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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    Mok'Nathal with a slightly more unique skin appeal to me more than straight up ogres. Rexxar and his father are both interesting characters and would make fine faction leaders/heroes.

    Ethereals are like the perfect neutral race, but if they had to pick a side they'd probably fit better on Alliance.
    Yeah, hoping WoD will have some srs Mok'Nathal lore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    "no more expansions please"
    "no more patches please"
    "no more mounts please"

    saying no more races please is stupid and is never going to happen, as long as wow is around we will be getting classes and races, theres only so many times they can update models the only thing they could add right now instead are subraces and they already said at blizzcon we would see a new race or class next expansion.


    it ultimately depends on the expansion.

    i dont see hozen being an option for atleast 1 more expansion so theyve got some ground to stand on history wise
    ethereal could be neutral
    furbolg could go to either side
    dragonkin are less likely to join either side since dragons cant bang but maybe that only applies to actual dragons
    they could always pull a draenei and just give them a race that never existed before
    So... yeah.

    Someone who doesn't want new races is somehow in the wrong... and you, who doesn't mind them, are in the right? Who are you to tell someone their opinion is wrong? Why should we treat you any different than you treat other people?

    You have your opinion and no one is condemning you for it... yet you want to get all uppidy and mad about someone who doesn't want anything new. Let someone have their opinion without jumping down their throat...

    I'm with the guy you decided to jump on... Fuck new races. Let's just go with what we have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrven View Post
    Ogres are far too large and would be a nightmare to put into the game. I hope they are done with just tossing in new races, but if they are not almost anything over ogres. If they go towards burning legion stuff maybe a group of satyrs for the horde or something like that.
    I don't like ogres at all myself. The birdies and the big boys may be important parts of time-lines, but I'd much more prefer to see a little more burning legion stuff. Satyrs sounds awesome, however..... ever seen a female satyr? To make the counterpart a succubus or such would be a bit weird. Choices choices.

    I doubt they'd introduce them, no matter how much I scream for Satyrs because I've always liked them and their models.

    A more logical step, would be, indeed, to include the Hozen and the Jinyu. Both allready picked a side. Too bad the Hozen are too dumb to even eat a sandwich, I bet there's also smart li'll dookers among them.

    If we must look at the older races...
    Gnolls could be fun. Satyrs, though that gender problem would be kind of odd... Centaur would be a nightmare. Imagine beds for those.
    Sporelings would be a total fail, imho.

    I've read something about 'Sub-races'.
    That could be fun.
    I mostly PvE, and do a lot of RP as well. It's always a pity one -has to be- that one type of troll, tauren, orc.
    While there are so many 'sub-races' and clans, houses etc. It's mostly visual and maybe a small perk, but it's probably where we're headed most.


    But what I'd enjoy most of all, above seeing new races and maybe even new classes.................................. is to see all the vanilla races updated.
    I know they're working on it. I've seen Forsaken, Orcs, humans, dwarves, gnomes, Night-elves, Draenei and Tauren 'Tip of the veil sneak-peeks'...

    But where are my beloved trolls? Not a single word on those yet. Only rumors that we should look at the Zandalari on Thunder Isle and Vol'Jin's new model for sneak-peeks. But that hardly rattles my chain or gets me enthousiastic until we get it confirmed. No Blood Elves either, and they fall in the same 'category' as the Draenei. Can't wait to see any form of update on them.
    I know the Goblins and Worgen will have to wait, but also will be polished in the long run.
    That's even more info then we got on the Trolls so far.

    *Twiddles thumbs and waits patiently, though with an annoyed twitch*
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    I'd quite like to see ethereals someday. Neutral or Horde-only, doesn't matter to me, so long as Horde could play them.

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