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    edit: got one
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    I'd love an EU pass to try out the game!

    It'd be greatly appreciated. I really want to try out the game but I don't feel right sinking the money into it right now as I'm off travelling again very soon!

    Thanks chaps!
    pencil is cool

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    Would love a NA pass if anyone has an available one.

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    I would also be really grateful for a EU pass to try the game out and to see whether it's worth buying. Thanks!

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    I do not have enough posts to send PMs to regular members yet, but I would like to thank Amberdawn for sending me a pass! /bow

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    Requesting NA guest pass please, thanks!

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    would love to get a eu key.

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    Bravely bold Sir Robin
    Rode forth from Camelot
    And gave me a Wildstar code!
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    Would like to try in EU as well. Thank you!

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    Requesting an NA guest pass. Want to see how it runs on my computer before deciding if I should buy. I've heard that performance can be kind of weird even if you meet the recommended specs

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    The Guest passes seem to be bugged...partly at least!

    All my Keys were full versions, and that is no joke, screenshots will follow soon! My friends are happy xD

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    Requesting an NA pass. Would be super cool to get in, really looking forward to trying the game!

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    Sorry posted in other thread, would love a US passcode thanks

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    I would also love a NA guest pass if anyone would be so kind. Thank you very much internet.

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    If someone has a NA guest pass that would be awesome. Thanks.

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    Would love to have an EU pass if some kind soul has one free!

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    Would love an EU pass.


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    Wouldn't you like to know
    I would love an EU guest pass I really want to check and try the game out before I consider buying.

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    Same here, always no beta club! EU would be much apprecieated!

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    if someone got a spare guest pass for eu i would love to get one. never got to test beta

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