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    WoD Alpha Mage streams?

    Anyone know of any mages that have Alhpa and are streaming?

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    I know Blatty was streaming earlier, he streams on dailymotion though.

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    Hardly any mages got in, Altered Time has 3 mages who should be getting an invite in the next wave and there will definitely be streaming when that happens

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    I have access to alpha and do play mage, but i mainly stream gw2 that and im pretty rusty at WoW lol.

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    I don't stream as my internet is garbage, but I will be uploading weekly WoD videos to youtube (starting this monday).

    As far as I know the mages who have been streaming alpha are:

    Lissanna (plays mage/druid)

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    Streaming high end lock, mage and warrior play in 1080p.http://www.twitch.tv/yoloswagins

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    www.twitch.tv/deathdefier Will be streaming more of it when they add the alliance stuff and the new dungeon.

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    something is on FatbossTV channel but Alex don't know how to play mage but it is still funny as all Fattboss's videos

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    Sorry for my late response. A storm knocked out my internet for a few days. Just wanted to say thanks for the info guys.

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    I may make an attempt at streaming when the next wave of alpha invites go out (I am expecting to have an invite in that wave, but we shall see)

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