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    something that might be interesting to you:

    Today Anet announced the Living Story Journal. It's a feature which starts with Season 2 of the living story in July.

    * All new story episodes will become permanently unlocked instead of 2 weeks only
    * You can replay the missions (just like in GW1) and try to finish some challenging achievement with each episode whenever and how often you like
    * also temporary meta-achievement rewards are gone in favour for permanent LS-achievements

    and all for free, you only have to log in once every 2 weeks
    (if you miss an episode, you can get it for 200gems (about 20 gold which equals 10-20 dungeon runs)) from the gemstore)

    Previous episodes (LS-Season 1) which you have missed isn't available to unlock, but they are looking into it. Maybe you will be able to buy those for some gems in the future (similar to bonus mission packs in GW1)
    Thanks for that info

    I effing miss GW1 SOOOOO much, my favorite MMO'ish game of all time I wish they had went more in that direction with GW2 :/

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    I feel like gw2 isn't very solo, much better if enjoyed with groups!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash078 View Post
    I feel like gw2 isn't very solo, much better if enjoyed with groups!
    if you ask me GW2 is the most solo-friendly mmo out there.

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    ^ That. At least you can do something yourself beside leveling.

    I've had a lot of fun at the gambits in the Crown Pavilion. Also beat Liadri *so proud*

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