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    When you're a faction filled with deceit and where one orc can kill another to become leader, you're bound to get some people who want to be the next big thing. Thus, many Hordes.

    I like the Fed Horde though.

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    Soon incoming:

    [Copper] Orcs
    [Tin] Orcs
    [Silver] Orcs
    [Iron] Orcs
    [Gold] Orcs
    [Mithril] Orcs
    [Thorium] Orcs
    [Truesilver] Orcs
    [Dark Iron] Orcs
    [Elementium] Orcs
    [Small Obsidian Shard] Orcs
    [Large Obsidian Shard] Orcs
    [Fel Iron] Orcs
    [Adamantite] Orcs
    [Eternium] Orcs
    [Khorium] Orcs
    [Cobalt] Orcs
    [Saronite] Orcs
    [Titanium] Orcs
    [Obsidium] Orcs
    [Elementium] Orcs
    [Pyrite] Orcs
    [Ghost Iron Ore] Orcs
    [Black Trillium Ore] Orcs
    [White Trillium Ore] Orcs
    [Umbral] Orcs
    [Elunite] Orcs
    [Rethban] Orcs
    [Incendicite] Orcs
    [Lesser Bloodstone] Orcs
    [Darkspine Iron] Orcs
    [Underlight] Orcs
    [Nethercite] Orcs
    [Composite] Orcs
    [Farshire] Orcs
    [Dark] Orcs
    [Impure Saronite] Orcs
    [Refined Gleaming] Orcs
    [Strange] Orcs
    [Whisper Gulch] Orcs
    [Accursed] Orcs
    [Azure Iron] Orcs
    [Elemental] Orcs
    [Kaja'mite] Orcs
    [Needles Pyrite] Orcs
    Peacebloom Orcs
    Silverleaf Orcs
    Earthroot Orcs
    Mageroyal Orcs
    Briarthorn Orcs
    Bruiseweed Orcs
    Stranglekelp Orcs
    Wild Steelbloom Orcs
    Kingsblood Orcs
    Liferoot Orcs
    Fadeleaf Orcs
    Goldthorn Orcs
    Khadgar's Whisker Orcs
    Blindweed Orcs
    Arthas' Tears Orcs
    Sungrass Orcs
    Black Lotus Orcs
    Ghost Mushroom Orcs
    Golden Sansam Orcs
    Dreamfoil Orcs
    Felweed Orcs
    Dreaming Glory Orcs
    Ragveil Orcs
    Flame Cap Orcs
    Goldclover Orcs
    Tiger Lily Orcs
    Adder's Tongue Orcs
    Talandra's Rose Orcs
    Frozen Herb Orcs
    Lichbloom Orcs
    Icethorn Orcs
    Cinderbloom Orcs
    Heartblossom Orcs
    Azshara's Veil Orcs
    Stormvine Orcs
    Green Tea Leaf Orcs
    Rain Poppy Orcs
    Silkweed Orcs
    Golden Lotus Orcs
    Sha-Touched Herb Orcs
    Fool's Cap Orcs
    Dun Morogh Orcs
    Elwynn Forest Orcs
    Eversong Woods Orcs
    Tirisfal Glades Orcs
    Gilneas Orcs
    Westfal Orcs
    Ghostlands Orcs
    Loch Modan Orcs
    Silverpine Forest Orcs
    Redridge Mountains Orcs
    Duskwood Orcs
    Hillsbrad Foothills Orcs
    Wetlands Orcs
    Arathi Highlands Orcs
    Northern Stranglethorn Orcs
    Alterac Mountains Orcs
    The Hinterlands Orcs
    Cape of Stranglethorn Orcs
    Western Plaguelands Orcs
    Eastern Plaguelands Orcs
    Badlands Orcs
    Searing Gorge Orcs
    Burning Steppes Orcs
    Swamp of Sorrows Orcs
    The Blasted Lands Orcs
    The Scarlet Enclave Orcs
    Twilight Highlands Orcs
    Azuremyst Isle Orcs
    Durotar Orcs
    Mulgore Orcs
    Teldrassil Orcs
    Bloodmyst Isle Orcs
    Darkshore Orcs
    Azshara Orcs
    Northern Barrens Orcs
    Ashenvale Orcs
    Stonetalon Mountains Orcs
    Desolace Orcs
    Southern Barrens Orcs
    Dustwallow Marsh Orcs
    Feralas Orcs
    Thousand Needles Orcs
    Tanaris Orcs
    Felwood Orcs
    Un'goro Crater Orcs
    Winterspring HOrcs
    Silithus Orcs
    Mount Hyjal Orcs
    Uldum Orcs
    Outland Orcs
    Hellfire Peninsula Orcs
    Zangarmarsh Orcs
    Terokkar Forest Orcs
    Nagrand Orcs
    Blade's Edge Mountains Orcs
    Netherstorm Orcs
    Shadowmoon Valley Orcs
    Northrend Orcs
    Borean Tundra Orcs
    Howling Fjord Orcs
    Dragonblight Orcs
    Grizzly Hills Orcs
    Zul'Drak Orcs
    Sholazar Basin Orcs
    Storm Peaks Orcs
    Icecrown Orcs

    and the last one:
    The Orc Orcs

    Enough Orcs for atleast 50 more expansions.

