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    I'm thinking Ogres, but I only play females and that thought makes me scared.
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    No more new races, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denkou View Post
    No more new races, please.
    "no more expansions please"
    "no more patches please"
    "no more mounts please"

    saying no more races please is stupid and is never going to happen, as long as wow is around we will be getting classes and races, theres only so many times they can update models the only thing they could add right now instead are subraces and they already said at blizzcon we would see a new race or class next expansion.


    it ultimately depends on the expansion.

    i dont see hozen being an option for atleast 1 more expansion so theyve got some ground to stand on history wise
    ethereal could be neutral
    furbolg could go to either side
    dragonkin are less likely to join either side since dragons cant bang but maybe that only applies to actual dragons
    they could always pull a draenei and just give them a race that never existed before
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    Yes Ogres, I want my Ogres.

    If they use the new Warlords Ogre model I would be happy to, and they just need female Ogres to and they could look like this. :P <---- Thanks to GoldenYak for the awesome pic of the female Ogre. <--- The Ogre male already in game.
    For the Horde!

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    Ogres or riot!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
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    Ogres for Horde.

    Arrakoa for Alliance.

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    Nothing hopefully, there's more than enough races can't see why there's a need for more playable ones.

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    Ogres are the only pure Horde race that has not been implemented yet. Just as High Elves are the last Alliance race that's not playable.

    Before they go creating new races, they should just include the races that are already in the factions. That way there's very little to explain lore-wise, and we'll have races that fit perfectly.

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    Sub-races sound interesting. But there are two problems with that: it's hard to imagine a sub-race for many existing races; and putting in a sub-race for each race would be a whole lot of work way beyond introducing one or two new races.

    Naga would be very interesting to play, or even neutral ogres that choose a faction after the starting area. There are still many races in the game that could yet make it in as playable characters. Ethereal would be another very cool race to play - for either faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorqin View Post
    Black Dragon-flight Draknoids
    This is what I want.

    I would much, much rather they find some way to squeeze these dudes into our roster than ogres; both because I like reptilian creatures and we don't have one as a player race and because they at least present a silhouette unique to the horde (something I don't think ogres bring in a very strong way unless you can make an ogre with Cho'gall's physique) given that we don't have a race with a curved/muscled tail or taloned hands (I don't really count the forsaken in this, I mean something more globular in the "free space" when the hand is open, like the worgen) or the physique they bring - they're very, very large but not as abroad as the tauren and certainly have a different body given the big tail.

    That said, I would take an ogre if I can make it look like Cho'gall in Bastion of Twilight - dat physique - weird, old-god features not required.
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    Maybe a northern barbarian clan, made up of mostly giants.

    Game of Throne giants

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    Quote Originally Posted by reese View Post
    Maybe a northern barbarian clan, made up of mostly giants.

    Game of Throne giants
    Playable gronn, lol. Can you imagine...?

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    Ogres or Mok'nathal are perfect candidates for Horde (and ogres have new model too in WoD!). But I think we don't need more races. We have six races per faction and one neutral, it is already so much that not everyone can get some love lore-wise. Adding another races would only make it worse, and I don't want to see another races left for themselves for a couple of years as for example draenei were. Adding subraces to current races would be better idea, but still I think that instead of "wasting" it on races, assets needed to do so should be redirected to creating other content.

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    Either ogres or they continue to add new skins and features on our current character models, I'm fine with both idc what they think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhinopotamus View Post
    Personally, I know many people hate these threads, but I love to see what other people think. So which would you prefer/think is most likely to make it in during the next expansion? Ogres to me seem super likely sense during Cataclysm the Stonemaul Clan takes a much larger role, and even goes as far to recruit many new clans under them. However I wouldn't mind playable Hozen, even I they are super dumb. Your thoughts?

    There are other possibilities...Mogu, Saurok, Arakkoa...but none which are anywhere near as likely.

    Of course...too likely? Too expected?


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    Can't come up with anything more logical than ogres, but I'd be totally fine with them. With the Arakkoa for the Alliance.

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    Mogu or the Yaungol(with different classes unique to them, rogues and mages)

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    Mok'Nathal with a slightly more unique skin appeal to me more than straight up ogres. Rexxar and his father are both interesting characters and would make fine faction leaders/heroes.

    Ethereals are like the perfect neutral race, but if they had to pick a side they'd probably fit better on Alliance.

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    I remember a guildie and I talking about this. He suggested vampires for the Horde because the Alliance have (the Azeroth equivalent of) werewolves (the worgen). I wouldn't mind having ogres, but only if the Alliance gets high elves. I'm all for Saberon being in the Horde, but they would have to have their own skeleton for that to happen; the same can be said for the Jinyu (who share the night elf skeleton) and the Hozen (which share, I think, the tar beast elemental skeleton, found at Un'goro Crater).

    I doubt the Ethereals would want to side with just one race, so I can see them going along the same route the pandaren had taken - being neutral. And the Mok'Nathal, while more numerous, would be no different than half-elves and simply be a unique skin for orcs just as half-elves would be a unique skin for humans.

    And if we don't get high elves for Alliance, then my second go-to option would be the arakkoa.

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    ogres probably.
    i still want a 2 head option.

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