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    Super Smash Bros Brawl and just maybe Mario Kart Wii. I enjoyed Nintendo GameCube/GBA/GBC Era alot more. That was my childhood!

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    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Saints Row The Third. Just a fun game.
    I think I used my PS3 more for movies this time around then I did games. : /

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    Skyrim - It had me from the get go and to be honest that game made me want to pursue game development sometime later after college.

    Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 - Each new 3D Mario game is fresh and both of these impressed me.

    Halo 3 - One of my favorite FPS's of all time

    CoD 4 - At the time it was revolutionary though I feel that the game itself made gaming as a whole a lot worse.

    Battlefield Bad Company 1&2 - Battlefield 3 had nothing on these 2, destructibility to the max.

    Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time - The only game I think I fully completed in the 7th generation to 100%.

    Mario Kart DS - Seriously was surprised as to how good this game actually turned out to be, did well on retro tracks too.

    There's a few others but I'd have to search my memory more.

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    The Souls games and that's about it. Everything else was too easy and boring.
    *Bows before nobleman* I'm not worthy for I am a mere pleb.
    Hey everyone

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    rofl you serious?
    rofl taste is subjective

    As for me? Dark Souls, The Last of Us, Street Fighter 4, and possibly a few others that aren't coming to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzia View Post
    rofl you serious?
    How old are you? 5? grow up a bit mate.

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    Tales of Xillia (Haven't gotten to play Graces yet)
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Super Smash Bros Brawl
    inFamous 1&2
    Mass Effect Trilogy
    Batman Arkham Asylum
    Borderlands 2
    Assassin's Creed 2
    The World Ends With You
    Ace Attorney Series
    Professor Layton Series
    Bioshock Infinite

    Alright seriously there's way too many, I give up. I get these are just opinions, but I feel like anyone who's claiming the 7th generation wasn't good isn't thinking much about it.

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    RS: Vegas
    Gears of War franchise
    Halo 3
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    SSB: Brawl
    Batman series by Rocksteady

    Probably a lot more once I see others too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    Tales of Xillia (Haven't gotten to play Graces yet)

    Alright seriously there's way too many, I give up. I get these are just opinions, but I feel like anyone who's claiming the 7th generation wasn't good isn't thinking much about it.
    I think a lot of people forgot about some gems because of how long this gen went on for. Close to 8 years.

    Long time in the gaming industry.

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    The "Previous Gen", eh?

    I have all of consoles of this gen (Wii, 360, PS3, PSP and DS) so a full listing (with reasons for my picks) would take a few days XD

    Here's a partial one. As someone pointed out, this is a list of my favorite games for each console:


    • Tales of Graces f (bought a new PS3 for Christmas just so I could finish this game XD)
    • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (I still have the Gamecube version of Symphonia and the Wii version of Dawn of the New World)
    • Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Got it two months ago)

    Xbox 360

    • Person 4 Arena
    • Fable III (no, seriously)
    • Talesof Vesperia (This game is actually good)


    • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (God Curse Nintendo for shutting down online last month X.x
    • Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
    • Zombies in Wonderland (WiiWare Game. Man, it's addictive 3 years later XD)


    • Valhalla Knights (The RNG Gods forsook this game)
    • Persona 3 Portable (No explaination necessary)
    • Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (A Classic)


    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (The game the started it all)
    • Metroid Prime Hunters (Best DS Online FPS. EVER.)
    • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver (The Gen that brought online to the Pokemon Games)

    That's my list and I'm sticking with it XD
    ...Ok, time to change the ol' Sig ^_^

    This time I'll leave you the Links to 3 of my Wordpress Blogs: 1. Serene Adventure 2. Video Games 3. Anime Please subscribe if you like what you see. As a Bonus, I'll throw in my You Tube channel =D

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    Gears of war for me :P
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    If I had to nail it down to one, Halo 3, with the blades xbox interface.
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    Sadly, with those actors... the "XXX Adaptation" should really be called 50 shades of watch a different porno.
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    Top 5 for me (not counting handheld games):

    5: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Really fun racer that I think did a better job overall then the Mario Karts on the DS/Wii/3DS. Great roster of characters, pretty good stages and a nice chunk of mission modes. I still haven't picked up the sequel because I am still pissed about their use of DLC and the dumbshit sell out character inclusions (which makes me even more upset when I see info about characters they were considering and then didn't add).

    4: Red Dead Redemption: I always had an OK impression of Rockstar, but this was the game that made me for a few years raise them up to be one of my top favorite developers and go back and replay some of their other works. It may seem like an odd comparison, but when I first started playing RDR the closest game in my mind that I was brought back to was Ocarina of Time (which I am sure had to do with the wide open landscape and horseback riding). The game also to me felt like an RPG while I was playing it more then just GTA in the old west. I was really hyped for the Undead Nightmare semi-sequel, but was a little disappointed with its length and the fact that there wasn't a multiplayer free-roam mode for it (which was the main reason I really wanted it), but even that was a decent followup.

    3: Muramasa: The Demon Blade: I immediately took notice to this when it was coming out as I had played Vanillaware's previous games and I was not disappointed when I got it. The game was basically a beautiful hand-drawn 2D sidescroller type variation of hack and slash action games like Devil May Cry. This is probably my favorite of all of Vanillaware's titles, even Dragon's Crown which I was highly anticipating I felt wasn't as good as this.

    2: Lollipop Chainsaw: When I first saw the trailer of this game I knew I had to get it. While there are some flaws and I wish the game was longer, I still had a blast playing this. While some may think of it as a hack and slash action game, I personally felt like it was more like a re imagining of classic arcade beat-em-up games. The game had some great stages, boss fights, some decently funny dialogue and manages to combine an insane plot with moments that genuinely felt like serious end-of-the-world type atmosphere.

    1: Bayonetta: I just fell completely in love with this game. The game play, the batshit crazy endless action, the soundtrack, the stages, the classic Sega references. Even though I knew Smash Bros and other big hit Nintendo titles were coming out for the Wii U, the main reason I was initially going to pick one up was just for Bayonetta 2. Not only is it my favorite game of this generation, but it also fits somewhere in my top 10 favorite games of all time.

    Honorable mentions:
    -Resonance of Fate
    -Metroid: Other M (probably actually my favorite of the series, yes even over Super)
    -Blue Dragon
    -3D Dot Game Heroes
    -Bioshock (2 was ok, Infinite was a letdown from a game play stance)
    -Xenoblade Chronicles (I do think it was a little over-hyped, but still good)
    -Time & Eternity (or as I call it, Punch-Out!! RPG)
    -Super Smash Bros. Brawl (flawed but still great)
    -Demon's Soul's
    -Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

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    By far my number one is Fallout 3. Runner up is Dark Souls, such a satisfying game. Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite really showed what you can do on the story side of video games. Not the best game play, especially in Infinite, but innovative nonetheless. Dragon Age: Origins was also great as well, really looking forward to Inquisition.

    GTA IV was by far my favorite GTA so far. Gears of War was a great series as well although it made me feel like a horrible human being because I got destroyed in the multiplayer. Obviously Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the most innovative and impactful game of the 7th generation even though I preferred Black Ops. Path of Exile is a PC game but is still crazy good for a completely F2P game. XCOM: Enemy Unknown was also a game that captured me the moment I started playing it.

    I could keep going but honestly Gen 7 was a great time for games. It certainly had flaws *cough* overabundance of FPS games *cough* but it brought some great innovations to the table and I hope Gen 8 can shape up to be even greater.

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