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    My dwarf wields 2 warhammers motherfuckers, how powerful do you think I am?

    I think I'm pretty powerful.
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    We might be heroes because we save the world, but I would rather call us mercenaries. We are free to travel as we see fit, we don't have to take orders from our faction's officers, we don't have to fight battles, almost every quest we do is paid in gold or goods, and the only real reason why we bother to defeat these dangerous enemies is so we can pillage those who fall. We also have limited ways of gaining favor with our faction. Cheaper prices and more available goods, but no authority over faction NPCs, player housing or free, powerful gear.
    Mother pus bucket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    They always felt weird to me since my main is a draenei. They talked about how mantid ruled the world before draenei even existed, which is just silly.

    They say the same thing to trolls, when trolls are the native race of Azeroth and the bugs are old god creations.
    It could just be plain ignorance. In-game characters are not all-knowing after all. It could also have to do with the fact that the approximate majority of the playable races are Titan's creations.

    I'm quite sure though that they should know that Trolls, at least, are native of Azeroth and ancient as much as them, since their race was part of the Aqir, which its original reign was shattered to pieces thousand of years ago from the troll empires. The flow of time could have erased that memory though, since Mantid and co. are not immortal, nor someone would enjoy to document anything about the race that ruined your empire.
    Quote Originally Posted by Keyblader View Post
    It's a general rule though that if you play horde you are a bad person irl. It's just a scientific fact
    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    You really aren't the sharpest person ain't you.

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    We technically do not exist. If you are Allaince I guess you could be assumed to be a part of the 7th Legion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaymega View Post
    Wait a sec. If we were really that big of a deal, why have the tournament? Why even bother if they knew we would basically pwn all the NPC's and be the ones to roll through on the Lich King?

    This is why I don't give anything at all in game any credit on being canon. When I try I just start asking questions because it ultimately makes no sense.

    Also. If the Lich king wanted us so bad why not just corrupt us? I get he wanted us to be his greatest champion, but when you consider that we are still crap compared to Sylvannas, why even bother? Just do us like he did her. Except make the control stronger this time. Maybe put a bomb in our chest cavity as insurance.
    The whole point of the fight and the expansion overall was to show how arrogant Arthas was; the fact that he nearly pulled it off despite his stupid decisions is a testament to his power.

    Quote Originally Posted by Redpanda View Post
    TAKE THAT BACK! the paragons where cool bros!
    Agreed, best thing I enjoyed of MoP are the Mantid. Wish they had more story though.

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    I think the glory you speak of is that of our symbian relation with the heros. yes the heros helped us to win against the villains but where would the heros be with out us? the glory is with how we help each other im sure of it. this is where the power is.
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    As far as societal position goes we're mercenaries, we do what we want and don't really answer to anybody (Garrisons will be the first time anybody answers to us), power-wise we're like the hero units of "Warcraft III", major lore-figures can kick our ass, but we go through rank-and-file soldiers like a hot knife through butter...

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    Well, at least Warlocks are very powerful. They may be scum and only come to those fights "undercover" (lore-wise) to seek for even greater sources for their power, but they are really quite powerful. They even kind of like bad supervillains, because they want to tap into their power once they are defeated. Afaik the metamorphosis skill we gained in wotlk was gained by warlocks that defeated Illidan spreading the word about these advanced demonology skills.

    Helping the cause of the faction happens just so they aren't lynched by an angry mob and become the next mini-boss themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitehattori View Post
    Lorewise we're just the 'units' of the armies. Like in Warcraft 3. We're the footmen, riflemen, wolf rider and grunt.
    Not quite. We are more than they are.

    Lore-Wise we are more like the elite of our factions armies, not the normal foot soldier. We are inbetween the regular footman and what would be a a Hero Unit in WC3 standards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandro View Post
    Lore wise? We don't even really exist. We're 'adventurers' or soldiers fighting on the front lines. We can't really claim to have done anything ourselves, merely helped lore heroes achieve victory.

