View Poll Results: Who should receive a 4th Tank spec?

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  • Hunter

    12 10.43%
  • Rogue

    27 23.48%
  • Priest

    3 2.61%
  • Shaman

    59 51.30%
  • Mage

    8 6.96%
  • Warlock

    61 53.04%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Question Who would you want to get an additional Tank spec?

    Pretend that Blizzard has announced that that have crunched some numbers and determined that adding additional tank specs will improve LFR and Heroic queue times significantly. To equal the cost of adding a new class, they have decided three of the remaining non-tank classes will be receiving a 4th Tanking spec. No other classes will get an additional 4th spec until a later date. The other 3 specs for each class chosen will not be removed or changed significantly.

    Which classes do you want to see get an additional Tank spec?

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    Fluffy Kitten Darsithis's Avatar
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    Warlock would be best, I think.

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    Hunter makes the most sense. Merge the threat. Give the hunter shots and moves that give the pet active mitigation.

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    Warlock so people stop asking, but personally I'd rather shamans, and then they could lean towards each spec being based off the elements even more, Tanking=Earth, Ele=Fire, Enhance=Wind, Resto=Water.

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    Warlock, hunter, and shaman, I think.

    Warlock and shaman are pretty self-explanatory because they've been done and talked to death over the past years.

    Hunter, something could be done with a melee spec where damage was split with or blocked by the pet as a form of mitigation. Selfishly, I play a hunter, and would love to see hunter get something new. Pet's Growl would redirect threat to the hunter in this spec.

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    Warlock because it would be a lot different from the current tank specs. Dark Apothesis could be worked into a tanking spec and would be quite neat.

    Rogue would be too similar to Monk. Priest and Mage don't really make sense to me. Shaman could work, but it'd be another shield tank, not sure what unique aspect would be brought to the table.

    Hunter could be cool too, maybe as a type of pet tanking. They'd have to kill the hunter when the pet dies or something, otherwise the OT could grab the boss and the Hunter could cast Revive Pet! :P That or not let 'Hunter tanks' use Revive Pet.

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    Rogues. They were part-tanks up until Wrath anyway when they used their high avoidance to tank in problematic situations. Then the dodge change got introduced and rogue "tanks" disappeared.

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    Warlock, they would have to do a fair bit less work to make a tanking spec for locks.
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    Enhancement Shamans.

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    Let my Shaman tank already, been wanting it since TBC.

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    Shamans! I have waited many years! so many..

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    Warlocks, pure and simple. It ALMOST made it, but didn't get past the finishing line.

    After that, Shamans (As they are the ones who actually HAD a "tanking" spec at a point in time), followed by Rogues (heavy avoidance tank, if the growl symboisis was permanent they could tank), then Hunters (Tanking alongside pets).

    Priests and Mages should not get a tanking spec. Priests would most likey get a holy-dps dps spec, and Mages would most likely get a time-alteration healing spec.
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    Any pet class. Obviously the pet would tank.

    But really...the moment you do flex and beyond, the tank has to make active choices to survive. The tank specc for a warlock or hunter would totally have to forfeit any dps contribution and concentrate on managing the pet to keep it alive.

    Would that be fun?

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    Warlock, Demonology is perfect for it. Would be cool if the warlock himself is not tanking but his pet. Remote tanking, that would be awesome.
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    Shaman or Warlock. Shaman if a 4th spec were to be added, Warlock if one of its existing specs were to be changed (Demo in this case).

    Since the question was specifically if a 4th spec were to be added, then I feel Shaman would be best.

    I think this because:

    1) If Warlock were to have a 4th spec added, then it would be a Tank spec with 3 DPS specs that all do the exact same thing. Even if Demo were to be tweaked to become a Melee spec, there are still 2 ranged DPS classes. Though the play style of Affliction and Destro are very different, 1 will still be fairly redundant. Which links into my second point.

    2) Blizzard have already proved they can do the 4 spec model can work with the Druids. But it only works because all 4 types of play style are represented, so there is no overlap that makes one spec preferential over the other, as you do see with the pure DPS specs, DPS Warriors and DKs and healer Priests. Therefore the next logical step is to take what they have with the Shaman with it's melee DPS, ranged DPS and healer spec and add on the final un represented spec. The next step after that would then be to add a ranged spec to the Paladins and then the Monks, but I digress. :3

    3) Cloth is already well represented in a raid with 3 classes/9 specs sharing every single armour item. Mages and Priests are already very popular, so there is more than enough competition already. As for Mail though, before there were only 2 classes/4 specs wearing agility Mail (I'm assuming a Tank Shaman would be similar to Enhancement). Even with the changes to gear in WoD, it's still only 2 classes, and all 6 specs sharing the gear now. However, that's still the least of ANY armour grouping (Leather - 10 specs, Plate - 9 specs). So a new Mail wearing Tank is the best option.
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    Shaman imo, since they're already wearing a heavier armor type than most of the rest anyhow. That or Rogue as a dodge tank. I do occasionally find it fun on my Rogues to jump in there on evasion for a moment while someone has a chance to revive a dead tank.

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    I am Murloc! Scoli's Avatar
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    I voted hunter, shaman, rogue and warlock.

    Hunter because it would be interesting to see a spec like BM that focuses around their pet tanking with the hunter focusing on keeping the pets avoidance high.

    Warlocks to see a hybrid between lock and pet taking damage.

    Rogue to see a BrM-like active avoidance spec.

    Shamans... uhm.. Idk, they already have shields and the earthbite weapon thingy.

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    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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