty sure all my friends I know interested already have the game.

    I will come back to this thread!

    (I started yesterday played from 3pm to 1am, this game is my life now)
    "From the first to the end of the Sixth Generation of consoles, for THIRTY FOUR YEARS, this is what gaming was and it was FANTASTIC! You enjoyed the experience and gaming was what it was supposed to be FUN, COMPLETE, no DLC back then the new content was called a sequel and we waited eagerly for it."

    -Muzz (L1GAMES)

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    Would be awesome if someone could give me a EU guest pass!

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    i would greatly appreciate if someone could give me a EU guest pass.

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    Requesting NA guest pass.

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    EU guest pass needed. Thank you

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    Requesting NA pass, please.

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    requesting na pass please

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    I'd like to give it a shot, would appreciate an invite, NA here.
    "Blizzard is not incompetent or stupid and they are not intentionally screwing you over"

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    Got a code from another thread.
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    I would love 2 NA for me and my hubsand to try it out and see how our PCs handle it. Thanks so much!

    "Me not that kind of Orc!" -- ♥ ♥YouTube ♥ ♥

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    Requesting an NA pass please, need to get over WOW

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    If possible I would love to have an EU guest pass for this game to give it a try. Quit wow some time ago and can't really find any MMO I can enjoy...

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    If anyone has an EU guest pass to spare, I would gladly welcome it. I used to enjoy WoW the most during the Vanilla/TBC period, and this game seems to be attracting that crowd, so I am very interested in giving it a shot
    Thank you!

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    What Hatsu said above, with extra love added. I'm from EU as well and I would love to check WildStar, if anyone has a key to spare. Thanks in advance !

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