    On a serious note: I like the story from WoD, besides the time traveling, and killing orcs as alliance character isnt so bad.

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    Because humans are boring. The alliance is boring.

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    when we done with the horde we will be fight the herd
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archimand View Post
    when we done with the horde we will be fight the herd
    Foolish Archimand, there is no cow level.

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    meanwhile the alliance doesn't even have any notable paladins left. While the horde does boo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilendor View Post
    They should fire Metzen
    you sir, should be fired from life for that statement.

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    It all depends on if Blizzard allow full creative license to the manatees, and then which ball they pick.

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    Would've still liked to have seen the Mongrel Horde.

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    Baby Horde (children books)
    Teenage Mutant Horde Turtles (for saturday cartoons)
    Fabio Horde (harlequin books material)
    Zombie Horde (alternate universe is stupid, zombies are in now)
    Rainbow Horde (not ponies...)
    Irasshaimase Horde 3000 Strike Force (for japanese version of warcraft)
    I don't like: raids, grouping, warcraft movie, doomhammer
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    I like: ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitheqt View Post
    As long as there are adjectives, Horde will never die.
    What about the dead horde?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briga View Post
    Next Expansion: Hordestein New Order

    Thrall wakes up in a world where the old Horde won the second war, the resistance must now begin!
    ...that would actually be cooler than what we have now.

    Also that was an amazing single player FPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuLogic View Post
    meanwhile the alliance doesn't even have any notable paladins left. While the horde does boo.
    Ha, I hadn't thought about that until now... that's kinds sad. Should bring in the last
    member of the Scarlet Crusade to join you guys... it totally won't end up being Mal'ganis,
    after he gets close to Anduin and becomes adviser to his father. Promise. >.>
    Quote Originally Posted by Yvaelle View Post
    You can't fight porn on the internet, you may as well declare war on something overwhelming like water on Earth's surface - or something ephemeral like "terror" (lol sorry, had to do it) - or something both overwhelming and ephemeral... like porn on the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticj View Post
    What about the undead horde?
    "We rise again !!!"

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    The Horde seems to be much like Communism.

    Time and again it leads into violence, bloodshed, dictatorship and suffering. And time and again some people (or orcs) are dumb enough to try it once more and add a few million to the body count.

    Maybe we'll see "The Socialist Horde" after a few expansions? Most of the Orcs are already green, so it's not that far away...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Txiv View Post
    Because humans are boring. The alliance is boring.
    Humans are indeed boring, but the Alliance is not. It's only boring because Bliz lacks imagination for them. Hell, The Draenei alone are interesting as hell considering their history.

    The Dwarfs are good too. We can easily expand on them considering they are split in 3 clans and some have allied themselves with dubious characters before.

    The Gnomes can be VERY interesting considering they have like 0 lore. You can craft some cool stuff for them to be honest.

    The Worgen have been dealing with undead, turning their back on the Alliance (at first) and then the curse of the Worgen. I mean, we can easily go into some lore on Druids that practice cursed forms.

    And the night elves have been dealing with crap since before most races existed. Not to mention their split from High elves.

    Basically, The more I learn about the lore out of game, the more annoyed I get that Blizz has a hard on for Orcs. I don't mind learning about the Horde, but at least focus on the other Horde races. Orcs have been done to death.

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    My guess is something like The Elemental Horde.
    Just throwin' stuff out there.
    Lock rocks, made to order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletroll View Post
    Rainbow Horde (not ponies...)

    My Little Orcies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    The Fed Horde by Margate
    Margate, Warchef of the Fed Horde.

    Margate's clan should be the new Warlords cooking trainers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kappaorkeepo View Post
    as long as they're planning to artificially keep the game alive. rip wow
    ...the stupidity of people never ends. 7 million + players = keeping it artificially alive. GG thinking there.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Fairly sure we'll see demon stuff and such come the next expansion. Not that I mind orcs, they're a lot more fierce and imposing than basically every single alliance race apart from Worgen...Nelfs as well perhaps, if Blizzard actually showed how fierce they can be in-game...
    Ever noticed how it seems impossible to make Classic sound good, without first attempting to make current WoW sound bad?

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