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    I play horde and it's because when I first started in 2005 the alliance had literally no appeal to me. I'm talking about Humans, Dwarves and Elves y'know the generic fantasy races? I thought the horde looked more appealing and thus I choose horde and to this day I'm still horde and the alliance has no appeal.

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    It's called bad writing.
    Me almost too...but guys speculating that he just wanted to make so that more ppl come to him but he just cant be good so he opened himself the way he wants

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    Because its the faction that my raid group is on. When my last raid group called it quits (I was Horde) I looked for a similar minded group that had hours that I wanted and it happened to be Alliance. It never really mattered that much to me either way.

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    Friends, and because Blood Elves are Horde only
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    simply because of ORCS

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    Pretty simple, if i like a race in the game i play that faction.

    I play the following races : BE / NE

    So yeah i like elves,i get to play both factions.

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    My very first characters were Horde. Horde seemed cool to me and had more interesting races, so I was immediately interested in that faction.

    When my original "main" was around level 30, I realised I hated being dirt poor and lonely, so I rerolled an Alliance character since that was what my spouse played. Eventually I found a guild and made server friends, then later became my own guild leader, and so I became very established on my Alliance character and that ended up being my primary faction.

    I still prefer Horde. I still have my first toon, my classic Horde twink, my primary Horde alt that I played in a five man group every week with real life friends, and every expansion I have level capped characters Hordeside. But despite that, it's very unlikely that Horde will ever eclipse Alliance in my time spent after so many years growing roots there.
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    Blood elf action, all the way.

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    I play Alliance because the races are less grotesque and the cities are majestic and beautiful. Though I have a Blood Elf.

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