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    Hey, as I did with Eso and any other MMO for that matter... I wanna try Wildstar to see if it's worth buying or not. So if anyone has an EU guest pass to share, I'd be happy !


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    for EU guest pass please

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    Requesting one for Europe.

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    One for EU please.

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    Would like a NA pass to check if this game will run on my computer and to try it out , thank you

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    I'd like one for NA. I didn't try out beta, and I really would like to test drive!

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    If anyone has a spare EU pass... I volenteer as tribute ;P

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    If anyone has a spare guest pass for EU I'd love to try the game out!

    ETA: got one later on :c)
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    I'm looking for a guest pass for NA. I tested BETA and had memory errors. I'd like to see 8f my computer can handle it now.

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    Anyone out there with an NA guest pass? Still waiting to try this game out. Thanks!

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    Hm.. worth a shot. If anyone could spare a key for the EU I would be much obliged! I felt quite let down during beta but haven't had a chance to try it out since the UI revamp, I would love it if someone could give me a chance to try again

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    Ill take an NA guest pass

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    Hello guys, im from EU and i would love a guest pass.
    PM me if you can and I will be tha happiest person in the world <3

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    Hey if anybody has a NA pass I'd love one. I got to level 6 in the beta and was a bit bored. But I've read a lot its not until 15 does the game start picking up.

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    already 50 people requesting one lol but whatever if anyone has a NA key I'd appreciate it

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    WildStar seems like an awesome game, but you wont know for sure until you try it. So if anyone has spare Europe guest pass, I would really appreciate to get one

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    Need an eu pass please pick me, thanks.

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    Requesting one for NA, please, i want see if the release version will change my mind from the beta version >.<

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    NA pass if you would please.

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    If it is possible I would love to get a guest pass. As I am really interested in checking this game out, I would be more than grateful .
    I am from Europe.
    Thanks a lot !!

    I have received a key! Thanks a lot Destia!
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