    Essentially our characters are placeholders for dozens or hundreds of other unsung heroes, since it would be pretty much impossible for one person to solve all the world's problems single handedly.

    Our characters are essentially a game convenience that has little to no bearing on the actual lore.
    Well we used o in vanilla, no help needed, though we were 40 people in the raids too...

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    Our characters are not mentioned in the lore, and we don't even exist.

    Complete a quest and it will say that you are the hero who killed this very dangeorus monster and everyone should praise you and love you and you should become a legend. Reading the lore afterwards, you are either replaced with a big lore character like Thrall, Varian, Tirion, etc, etc.

    You don't even exist, and I think quests like I explained above shouldn't exist. We should just remain anonymous adventurers that help people in need, and not have fleshed out big mega quests that claim that we are super powerful mega heroes that can fight toe-to-toe against titans.

    Those kind of stories should just stay with Broxigar the Red and not for us.

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    Yeah, we don't really exist in lore. The big heroes like Varian, Tirion Fordring, Jaina, Thrall, the Dragon Aspects, etc, did the real work. We are just a band of nameless adventurers who helped or served as distractions to keep the big bad villian busy while the lore heroes channeled their spells or whatever. I kinda like it better that way.

    It would also look kinda funny if actual player names were used in lore. "And so, after an epic battle, the mighty monk known as Hooflungpoo and the great warrior known as Buttcheese defeated Garrosh Hellscream!"

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    To (imperfectly) analogize:

    Developer Tools -- Titans
    Legendary -- Arthas, KJ, Deathwing, etc. (supernatural, near godlike entities)
    Rare -- Thrall, Illidan, Jaina, Sylvannas, etc. (very powerful individuals, but not godlike)
    Uncommon -- THAT'S US
    Common -- Footsoldiers, grunts, unnamed military personnel
    Gray -- Civilians, peasants, peons

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    Don't we, the player characters, exist in the lore on some level? Because I think in one of the novels - it might've been Tides of War or War Crimes - that Thrall was told that adventurers helped the Bronze Dragonflight free Taretha from the Infinite and prevented them from killing Thrall's younger counterpart in the Escape from Durnholde Keep dungeon. Horde adventurers were also mentioned in Tides of War as an "elite squad" (not exactly word for word, but something along those lines) that infiltrated Theramore and busted Thalen Songweaver out of there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bathory View Post
    Strong, but I've always viewed wipes as the boss killing hundreds of faction champions before he's eventually brought down.
    I like this idea.
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    Today you are a demi-god who has saved the realm. Tomorrow (when WoD is released) you'll be a grunt back out there collecting bear poo.

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    I like to think my characters are still pretty weak, given how they can get devoured by gastropods on a bad day.

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    We are pretty strong. Azeroth would not be what it is today without us. We are also some of the most experienced fighters in all Azeroth. We defeated lots of big villian that some lore characters failed to do. You could say that we often got helps from lore characters but the opposite could be said that it's them that got helped by us.

    Remember the quest in Hyjal that Aessina who was one of the ancient who rarely show herself appeared then blessed us? We were acknowledged by her as the savior you know.
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    I like to think of us as just grunts, like the timeline between each heroic deed/raid etc is quite dramatic (or at least has to be in some circumstances: Molten Core to Firelands for example. So I guess as someone explained we're kinda like placeholders for an army?

    Best way I can imagine it is my Warrior is a place holder for lots of other Warriors that have carried out heroic deeds in the past, maybe a family or relation of the same breed.

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    I'd say that the players are considered more powerful than your average footman. Garrosh and Lei Shen as recent examples were stomped without assistance, same goes for several of the older bosses. However, when the content is current it always requires multiple players so we're not stronger than any of the bosses as far as I'm considered. Aren't NPCs/cinematics often referred to the raidful of players as "heroes"? To me that would suggest us being stronger than just ordinary footmen.

    That's just my opinion though and I guess there is no real answer to this. A lot good points from what I readed a few pages of this thread.
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