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    Holy paladin endless proving grounds - I'm terrible


    After doing 30 waves as arms warrior and as protection warrior, to finish things up I want to do 30 healing waves as well. Since warriors can't heal (My warrior is my main character) I had to level an alt and gear it up and I chose paladin.

    Here's the deal though - I have very little idea how to play holy paladin. I got gold after several tries, like at least 8. And because I suck, I need all the advantages I can get, gearwise.

    I'm going with a spirit heavy build as recommended by most paladins.

    I would like better paladins to review my gear and give input. Mostly im concerned about my trinkets (there's relic of chi ji now on AH. should I get it? how is my contemplation of chi ji? hows nazgrim trinket?).

    Would someone review my gear and suggest upgrades / retweaks / any advice at all


    Ignore the no enchant on weapon. I will get jade spirit on it, I'm aware of the issue.

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    err.. wrists with str on with crit to spi is obviously a mistake. might wanna sort them out on your char sheet mate to get constructive feedback..

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    No, that is not a mistake. Nothing better dropped for me yet (as stupid as it sounds. I'm only doing LFR and waiting for drops).

    Thing is, most healing bracers don't have a socket on them so I don't know what to go for. Most people say the ones from galakras are bis, but are they bis for proving grounds as well?

    I think I deserve constructive feedback even though I'm unlucky with drops and im on dead realm so AH is empty.
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    You should go for spirit and mastery on your gear and spirit in gem sockets. Nazgrim trinket is very bad and contemplation of chi-ji is pretty lackluster, you can try getting the relic of chi-ji instead. Here is a thread for holy paladins in proving grounds http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...roving-Grounds.

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    Personally, I found Proving Grounds as a holy paladin to be way easier when I started to prioritize intellect. Spirit is important, but it's not necessary to have a lot of it. 7k or 8k is more than enough. After spirit, the next best stat is probably mastery.

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    I went all int gems in proving grounds, only going spirit in my meta and if I got a socket bonus out of it, and only with hybrid spirit gems.

    Nazgrim's is really bad when downlevelled, almost to the point of going in with it is like going in with no trinket at all. You should replace it with chi-ji's asap, or even some random blue trinket.
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    I found the best trinkets in PG's as holy were Relic of Chi'Ji and Spirits of the Sun. Granted, I did mine during ToT before the Siege trinkets were available. Dismorphic Samophlange is a solid choice and I also don't mind Prismatic Prison. Also, if you have any neck you can use that isn't from timeless isle, use that. TI pieces are weak on stat budget and scale very poorly in PG's. Even if you just get a 463 dungeon neck, it will be better.

    I'd recommend dropping Light's Hammer for Holy Prism. In PG's, getting all 5 of your party in the circle will basically never happen, and the 60 second cd is a bit too prohibitive in that setting. Prism lets you have a choice of AoE heal or a direct heal, both of which are instant, fairly powerful, and most importantly, cheap.

    My best advice beyond that is work on your playstyle, learn your full toolkit and plan our your CD useage.
    - Holy Avenger and DF are up every other wave, so don't shy away from it thinking you'll need it later
    - GoAK and Wrath are up every 3 waves, so not as readily used as HA/DF, but still, don't let them sit for too long
    - Hand of Protection clears the bleed debuff which is a huge mana sink if you try to heal it off. Don't be afraid to drop this one, especially on waves with 2 vermin adds (also you can use HoF immediately if you need to clear HoP off the tank so he can continue tanking)
    - Hand of Sacrifice can help a lot with tank damage, and can be used two times every 3 waves with clemency talented.
    - Abuse your stun. FoJ is up twice per wave and can heavily reduce damage for all party members. Key stun targets are mantid adds to prevent AoE, Mogu to prevent heavy tank damage, and vermin to prevent bleed applications.
    - Try to interrupt the mantid as the AoE from is pretty painful to heal through. (tip: the rogue/mage/tank will interrupt the first cast 90% of the time, so save Rebuke for the 2nd or 3rd in order to lock him down most effectively)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurzior View Post
    - Holy Avenger and DF are up every other wave, so don't shy away from it thinking you'll need it later
    Your T16 4p is not active in PG's, so DF is on 3 minute CD, not 2.

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