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    Garrosh dynamics

    I Have had two Garrosh Normal kills so far, one on 10-man and one on 25-man. Loads of wipes. From looking at my my logs it seems the biggest difference between the kills and the wipes are DPS.

    Question: Since transition to 2nd phase is based on health percentage and not a timer, does DPS during phase 1 really matter? Since there never semes to be hard enrage issues, is it really no point in applying tactics or using cooldowns to maximise phase 1 DPS? The big DPS race to kill him before the empowered abilities overwhelms the raid starts as he goes into 2nd phase, right?

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    Find out a way so that your make sure that the adds during phase 1 are hit by the ironstar each time. Save hero for when he goes into last phase or if you get out of realm into empowered phase but his %hp is low enough for him to transist into next phase before empowered whirl, then you might wanna do that.
    I think the pinball tactic where ranged move between 2 markers works best, since its more controlled. And each time a weapon appear, move into melee for MC, move out to the other marker and take down the weapon before the next one drops (rinse repeat)

    During empowered whirl ive found that tanks often gain too much aggro on adds, beware of that.

    Also inside realm when we kill an add with shield, we let the shield drop on the ground, everyone from the group stands next to it, and the tank takes it. This way everyone safely gets shield inside realm
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    yeah p1 dps doesnt matter too much assuming the adds are downed in a reasonable timeframe and you arent getting too many ironstars. In P2 you want to get him to 10% before going in other realm the second time which makes things a lot easier, or at least push him straight away into p3 when you come down. You can also possibly just stack in p1 but ppl have to kill weapons quick

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    If the DPS race starts at first 10% health, when he enters phase 2, that means everyone can just chill and relax and preserve cooldowns until that point. DPS could save cooldowns and pop them for that brief period when he RPs before first transmission. And stacking phase 1, if it is even remotely challenging to heal, serves no purpose except making the whole encounter go slightly faster.

    It also means things like hero or Resto druid Heart of the Wild DPS at start is near pointless.

    In phase 2, having a tactic that makes it unnecessary for cast-time ranged DPS to move will increase DPS towards getting him down before the soft enrage.

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    Most ppl are one tanking now so it just makes the adds easier to gather in P1 if you stack. You can stack in P2 too but it can get bit dicey with the first MC since it pretty much happens with the weapon together so if ppl are too slow to switch, ppl can die. PPl also needs to use their personals for ww. On 25 man you can just stay stacked till P3. Stacking also helps with MC

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    The only issue with saving cooldowns in p1 is that you generally get out of the first intermission at ~3 minutes, meaning that those cooldowns that you saved will already be up. Depending on the fight length, you may get an extra usage using them when he starts p2 RP (ETA 2 minutes), but I'm skeptical.

    The main reason that dps is so important is that people don't know how to deal with empowered whirling adds,so letting them wail on tanks while dps burn the last 5% of boss generally works. You can easily do the fight ad nauseum if people control them (split them up and kill them while they are away from other adds).

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    Garrosh is a fight that while having several mechanics that will wipe, you the majority of his mechanics are made insignificant/ skip able entirely by sheer number.

    Wish that they had made his mechanics a bit beefier but it's still a fun fight nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isiildur View Post
    The main reason that dps is so important is that people don't know how to deal with empowered whirling adds
    That's my impression too, I have a feeling we have to overgear DPS-wise it in order to avoid dealing with the add mechanic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcess View Post
    You can stack in P2 too but it can get bit dicey with the first MC since it pretty much happens with the weapon together so if ppl are too slow to switch, ppl can die.
    Especially with healers MC-ed. Having almost the entire raid stack and have 1 person with a fast movement ability, to get back in time for MC, position the weapon out of way should be very efficient - at least in theory; getting the entire raid to stand in melee range might be hard to execute or take practice.

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    Treat the fight as single target, since the only phases which matter are exactly that. You don't get loot for P1.

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    Phase 1 is a dps race of it's own. You need to finish the phase before 3rd iron star (or 3rd shout I don't remember what comes first) And phase 2 starts at about 2:30 in the fight if you don't count the 10 sec you get when you push him in phase 1 so if you are going to save cooldowns you will probably get the same number of 3 min cds in phase 2-4 and losing 1 set of 3 min cds.

    You should not under estimate phase 1..Even with Garrosh 25hc on farm for months we still wipe in phase 1 every now and then because of adds one shotting people

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